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Crime rate rising; students advised to be alert
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By Lisa Brown
An estimated $26,888 of property
stolen from UNL students living on c
That much or more may bn stolen this year
unless students become more observant and
take crime prevention measures, Phil Cross,
Special Services Officer of the Campus
Police, said Tuesday.
Statistics show that the total criminal
offenses for the fiscal year 1974 to-date are
fast approaching the 1973 totals, Cross said.
A peak period for crime, November and
December, is just beginning, he said.
In one division of crime, the 1973 total has
already been doubled. In 1973 there were
seven cases of indecent exposure and
molestations, while in 1974 there have been
fourteen. Molestation is sexual assault short
of rape.
In 1973 there were 16 total assault
reported, and this year there have already
been 15, Cross said. Assault is attacking
someone by using a knife, gun, fist, or club.
To date, there have been 271 reported
larcenies and 40 burglaries, Cross said,
compared to 377 larcenies and 66 burglaries
in 1973. Larceny is theft of any property,
while burglary is theft which requires force
for entry.
Larceny increases
Cross said in the last two months there has
been a sharp increase in larcony, and
although so far the amount o! larcenies
compared to last year is stable, if the trend
continues, there will be another large
increase in total criminal offenses this year.
Other criminal offenses spiraling upward
in number this year include admixture of 124
offenses not mentioned in the above
categories, including trespassing and dis
turbing the peace.
Cross said that many of the trespassing
violations might have turned into burglaries
or larcenies if the suspect had not been
captured or frightened away first.
He estimated that about $35,000 or
property was stolen by means of either
larceny or burglary on the UNL campus in
1973. Approximately 17 per cent of property
stolen from students was recovered, Cross
M A in.wor --.- - "
said, and he emphasized that property stolen
and not reported may never be recovered.
The National Crime Commission has
estimated that in excess of 50 per cent of
burglaries and larcenies go unreported.-
Students and staff members may help to
curb the rise in crime on the UNL campus by
taking several measures to help prevent it,
Cross said.
The student should "be alert for suspicious
circumstances, and then be Concerned
enough to do something about .them," he
said. ' " . " .
Crime check calls
The Campus Police welcome information
relating to any suspicious or criminal activity,
Cross said. People can make a crime check
call to the Campus Police, giving as much
complete information as possible, without
having to leave their name or phone number,
he said. The majority of the citizens reporting
a crime leave their names and addresses, he
said, and a-e a valuable aid to the police.
If a student is the victim of theft,
Beware of thieves
The Campus Police wish to aiert
students that they are currently investi
gating six cases which they have
connected by the same modus oper
andi way of entry.
A male goes from room to room in a
residence hall asking students if they
kr.ow someone, whom he identifies by
an imaginary name, and then starts a
conversation with the resident. He
enters the room by asking to borrow a
match or use the phone book, and then
scans the room to see where valuable
items are stored.
During the conversation he learns the
resident's name, somethirg about him
or her, and when he or she: will be
absent from the room. Later h returns
and breaks into the room, ,nd if.
questioned by someone on the tioor, can
provide a fairly logical explanation by.
using the information gained in conver
sation with the resident.
Contact the CamDus Police immedi
ately if you have any information on
. such a case. -
mnicctatifin ftQsai lit or other criminal of
fense, Cross said the person should contact
the Campus Police immediately,
If a crime is reported immediately, he said,
there is a five times greater chance of making
an apprehension and recovery than. If it is
reported 24 he urs' later. If the crime is not
reported for a week or more, the chances of
apprehension and recovery are negligible.
A crime preven
tion measure available to
with the
ran session burr hall
7:00 - 8:00 pm Thurs.
ran spscjnn
7:30 am Thurs. HARPER L0UNGE
rap session college
7:30 - 10:00 pm Thurs.
lapooun COLLEGE
1-30nm Fri
rap session tjfK
7:30 pm Thurs.
women in engineering
1 :30 pm Fri. NEBRASKA HALL VV179
For information about classes UNL
Masters will be attending cail 4722450
tnursday, novmber 14, 1974
students free" of charge from the. Campus
Polico. he said,, is a scriber, an etching
machine which .will etch student's
identification. number jnto wood, metal, or
plastic; Students may stop by the police office
and check one out, hesaid.
28 per cent decrease
Cross, said that in a major city in Florida
v;hre the police .hod made a mass push for
the scriber program, there had been a 28 per."
cent decrease in burglary.
Other preventive measures include locking,
rooms, oars, and bicycles.-
Cross said if a person sees someone trying'
residence hall or car doors, following a
'woman, or any other suspicious activity, he
should contact the police immediately.
A major cause of the universal increase in
crime is the tight money situation across the
country, Cross said.
"The present economic situation possibly
hit thf colieoe student harder than other
grcjr-s." he said, "because- many students
pay fc'tnoir own food and transportation,
ratner than relying on their parents' money,
and the costs of oasoline and food are rising
the fesiest." ' . ;
Peak periods' '.
The peak Deriocs of crime on campus are at
the beginning and end of both' semesters,
Crcso raid. At the beginning everyone is a
stranger and no one knows who belongs on
the residence hall floors and who doesn't. At t
the semester's end. property is in a mass
confusion during moving, and items may not
immediately be missed, he said."
FrciH 1973 to 1974 there was a 13 per cent,
increase in total criminal offenses, he said,
and without strong support from the student
and faculty, the trend for an increase can t be
halted- ; '
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