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    Placement director: restrictions
by graduates limit job chances
Graduates who restrict the type and location
of jobs they will accept are putting limitations on
their chances for employment, according to
Frank Hallgren, director of UNL's Career
Planning and Placement Office.
"In the market such as we have now, a tight
employment market, those people who do have a
very specific focus and are reluctant to explore
other areas may find it hard to get jobs."
"People must be willing to make
compromises," Halgren said.
He cited as an example people who only want
to work in specialized fields and at specific
locations. Many of these graduates find
themselves unemployed while those who made
compromises have jobs, he said.
Hallgren said societal pressure for men and
women to assume traditional roles makes
graduates think twice before choosing fields that
may have good job potential. He noted that
people are reluctant to admit they have changed
career goals because of pressure to choose one ,
course of study at the beginning of their
education and stay with it.
Elementary education
Five teaching
Students may enroll in elementary education
student teaching under one of five basic plans,
according to Jim May, director of elementary
education student teaching.
The plans are:
-Students enroll for 10 hours of credit and
devote four full days, Tuesday thru Friday, each
week to student teaching for a semester.
-Students enroll for 12 hours of credit and
devote five full days, Monday thru Friday, to
student teaching for a semester.
-Students enroll for 10 to 12 hours of
student teaching and three semester hours of
elementary education 403c, all of which is
completed in the Omaha area. The student does
not return to the Lincoln campus for classes.
-Dual majors in both Human Development
and the Family and Special Education choose
one of the first two plans. Special Education dual
majors report to O.W. Kopp or Rosalie Farley,
and all Human Development and the Family dual
majors report to Millicent Savery.
-Students who have successfully completed
at least three years of teaching enroll for three
semester hours credit and devote one-half day,
Monday thru Friday, to student teaching during
the first summer session.
Course required
May said that in each plan a student is
required to take elementary education 403c.
May said a student must have at least six
He said graduates who have no goals or real
for employ men t are the ones who will have
the most difficulty finding jobs.
"Some people believe that a degree means
automatic employment," he said. "That isn't
The placement office has no idea of the
percentage of students they find jobs for.yearly,
Hallgren said. The purpose of placement is to
arrange campus interviews and direct contact
with prospective employers, he said.
"We don't like the implication that we
automatically place an individual in a job," he
said. According to Hallgren, interviews are set up
so students can contact employers and arrange
their own interviews. He said the placement
office has no way of knowing whether or not the
graduates get jobs. Hallgren said he suspects that
the number of campus interviews at UNL may
decrease this year.
Government and public demand may have
some bearing on what jobs are available. The
space program, for example, increased
employment in numerous fields, he said.
cans ottere
hours credit in student teaching to receive a
Nebraska Teaching Certificate.
Students wanting to teach during the summer
or fall session should apply by March 1, he said.
He said the pre-student teaching program in
elementary education has been established as a
prerequisite for student teaching.
May said to fulfill this requirement, students
must take two semesters of "professional
laboratory experience."
May said this provides opportunities for
students on the sophomore and junior level, to
interact with children prior to student teaching.
Grade average
May said students must have a 2.25 grade
point average in order to student teach. If the
student's grades are below 2.25, students
complete an appeal form and the elementary
education department decides whether it is
advisable to defer the student's teaching.
Students are graded by college supervisors.
May said he requests the college supervisors, the
cooperating teacher at the school meet with the
May said this allows the student to know the
reasons behind the college supervisors' grading.
May said 170 students are teaching this
semester. He said the number of student teachers
ranges from 165 to 182 per semester.
Students may request the schools and grade
levels for which they would prefer to teach.
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r ft.
Frank Hallgren, Director of Placement
Bflft- 33 n Tr 9 Kg
The Student Social Work
Organization will have a
Valentine's Day party at 8
p.m., Friday, Feb. 14 for all
social work students. It will be
at Maggie's, 1825 West Avon
There will be three hours of
Fun Films sponsored by the
Baha'i Association Saturday,
Feb. 15 in the Nebraska Union
Auditorium from 2-5 p.m. and
from 7-10 p.m. The films
include Laurel & Hardy and
W.C. Fields. Admission will be
35 cents for singles and 50
cents for couples.
February 25 is the deadline
for applications for Spanish
398f. The course includes trips
to Lima, Trujillo, Guayaquil,
Riobamba and Quito.
Applicants must have had
Spanish 202 or equivalent. For
additional information or
application forms, contact
Prof. Hector Romero in 1110
Oldfather, 472-3745 or the
Flights and Study Tours
Office, 204 Nebraska Union
Phi Upsilon Omicron will
present a "Spring Preview of
Fashions" at 7 p.m. in the
Home Economics Bldg.
auditorium Feb. 18.
Vernon Forbes-trombone,
Wesley Reist-clarinet and
Albert Rometo-percussion are
presenting a faculty concert in
Kimball Recital Hall at 8 p.m.
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
will display a Mobile
Engineering Exhibit Friday,
Feb. 14, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., east of
the Nebraska Engineering
Center. The displays will
feature aircraft engine
technology and advanced
manufacturing techniques.
.. .Ji
Our business is the repair of VW vehicles and the selling of
parts and accessories for Volkswagon vehicles.
Brake Work
Engine Rebuilding
Ma ineraancs Inspection!
Parts & Accessoriei
Lubrications & Oil
Front End & Suspension Work
Hunter Wheel Alignment
Dynamic Wheel Balancing
An Independent
Service Center
2435 N. 33rd
Valentine's Day
Show her you care
Candy - Cards - Perfume
th & fBf.. 17th A
Vine uwuHwV Wash
drug e
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