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    tuesday, april 1, 1975
lincoln, nebraska vol. 98 no. 103
coy Tuesday
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Former A SUN President Ron Banannapeel slipped in to the ASUN meeting last week and
attempted to assissinate new President Jim Said. Reports were not complete as to whether
Banannapeel had accomplished this dastardly deed.
Bananapeel's no fall
guy; Said said dead
An assassination attempt highlighted an otherwise boring debate
at a special ASUN Senate meeting Monday night before a vote on a
resolution calling for support of the National Organization to
Support Orgasm (NOTSO).
National NOTSO Chairman Tony Rutabega charged that Sen.
John Whystand was the "biggest obstructionist of the bill", which
would re-channel the $40,000 ASUN budget to NOTSO to pay for
office expenses.
Whystand failed to respond to the charges since he is no longer a
Failure to maintain a quorum delayed voting on the bill.
The debate on the resolution was highlighted when former
ASUN President Ron Banannapeel, a slippery character, slid into
the senate chambers and flailed his successor, Jim Said.
Hello, yung lovers
According to the battered Said. Banannapeel was bitter over
Said's refusal to create a post in the new administration for him.
Banannapeel's attack reportedly had nothing to do with the
NOTSO proposal or any other current senate business.
"Banannapeel turned rotten when I. wouldn't let him assume the
office of ASUN Emperor," Siad said. "Cutting him out of the
administration like that brought tears to my eyes, but what could I
Banannapeel was loud in condemning his successor while being
dragged away by Senators Susie Writes and Earl Sings.
"That son of a (gun) Said said that I could have my say in his
administration,", Banannapeel shouted. "After all he used our
party. Smilin' (Johnsdaughter, former ASUN first vice president)
and I were supposed to run the show."
A mean martini
Said denied charges that he was a puppet of the previous
administration but declined further comment as he hung limp at
Banannapeel's side.
Dennis Bitter, presidential candidate for the would-be Umarika
Party (URP), was unavailable for comment.
In other business, the senate approved renaming the Union the
"David Halfwit Memorial Parking Space." They were influenced by
the former ASUN second vice president's impassioned plea for
recognition. He also held a live grenade when speaking to the
senate. ..
Passage of the renaming resolution was achieved before the
quorum dissipated. The original resolution had not included the
word "Memorial". But Halfwit slipped while holding the grenade
prompting the amendment and destroying the quorum for later
Fleas bored; canine clubs have Lassie laugh
By Rebecca Bite and John
The Fleas Allocation Board
(FLAB) threatened to scratch
all fleas allocations if some
campus organizations "don't
get off our backs," according
to Marguerite Bowser, FLAB
FLAB members were
besieged at their meeting
Sunday by representatives and
advisers of several student
organizations, demanding both
increases and decreases in
student fleas.
Representatives of the Bark
and Bridle Club asked that less
control over student fleas be
held by Kennle Biter, vice
chancellor for student affairs.
Jim Boohiss, a member of
the board, defended Biter,
saying, "his bark is worse than
his bade."
Tires re treaded
Among the most vocal of
the student groups was the
Council of Angry Indian
Students (CAIS), who
protested the board's refusal to
fund their 1976 Bow Wow.
Rin Tin Tindian, president
of the group, charged the
FLAB with discrimination,
siting a press release earlier this
semester in which Bowser was
quoted as saying, "It's a
dog-eat-dog world."
"That's an obvious putdown
of traditional Native American
food," Tindian howled.
Houn Daghi, president of
the United Foreigners
Organization (UFO), also
appeared before the board to
demand "foreign fleas for
foreign students. '
Cost overrun
Bowser responded favorably
to the demand adding,
however, that the UFO would
have to cooperate with the
board in the allocation of
foreign fleas.
"You scratch our backs and
we'll scratch yours," she said,
after a pause.
Dr. Ken Rubble, director of
the University Health Center,
said the FLAB paid too much
attention to student fleas and
not enough to student crabs.
Fat chance
"We demand equal time,"
he said. "We've got a whole
rash of these cases over at the
health center, and I'm here to
tell you that the doctors are
boiling mad."
Not everyone appearing at
the meeting, had complaints,
however. Nebraska Sierra Club
President Harts Mountain
collared some board members
before the meeting and
proposed an alternative tc
student fleas.
'Have you ever considered
ticks?" he said feverishly.
Bowser said the board
members did not take
Mountain seriously, however,
explaining that they were "put
off by his foaming at the
"The whole idea seemed a
little mad, anyway," she said.
"";. ' ft"-
In this exclusive photo, recently discovered in the Daily Nebraskan picture vaults, former student II.R. "Bobby" Haldeman is
seen working his way through the masses toward s class in political ethics in the 501 Bldg. Bobby reached national acclaim
recently when he became involved over his head in what has come to be known as the JI-two-Oh-Fcnce scandal.