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Residents 'deck the halls'
By Margy Meister
"It's beginning to look a lot like
Christmas", especially in the UNL
, residence halls.
, Trees'of all styles, shapes and sizes
are springing up in lobbies, floor
tfounges and individual rooms. Colored
Ijtits blink and spray "snow" frosts
windows across the faces of most of the
halls. Gold, silver, red and blue tinsel
...garlands and simulated Santa's deck the
halls across campus.
i nti musi popular anu ouviuus
f manifestation of the Christmas spirit
; appears to be decorations in the
" windows of many residents' rooms. At
J lastoi$t, ..Neihardt Residential Center
LhadaiscflratiQQ s. J n three windows,
Cather-Pound Halls in nearlyterr,
Selleck Quadrangle in 22, Harper
. Schramm-Smith Halls in about 25 and
vbeliSandoz Halls in nearly , 40
f rfte "Rerlence Hall Assoc.' 'has--
f appropriated funds .for each hall to
purchase a Christmas tree for their main
lobbies or lounges. In addition, many
floors are purchasing trees for their floor
lounges with their own floor funds.
Tom Guzzardo, residence director
(RD) at Cather Hall, reported that
though he has not yet seen many
...decorations, several floors have trees
''and some residents are decorating their
Lounge decorating contest
-Pound Hall RD Anne Thompson said
tfcai each floor in Pound is decorating
their lounge, with a prize to be awarded
to the best-decorated lounge. She added
that Cather-Pound-Neihardt will
sponsor a window-painting contest in
which prizes will be awarded to the best
individual and group paintings on the
windows of their dining hall.
Neihardt Residential Center has trees
on some floors, and International House
is planning a party to decorate their
main Innnnfi tree this Saturdav niaht.
according to Joe Scalzo, Neihardt RD.
f. Steve Heldt, Harper Hall RD, said
that he has seen very little decorating in
. . - ( i ' 1 A I il
narper inus rar. ne 5diu mm mc h
seen tnree or rour trees tumtr miuuyn
the door", and some lights in residents'
windows, but that he expects to see
more decorations going up as the
momentous occasion draws nearer.
He added that there will be a party to
decorate the main lounge tree and that
many floors are also having parties to
decorate their trees.
Parties planned
Smith Hall RD Bobbie Brickhouse
reported that she has seen decorations
in many windows and that most floors
are purchasing trees and having parties
: to decorate them.
Schramm Hali will have decorations
n the main lounges, according to Ina
Luhring, Schramm RD. She added that
she has seen many decorations on
windows and doors of residents'
rooms, and that several residents also
have trees in their rooms.
Robin Buchman, social chairman at
Selleck Quadrangle, said that many
floors are having contests for the best
,.i-.r Annro nn the flnnr Afifi that
many residents have lights strung in
-their windows. She added that the
' friday, december 6, 1974
cafeteria will be decorated with painted
windows, a Christmas tree, and tinsel
for a semi-formal dinner to be held next
Abel-Sandoz Halls Complex program
director, Bitsy Griego, reported that
trees will be set up in the lobbies of
Sandoz, Abel North and Abel South, as
well as in the cafeteria. She said that she
has seen trees in many resident's
rooms, and that most floors were buying
trees and having some ,type of Christ
mas parties.
She added that a drive will be
conducted to collect all real trees when
residents leave, for the holidays in order
that these might be donated to
underprivileged families.
Decorations add to spirit
Junior Marge Pestel, resident of
Sandoz 5, has a 6V2 foot real tree
standing in her room, with Christmas
gfffs already beginning to pile up
beneath it. 'The tree-was purchased by
Pestel and her roommate Monday night,
and was decorated with ornaments from
home, including "last year's tinsel".
Pestel claims that the secret of the
tree's freshness is in the sugar water in
the small trash can in which the tree is
supported by rocks from the Abel
Sandoz parking lot. She added, "Dec
orations sort of make Christmas by
getting you into the spirit."
Seniors Mike Napoliello and Chuck
Trutna, of Abel 3, have a 4-foot artificial
tree standing directly in the center of
their room, decorated with multi-colored
blinking lights, red ornaments and gold
tinsel garlands.
Trutna said, "The tree is useful for
my roommate to put my presents under,
and it helps to bring the girls down to
our room."
Napoliello, who has owned the tree
since his sophomore year, said, "I live
in this room nine months out of the year,
so I consider it my home. The tree just
makes it seem more homey. I wanted to
decorate the room because decorating is
an extension of the holiday spirit."
In addition to the tree, blinking lights
from a tree shape on the room's
window, a construction paper Santa
rests on the window sill, and three
small, white and gc!d tissue paper trees
are perched atop Napoliello's book
Sandoz 2 resident Judy Erickson cut
down a wild cedar tree from the shelter
belt a mile north of her home near
Benedict, Nebraska over the Thanks
giving holiday. She returned and
decorated the tree with some ornaments
from home and some that she bought
When asked why she cut down her
own tree, Erickson replied, "I don't like
artifical trees, and cutting my own was
much cheaper. Besides, the tree smells
so good!"
' She added, "I wanted a tree, but as I
knew I wouldn't be home to enjoy the
one there, I decided to put up one here.
It adds both to the room and the spirit."
Thus it seems that as the awaited
holiday draws nearer, the spirit of
Christmas will continue to "haunt" the
floors, lounges, and lobbies, as well as
the occupants, of the UNL residence
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