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imm M, Mm, Today
'" I
,T c j.. .
o o o
Snyder: NBC working to
obtain Zapruderfilm
Continued from p. 3
"The theories certainly cause great anxiety.
I'm not convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald did it,
but it's convenient for me to believe that because
there does not seem to be any other piece of
evidence to indicate otherwise.
"People tend to forget that Lee Harvey
Oswald was found with a gun in his hand and
that that gun was the gun that killed (Dallas
police) Officer J.D. Tippett. In looking for other
theories, you sometimes tend to forget what
evidence, limited though it might have been, the
Warren Commission turned up.
"When the Warren Commission report first
came out, I thought, "well this is the definitive
answer.' Now I don't think it's the definitive
answer. I think that it ought to be reopened. I
think we ought to go into all of the charges and
all of the theories and either prove them or
disprove them."
According to Snyder, the Kennedy programs
prompted much mail, mostly favoring the call for
a reinvestigation.
"Most of the mail that we have received, the
people that write in want to know more, they
want to see the Zaprudcr film, they feel that the
investigation ought to be reopened, that not all
the questions have been answered," Snyder said.
Snyder said the network "was doing the best
we can" to obtain the Zapruder film.
"We have to do it within the limits of our own
financial resources, though," Snyder said.
Unlike ABC's Rivera, Snyder docs not have
his own production company. NBC produces the
program and holds legal responsibility for what is
But he reported that his staff of 1 5 has free
rein to deal with any topic on the program.
"Do 1 have free rciri on what the program
deals with? No. Docs the staff who puts the
program together? Yes," Snyder said.
"No censorship"
He contended that "there is no censorship"
on the program.
"Our program is edited by the network. We
tape at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard time," Snyder
said. "Censorship implies a control of ideas
before the program goes on the air which does
not happen with the Tomorrowshow "
He claimed that editing was a different thing.
"Editing; if somebody says God damn it, God
is blooped out because the network has a policy
on that," Snyder reported.
Time prevents him from practicing advocacy
journalism in his nightly news program, although
he said he was sympathetic with some of those
who practiced that trend in journalism.
"I don't have much of a chance to even
exercise my own, personal philosophy of news
because the program that I do here is highly
structured and we are dependent upon film and
videotape for much of the visual presentation of
the program which does not leave an awful lot of
time for advocacy," Snyder said.
"It's not that I don't necessarily believe in it,
but I don't think that it belongs in a strip news
program once a day on television.
Snyder declined to specify a single "most
successful" program in the Tomorrow series.
"I consider any one thing more successful
than another," Snyder said. "I think that you
have to look at the program in terms of an
on-going enterprise; one that has been on the air
for a year-and a half and has had-a steady growth
rate of success. It really is difficult for me to say
well here is oie thing that was more successful
than any other thing we have done.
"And from those of us on the late, late night
shift in the heart of Manhattan, good night," and
the Tomorrow Show enfa.
vjwfc ods
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Lifetime Guarantee
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Must sell before May 5, 1967
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HEADPHONES: Sennheiser'
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thursday, may 1, 1975
Xj3 18
daily nebraskan