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    Fencers on quard for members
The UNL Fencing Club is "on guard" this
semester, seeking hidden masters of the sport,
knowledgable intermediates, curious beginners or
any one else interested in becoming familar with
"I know there are some faculty members and
maybe even some students around campus that
are fairly adept at fencing," said club organizer
Bob Deschaine, a UNL fencing instructor who
has been fencing nine years.
He said two UNL teachers, Richard Boohar,
associate professor of Zoology and Martin
Taylor, associate professor of Modern Languages
and Literature, are active in the club.
Deschaine said there are three types of
fencing-saber, epee and foil. "Foil fencing is
basic to all fencing and is learned first.
"Each type of fencing is unique," he added,
"having different rules and styles." Epee is the
equivalent of dualing.
"Fencing is like chess," he added. "Every
move is a reaction to your opponents previous
move a countermove. It involves mental mastery
of body movement."
An organkational meeting, to be held
tonight, will set club objectives.
Club meetings will be held every Thursday at
7 p.m. in Room 23 of the Women's Physical
Education Bldg.
"This University needs outlets for the sport,"
said Deschaine. "The students take fencing in the
P Dept. and then never have an opportunity to
sharpen or test their new learned skill."
Deschaine said he would like to set up
tournaments and get more people involved.
"I would be glad to take time to teach those
who had never fenced before," Deschaine said.
"All they have to do is express interest."
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Members of the UNL fencing club squared off during a tournament
.-M. i,n.i n,-i.l.1-,o.,. Saturday at the Women's Physical Education Bldg. The club will
SBgyPSrvSflBR&ss hold an organizational meeting tonight.
Big Red swimmers face
By Scott Jones
Rerriembef the February Spurts illustrated
article about the elaborate swim meet ceremonies
at Southwest Minnesota State College?
That story said UNL's swim team was "pale
pink," instead of Big Red.
"I don't remember the, pep band, but they
had cheerleaders that. . ." Husker swimmer Terry
Seymour began.
"Sports Illustrated did what?" freshman
swimmer Bryan Moss wanted to know.
Oblivious' of Moss, Seymour continued,
"They (the band) opened the meet by playing
'2001 , A Space Odyssey' and .. .
"What premeet rigmarole?" Moss asked.
As a freshman, Moss is unaware of the
festivities the Husker swim team will witness
before and during their meet at Southwest
Minnesota Friday.
Seymour, the team's only senior, knows what
to expect-cheerleaders, a pep band and the
Timettes (female timers).
Sports Illustrated praised Southwest
Minnesota in its article for its swimming record
and pageantry, but added that its 73-40 win over
UNL two years ago, meant little because UNL
was "pale pink" in swimming.
The day after the article appeared, Southwest
Minnesota came to Lincoln for a rematch which
UNL won 97-16.
Seymour said several Husker swimmers were
sick and didn't swim in the loss at Southwest
Instructors discuss organizations
Friction exists between karate clubs
By Pete Wegman
Craig Koiiars and Jim Ruse are kaate
instructors and leaders of different karate
organizations at UNL. Both have black
belts. Both had no qualms Tuesday night
following exhibition performances about
discussing the friction that exists between
them and their clubs.
Kollars said Ruse's karate club "cheats
UNL students." Ruse defended his club
and its philosophy.
"We're independent," he said. "A
student should evaluate himself first and
then decide which club to join."
Kollars, a second-degree black belt
(ninth-degree is highest), is the head of
the NU Tae-Kwon-Do Club. He is assisted
by his older brother, Burt, who is a
first-degree black belt.
The ATA club has about 60 members
and charges $25 in dues each semester.
According to Kollars, the money is used
to purchase new equipment and send
team members to ATA tournaments. He
said the club recently participated in an
ATA national tournament in Des Moines,
Ruse, a first-degree black belt, is the
Tae-"Kwon-Do Association (Tae-Kwon-Do
refers to the Korean style of karate and
means "way of hand and foot.")
Dues are $6.50 per month for
membership in the independent
organization. According to Ruse, the
money is used to purchase new
equipment and for karate instruction. His
club has about 40 members.
The biggest difference between the
two clubs is their structure. Students in
the ATA club go through a succession of
white, yellow, green, blue and brown
belts before they receive a black belt.
Students must take tests to pass from one
level to the next.
Members of the Nebraska association
go through a white, green, blue, brown
and black belt sequence with three judges
at each test; Ruse and two other black
belts from the Lincoln area..
Both of the Kollars brothers are
certified ATA instructors, which royires
65-80 hours of instruction under Hank
Lee, a seventh-degree black beit and vice
president of ATA. In addition, they must
attend a one day clinic every two months.
"Ruse is not a certified instructor,"
Craig Kollars said. "His students cannot
participate in ATA tournaments. When a
person graduates from him with a black
belt, they would have to start at the
bottom in our club."
Ruse maintained that a student should
"judge what is being taught in each class"
before joining. He said students who drop
out of either karate organization would
probably do so no matter who taught
them. He added that he "has no
preference either way" on being an
independent or nationwide club.
Neither club receives university funds,
but the Kollars are looking into that
possibility. Ruse said his club is
financially sound and has no plans for
seeking university money.
Minnesota. The Minnesota team's performance
against a healthy Husker team last year was mors
typical, he said. "You could tell it wasn't
university swimming. It was college swimming."
Seymour, a Physical Education major, said
additional revenge won't be a factor against
Southwest Minnesota Friday. Freshmen such as
Moss are not awa,re of the article, Seymour said,
and added he is more concerned about the team's
meet with the University of Minnesota and host
Bemidji State on Saturday,
"I think most of the team is more interested
in beating Minnesota because they're a major
college and have beaten us in the past," he said.
The Gophers defeated UNL, 85-28, three
years ago. Iowa State beat each team, the
Huskers 82-31 Saturday and Minnesota, 7945,
the week before.
Moss, an Omaha Northwest High School
graduate, set a varsity mark in the 200-yard
breaststroke in a meet with Iowa State last
Saturday. Freshman Pat Murphy also set a record
in the 1,000 yard freestyle.
That victory may have erased from Moss's
mind any doubts he had concerning his choice of
"I mailed my final offer from Nebraska one
morning and got an offer from Arkansas that
night," he said. "I'm not saying that I resent it,
but it was kind of funny.
"This is where I wanted to come so it didn't
matter that I got any other offers."
sports shorts
Intramurals Thursday
MPE No. 1
6 p.m.-Beta Sigma Psi C vs.
Sigma Nu C; 6:40-Alpha T8U
Omega B vs. Kappa Sigma B;
7: 20-Beta Sigma Psi B vs. Sigma
Nu B; 8 p.m.-Sigma Chi B vs.
s-K"M Oaiimiu w.g.inj H, w-3v
Kappa Psi B vs. Alpha Gamma Rho
B; 9:20-Alpha Tau Omega C vs.
Beta Theta Pi C.
MPE No. 2
6 p.m.-Phi Kappa Psi C vs.
Delta Upsilon C; 6:40-Beta Theta
Pi B vs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon B;
7:20-Delta Upsilon B vs. Delta Tau
Delta B; 8 p.m. Tau Kappa Epsilon
B vs. Chi Phi B; 8: 40-Farmhouse C
vs. Ag Men C; 9:20-Phi Delta
Theta C vs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon C.
MPE No. 3
6 p.m.-Theta Xi C vs. Delta
Tau Delta C; 6:40-Sigma Phi
Epsilon B vs. Phi Delta Theta B;
7:20 Farmhouse B vs. Ag Men B; 8
p.m.-Theta Chi B vs. Acacia B;
8:40-Cornhusker Co-op C vs.
Acacia C; 9:20-Phi Gamma Delta
C vs. Sigma Phi Epsilon C.
WPE No. 1
6:40-Burr 3B vs. Burr 1 East B;
7:20 Gus 8 vs. International
House B; 8 p.m.-Acacia A vs.
Farmhouse A; 8:40-Sigma Alpha
Mu C vs. Sigma Chi C; 9:20-Delta
Sigma Phi vs. Hawks.
WPE No. 2
6:40-Contennia! B vs. Gooding
B; 7:20-Tau Kappa Epsilon A vs.
Delta Sigma Phi A; 8 p.m.-Ag Men
A vs. Alpha Gamma Sigma A;
8:40-Brown's Team vs. Hitchin'
Post; 9:20-Fleetwoods vs.
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daily nebraskan
thursday, january 23, 1975