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    thursday, September 25, 1975
daily nebrsskan
page 9
Lame turkey's
grace screen
By TV Aunt Hannah
This week's movies on air-wave TV are lame turkeys
Hobbled gobblers. Just no darned good. So Aunt Hannah'
recommends a play ty Shakespeare, a follow-up docu
mentary , and a shopping expedition among the regular series.
Aunt Hannah admits many of TV's regular programs are
also candidates for a Thanksgiving menu. But it is better to
waste a mere half-hour on a bad show than two or more
hours on a bad movie,
On the other hand, when discussing TV, it's probably
best to not even bring up the subject of wasting time. Aunt
Hannafi recommends:
Macbeth (Thursday, Ch. 12.8 p.m.) Eric Porter and Janet Suzman
star In this British production, a filmed play. Just what is the matter
with this Scot? He starts out as such a nice general, but ends up such .,
a killer! Don't ask Macbeth-he says he sees floating daggers and
ghosts at banquets. Tune in a half-hour early for a discussion of the
play and performance.
Sanford and Son (Friday, Ch. 3, 7 p.m.) Redd Foxx is the archetyp
al ham. Foxx's comedy is not only a good reason to watch the
show, it is almost the only reason. But students of the straight man
can learn from Demond Wilson, playing the son. This weak they are
innocent bystanders at c bank robbery.
Mary Tyler Moore (Saturday, Ch. 6 and 10, 8p.m.) This season the
show has been delving into Mary's character, trying to discover just
what it's like to suffer from terminal embarrassment. A priest wants
to give up his profession for her this week. Betty White, as Sue Ann,
is tasty asever. -,
Monty Python's Flying Circus '(Saturday, Ch. 12, 9:30 p.m.) One
must never miss this show. It's as simple as that. What other pro
gram offers the Confu$-a-Cat service for owners of complacent
Echoes of the Guns of Autumn (Sunday, Ch. 6 and 10. 8 p.m.) This
CBS News documentary is sura to be declared a "media event." A
few weeks ago CBS ran a documentary about hunting that many
viewers claimed was biased against the sport. This program will tell
the other side of the story. In ot'der to partake in the feast of
magazine articles sura to discuss "balanced coverage," watch this
Kojak (Sunday. Ch. 6 and 10. 8 p.m.) The plots of each episode are
almost alike, but Telly Savalas's portrayal of the lollipop-sucking
detective makes them worth seeing. Aunt Hannah is interested in
this program because scratchy-voiced Neville Brand is a guest star.
He won her heart as Reese in that old TV western, Laredo.
All In The Family (Monday, Ch. 6 and 10, 8 p.m.) Still the nation's -favorite.
Aunt Hannah would be Interested in hearing a sociological
explanation of this show's popularity-anybody know of one? This
week Archie gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a pretty woman
entertainer. Well, she looked like a woman. 1
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Eric Porter and Janet Suzman in
Space: 1999 (Tuesday, Ch. 8, 7 p.m.) Martin Landau and Barbara
Bain play travelers in the outer void. This week the void dumps
them on a brave new world where machines do all the work. What
will the angular-faced pair do to pass the time?
Bcaeon Hill (Tuesday, Ch. 8 and 10, 9 p.m.) Rob Lasslter must
decide whether to terminate his business partnership with Harry
Emmet. Oh, Harry's a fine fellow, essentially. If only his 18-year-old
lover wasn't his niece.
Kate McShane (Wednesday, Ch. 6 and 10, 9 p.m.) Anna Meara plays
a dedicated lawyer. This week she explains to the judge why her
football-player client doesn't recall murdering his girt friend. Why,
he was flying so high on amphetamines he can barely remember the
score of last week's gamel Give the kid a break, Judge.
Tonight Show (Wednesday, Ch. 3. 10:30 p.m.) Whet would TV be
without Johnny Carson? This is the Nebraska native's 13th anni
versary show, and lasts two hours. Clips from past programs will fill
the commercial gaps.
A Guide For The Married Man (Cable TV Ch. 9: Sunday, 11 p.m.;
Monday, 9 pjn., Tuesday, 7 p.m.) Robert Morse instructs Walter
Matthau in the art of adultery. But look at the list of guest stars:
Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Polly Bergen, Joey Bishop, Sid Caesar, Art
Carney, Waily Cox, Jayne Mansfield, Hal March, Louis Nye, Carl
Reiner, Phil Silvers and Terry Thomas. ' ,
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sauces & pickles
Avocado salads
By Sharon Johnson
Avocados can be traced back to Mexico and Central and
South America as early as 291 B.C. in Mayan records and
Aztec picture writing. . "Alligator pears," avocados, were
mentioned in early tribal ceremonies of West Africa and
early records of Spanish exploration in America.
Avocados now are available year round in the United
States, but supply is greatest (therefore prices are generally
lower) in March, April and May. More than 700 varieties of
avocados are available, varying in weight, texture, shape and
skin thickness.
, , Avocados are best for eating if they yield to light pres
sure on the outer rind. They may be purchased underripe
and then ripened at room temperature. When fully ripe and
ready to eat, the fruit will have a soft, oil-textured flesh and
a very rich flavor. (
A method for testing ripeness is to stick a toothpick in
the stem end. If it slides in and out of the fruit freely, it is
ripe and ready to eat. Avoid buying avocados with dark,
soft, 'sunken spots on their surface or those that appear
badly bruised.
The bland flavor and smooth texture of the avocado
blend well with almost all other foods. It has a distinctive
flavor and is frequently used as an appetizer or sidad. Avo
. cados can be used in a great variety of other dishes mashed
and spread on toast at breakfast, in a sandwich or as cubes
added to soup for lunch.
Some people like thinly sliced avocados with a sprinkling
of salt and pepper, with lemon or lime juice. Avocados can
be served in the half-shell with dressings or the seed cavity
filled with fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat or seafood.
Avocados contain a larger percentage of fat than any
Other fruit except olives. The high caloric content of
avocados, about 250 calories in one half a medium winter
avocado, is one reason avocados are frequently used as a
garnish in small amounts on salads and soups. The avocado
is the basic ingredient of a popular Mexican and American '
dish, guacamole.
2 ripe avocados, peeled and pitted
1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 green chili peppers, finely chopped
1 tablespoon finely chopped lemon
1 teaspoon salt
Yi teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
, 1 medium tomato, peeled and finely chopped
Mash avocados: adcf onion, peppers, lemon juice, salt and
pepper. Beat until creamy. Gently fold in tomato. Cover and
refrigerate until served.
Don 't be In the past '
Don 't be in the future
Just Be Hera Now
Sunday, September 28
3:00 p.m.
Sheldon Sculpture Gardens
A Part of
Symposium On The Wisdom Of The East
Human Potentials Committee
U.I.. C.a.ll
'1 M I Ill W , JpMWMWWiM. .'I
I 8 p.m.
I ril V ri r. V ( J ,s u ( ? j r-i -il ihj ) ; rJ7 ! ,?j