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Sorrow shared
Dear editor:
If any group in American society should possess social
consciousness, one would hope it to be -its universities. I must
conclude that the University of Nebraska is a remarkable exception
from this plulosophy.
Standing on the steps of our state capitol last Friday, I shared
the sore and mourning hearts of Indian families gathered with their
children huddled to the walls of our fine and gloikms iuunuitient
to Nebraska history; from the center of our state government had
fled the governor to' avoid his moral responsibility to these
chastised peoples.
As much as the Indian peoples demonstrating last Friday wished
to see more of their own, so I wished to see more of my people,
- too.' Mostly there were just photographers, eager for a bit of news
to help digest the evening's dinner, a few well-dressed policemen
and a general aura of simple curiosity about the whole affair,
courtesy of some "innocent bystanders."
Even the state-employed janitors came out upon the steps and
shared our thoughts; where was everyone else that they couldn't
have done likewise as these valiant warrior people are struggling
alone to carry the crushing burden of our freedom?
Just recounting this to my daughter, she laughed and said,
". . ..looking for someone to come was the funny part." And I
thought, "how cruel" and then. . ."how true."
De Laria Cromer
John who?
Dear editor,
In response to the article on McCollister and the possibility of
his running for the Senate only "if Hruska steps down," I ask a
simple question: Is he serious?
Running only if Hruska steps down implies that he agrees with
the type of voting record and dated views that Hruska possesses.
Do we really need another Roman Hruska to embarrass us further?
As for McCollister himself, during the recent campaign his TV
spots showed him saying, "All right McCollister, what have you
done?" That wasn't quije my response. It was, rather, "All right
McCollister, who are you?"
He talked about the lack of strong leadership in Congress.
Surely he doesn't think that we will believe he can provide that
leadership? If he could, he should have done so in the House of
Representatives rather than waiting for a Senate seat to display his
Let's elect an agriculturist, someone who will represent that
large portion of Nebraskans who have been practically ignored by
our present representatives. Such a representative would never be
so dense as to refer to Butz as "an articulate spokesman for
Finally, just for a change, let's elect someone who focks the
boat, who is nut afiaid uf making enemies by introducing
controversial bills. Someone who will function more as a senator
than a seat-warmer. Such a person is not John Y. McCollister.
M. Schmit
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thursday, january 23, 1975
Jaiiy nebraskan
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