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Celebrate The Grand Opening Of:
Cookbook hits college stoves
'The College Cookbook" By Geri Harrington.
Charles Scribner's Sons; (paperback) $2.95.
Cookbooks published for the college market
are too often filled with the author's idea of
vince boucher
lyyy lUm
And most of them are pretty bad.
Harrington's cookbook is an exception. She
has polled students across the nation, asking for
their recipes, and has presented her product in a
compact, readable form.
She says she looked for recipes that "would
tend to be easy, inexpensive and good to eat
both in terms of taste and nutrition. They
wouldn't require elaborate equipment or three
days to make.'
Basics explained
In her opening chapters she lays down the
basics. How to shop for food, how to make sense
of labels and meat cuts and how to recognize
bargain food.
Cooking terms are explored. What is the
difference between braising and sauteing,
between beating and folding? Common
Jt Get weather and slope
condiuoni at Iowa, South
Dakota, Colorado and
ingredients such as meat; cheese, oil and eggs are
What do students like to eat? Harrington
found they eat about the same things as everyone
else, particularly if they cook in groups. They eat
granola and they bake bread, they eat hamburger
and soups; some eat fish and meat and some are
vegetarians. They eat omelets and chicken and
Preparation from experience
The main ingredients and any specialty items
are listed at the beginning of each chapter, for
reference before marketing. And the recipes are
given by the students, with variations and
observations about the preparation gained only
from experience. For instance, one student
described a roommate's "almost foolproof
chocolate souffle.
"It's astonishingly durable. The last one
survived a partial cooking, followed by
refrigeration for 10 hours before it was finally
cooked. It was a little heavy on the bottom, but
it still had enough energy to souffle."
The final chapter gives some good recipes for
eating when you are studying all night. Ranging
from quick-energy milkshakes to goodies such as
baby pizzas (made on English muffin halves),
they should strike home with students.
If you like to eat, and to cook, you may find
this large-format paperback one of the most
useful books you can carry home with your
geology and anthropology texts.
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thursday, january 23, 1975
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