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There IS an
Alternative to
Traditional Education
Beginning ages
2nd Semester begins
in January
Lincoln Montessori Schools
2615 Austin Dr. 489-8110
Hnf RumHinpfrit; Jix.r heat in
a saucepan (careful not to
ilyiS?; boil). Serve piping hot in mugs.
Try our 8 oz. get-acquainted
' S r bottfe or the partv size fifth.
Rumdi nger. The new way to drink.
Wade with Natural Tf epical Flavors and
" faertt r,m Kam by Calvert Oist. Corfftitat PaVfffSt"-
ByECnqmeeBrsCskoon may be examining medical or
dental patients or defending clients in court as a
result of the regents' approval or a new
engineering program. mnnth i
The program, approved last month is a
"cross-disciplinary" program (CD-P) offered by
the College of Engineering and Technology (GET).
"Preprofessional students who desire to have a
background in engineering may earn a bachelor of
science degree from the CET and then attend a
professional school," Lyle Young associate dean
of Engineering and Technology, said.
Students take 25 credit hours to fulfill
requirements in nonengineering disciplines for
CET degree, Young said. Options now offered in
the program are business administration, pre-den-tistry,
pre-med, pre-law and engineering physics.
Other options
Engineering students, however, are not limited
to these CD-P options, Young said. He stated that
students may combine other options like science or
journalism with engineering.
'Students may discuss possible options with the
CET deans to work out programs that make
educational sense," Young said.
The CD-P serves the student in two ways,
according to Young.
'The program accomodates students with
interests in nonengineering fields," Young said;
"It allows a student to combine a career interest
with a basic engineering background.
"In many disciplines, there is a direct
relationship with technological fields with involve
ment in solving technical problems," Young said.
Background aids doctors, lawyers
Young explained that doctors arid dentists use
instruments which sometimes require technical
skills to operate for monitoring body responses.
He added that in developing medical instruments,
an engineering background also may be needed.
An engineering background is also helpful in
law where technological experience is required, he
said. Young indicated that a knowledge of
engineering aids lawyers working with lawsuits
pertaining to defective products or in writing legal
contracts that require structural specifications.
The CD-P also serves the student who is not
accepted into a professional school, such as a law
or medical school, Young said.'"" ' an '
Young said a student who is not accepted into a
professional school may elect to finish the 25 hours
of engineering courses, completion, requirements
for specific engineering field such as chemical or
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owiauu invites uou to atteno
our first annual store farming.
lock p.m.
1 .7. 1 1 1 1
twelve 0 aocn to six 0 aoa
L 1 1 ,
ten 0 aocn to nine 0 c
December seventh and eighth
in the year of our ord
Nineteen-Hundred SeVentu Four.
Hot Cider, Christmas Spirits,
and a good time.
Flease come and enjoy the festivity
to begin
, Jan H
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Work Study Federal Loans
and and
Internship jFederalGrants
Kit n Vv 1
Bob Vi7 I
Amy09fo aJ
O v f
Id anna J &
Sleujay Way,
formerly Mantra
1 18 N. 14th
Please Send Information on
I :
General Accounting Court Reporting
Business Administration Legal Assistant
Professional Accounting Word Processing
Office Specialist
H Stenographic
Executive Secretarial
Legal Secretarial
Medical Secretarial
Key Punch
Federal Leans
Federal Grants
Professional Secretarial Placement
City State.
Telephone Number
Call (402) 432-5315 or mail Coupon Today:
coin School
1821 nv
LincoIn3 lIE
fnday, clecemberC, 1974