The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, November 07, 1974, Page page 8, Image 8

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"check the rest then come to the best"
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St Documentary
Directed by Saul Landau, Nina Serrano, Raul Ruiz.
Music by Country Joe McDonald.
plus a short feature;
Today at 3, 7 & 9 p.m.
Admission $1.25
Sheldon Art Gallery , 1 2th & 'R' St I
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dove wore .
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. i i ....rt.nnsre arA presented with a
double-barrelled assault on their auditory inputs
this week, with both Johnny Cash a nd rdon
Lightfoot putting in appearances at Persh ng
Auditorium, purveying two Aerent but r rflfnf
visions of country-flavored Americana (or Cana-
. diana, If you prefer, in the case of Lightfoot).
The problem then lies in choosing which concert
is worthy of your last grocery check. On the one
hand Cash, performing tonight, of ers a rough
fundamentalism delivered in a gravelley tone that,
while painful to listen to acquires a 'deliberate
honest richness which can (and does, I am assured
by a Cash afficiando) move an audience to
tears-in-the-eyes-and lumps-in-the-throat.
On the other hand Lightfoot, from time to time
referred to as Canada's John Denver, will
perform at Pershing Auditorium Friday night.
Lightfoot's style embodies a polish and a
freewheeling feeling missing in the greater
portion of Cash's repertoire. Running through
Lightfoot's work is a vein of self-deprecating,
faintly bemused cynicism that lightens the tone of
songs which would otherwise sink beneath their
weighty subject matter.
However different their respective styles, the
two are united by a common theme; that of
escaping a bad situation. In Cash's case, the
situation was the dark-carousel of alcohol and
drugs he found himself riding in the mid-60s.
Aided by his wife, June Carter, and by a renovated
faith in God, Cash fought back to health and
rebuilt his career.
In Lightfoot's case, the situation is not as
definable, but perhaps symptomatic of it is his
much-publicized divorce and alimony settlement,
upon which Lightfoot commented, "Over $1100
per week is a bit much for babysitting."
Both turn out excellent music, in styles that are
distinctive and clean. Perhaps Lightfoot is the
more commercial of the pair, and Cash certainly is
the more countrified of the two, but whichever one
mi nirW znu ran harrilv mak6 a mistake. '
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Traveler' : handbook for life
the universal traveler: A Soft-Systems
Guide to Creativity, Problem Solving
and the Process of Reaching Goals; by
Don Koberg and Jim Bagnall; William
Kaufmann, Inc. $3.95.
Remember the Whole Earth Cataloq?
That resource book was a guide to
making the world a more comfortable
place. Now, in very similiar format, we
have The Universal Traveler. The
difference is in the subject: The
Universal Traveler deals with the
mechanics of life itself.
vince boucher
Koberg is an architect and Bagnall is
a graphic coordinator, both at California
Polytechnic State University. They have
developed what they cM a soft-systems
guide to getting through life happily end
creatively. By comparing the decision
making process, and all that goes with
it, such as alternatives, approaches and
methods of analysis to taking a trip,
with all the necessary travel precau
tions, they present a simplified, logical
travel guide for life.
Not always gimp!
Sounds easy? The authors show that
isn't alway simple, through 127 pages of
methods and possibilities. After the
preliminary section on Travel Tips, the
reader visits the Universal Travel
"The Universal Travel Agency" Is a
storehouse of means and methods for
getting from here to there," the authors
write. Tourist traps, the inevitable
bugaboo, Include everything from,
"Warning: "Don't let your nerves get
shattered by drinking too much coffee or
tea. Don't eat too much nonnutrltive,
fatty, low energy foods . . . Don't expect
daily nebrasksn
to operate well without sleep. When
tired, take a nap and then go on," to
"Once into a problem, it may appear
that the problem is really too small to
warrant your attention. Everything
looks easy. You get puffed up by your
"beginner's luck."
After the traps comes the journey,
marked by a succession pf stops along
the way from problem to solution.
Each stop is accompanied by an
introduction, language guide, methods
for acceptance and finally Travel
Guides, which are references to other
sources on the same subject. The route
progresses as the various stages of
problem solving are reached: accept
ance, analysis, definition, ideation, idea
selection, implementation and evalua
tion. We've heard some of the methods
before; such as listing all the attributes
of a subject. Others, such as various
written exercises which take a geometri
cal form on paper, originate with the
authors reflect their concern with order
' and symmetry.
Sidt trips
The last section of iiie uook Is devoted
to what the authors call "side trips."
These Include a guide to measurable
objectives, lessons from problem solv
ing, synectics (using the tools of
analogy, metaphore and simile to
-provoke discussion of a problem), self
hypnosis procedure (a modified type of
yoga), a communications checklist,
wiring diagrams (a series of classifica
tions for types of ideas) and a number of
games for creativity.
The approach of the book is casual but
systematic. The authors say they think
life and its inevitable decisions are
solved through an ordered approach,
with lots of room for alternatives, new
Ideas and lack of habits to keep a person
going. Their philosophy is attractive and
calming just like their brown-toned
paperback book.
The Universal Traveler will find a
rocky road, but, as the authors say, he
doesn't have to stumble over the rocks.
' thursday, november 7, 1974
m stp.