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    Union director asks 1. 50 student fee increase
The director of the Nebraska Union said Monday
he intends to ask for a $1.50 per-student increase in
student fees per semester to meet expected rising
costs in the Union's budget.
Al Bennett said products, services provided by the
Union and labor are expected to increase 10 to 20 per
cent in the next fiscal year. While inflation is driving
prices up, he said, income from student fees, which is
about one-third of the Union budget, remains
relatively constant.
He said the request "does not make me happy,"
but "we see no way to meet these costs without
passing them on to the student." Other alternatives
would be to close down some Union services or
reduce the time the Union is open, he said.
$1 for operations
Of the $1.50 increase, he said, $1 would go for
operating the Union and 50 cents for Union
Student fees account for $334,000 of the total
$1.15 million Union funds. Union food service
provides $600,000; the games department and sales at
the two main desks net $180,000; and Gateway Bank
and Union Barber Shop rents total 3l puu.
Bennett said the Union will be able to stay within
its present budget if students continue to use the
Union, and if nothing "economically unforseen
happens. . ,
Despite overall budget strains, the Union food
service has "kept its head above water," he said.
Prices are up 12 to 18 per cent from last year and
fewer customers buy food, he said, but sales are
about five per cent ahead of last year's.
Harvest Room used more
Bennett cited the increased use of the Harvest
Room as the main reason for improved sales.
Students are now spending their money to get a more
complete meal, he said, and they are not buying
"casual items," such as cakes and pies.
"The Harvest Room in the past was used by
faculty and administration people, but now its
customers are 65 per cent students," he said.
Bennett said Union officials could lease a section
of the first floor to private businesses to provide
The Union's older southern section, erected in
1938, needs to be renovated, he said. It needs
remodeling for "cosmetic reasons," and to renovate
plumbing and wiring, he said.
Opinion needed
Before a proposal on leasing or renovation is
presented to the University administration, the
opinion of the University community is needed,
Bennett said.
"We have to know if existing spaces are being used
efficiently and what effect a remodeling proposal will
have on parking, library and bookstore space," he
Bennett said he hoped the new Union Board,
appointed Sunday, will survey the community's
opinion. He said the board will advise him in any
"The collective opinion of these people (the UNL
community) is what counts," he said.
Renovation of the south section would take about
three years. Bennett said he did not think any
construction would start this year.
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