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Bahe pre fers wing back position
In the course of his UNL college
football career, Ritch Bahe, has been
progressively toned down.
A candidate for Nebraska Prep
Athlete of the Year, Bahe dazzled the
fans of Fremont High School with his
footwork and speed in punt returning.
Bahe had several punt returns for
touchdowns as a Husker freshman.
An understudy to Johnny Rodgers his
sophomore year. Bahe got few chances
!q display his talents.
"Rodgers was an individual," Bahe
-aid. "He didn't say a whole lot to .me,
)ut I learned quite a bit from just
observing him in action."
Bahe said punt return execution is his
best play. Bahe also added he thought
the punt return option was his highest
scoring threat.
Wingback, split end positions
ironically, head coach Tom Osborne
moved Bahe from the punt returning
position to wingback before the 1973
football season started. He started in
the first contest of the season and
maintained his spot. Bahe said he liked
the position not only because he could
catch the ball but because blocking and
running plays were an important part of
the position.
At the start of this season, Bahe was
moved to split end by Osborne.
Blocking is less a part of the position
and Bahe does not run the ball at all.
Bahe said he prefers the wingback
position, but is currently working to
improve himself at split end.
Bahe said he believed the Huskers
played their best game of the season
against Kansas.
"We had to prove to ourselves and our
fans that we were still a good football
team," Bahe said. He had four
receptions in the game.
Morale boosted
Bahe said that the Kansas win could
prove to be the turning point In the
Cornhuskers' season.
"We could easily be 6-0, but we
aren't," he added. Bahe said it was
evident that team play hadn't been up to
par this season but the Kansas win
seemed to boost morale.
becky morgan
don't think we lack depth as a.
team," Bahe added. "I feel our season
will improve."
Bahe said to look for more passing in
the Oklahoma State game.
With the present college football
situation shaping up around upsets,
Bahe said he thought any bowl game
appearance was in reach of the
"Preferably the Orange Bowl," he
Ten pass receptions are credited to
Bahe's record for the 74 season. He has
carried the ball seven times for 20 yards.
"I'm still looking for that touchdown
pass," he said.
The UNL rowing team left Wednesday for the
Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, Mass. The
races Sunday are expected to be the world's
largest regatta in history;
Entries for the following Intramural Sports are
due In the Recreation Office, 1740 Vine St. at 4:30
p.m. on Friday: water basketball; men's
volleyball; and paddleball singles. Entries for
co-rec basketball are due Wednesday.
The UNL soccer team travels to Lawrence
Saturday to take on the Kansas University soccer
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Husker eager pleased
with UNL atmosphere
By Larry Stunkel
There's a big difference between the bustling
urbanity of Washington, D.C. and the atmosphere
in Lincoln. '
Nobody can tell you better than freshman
basketball hopeful Eric Coard of Washington
thafs why he chose to play basketball at UNL.
"The coaches really seemed interested in me as
a person, and the environment is a big change,"
Coard said. "In Washington there were a lot of
things you put down, but people are nicer here."
Coard played prep ball at DeMatha High School
near Washington, a school noted for its winning
tradition, and for the fact that every senior on the
team in the past 15 years has received a college
basketball scholarship.
'Winning spirit'
"Eric has had the best competition of any high
school guard we've been associated with," Husker
coach Joe Cipriano said earlier this fall.
Coard played on the DeMatha varsity his junior
year with Adrian Dantley, a stand-out at Notre
Dame, and helped the team to records of 29-1 and
"I guess you could say I have a winning spirit,"
Coard said. "I'll try and encourage our team to
The closeness of the team also has impressed
"Everybody on the team jokes around a lot," he
said. "Thee are about eight guys on the team that
do everything together."
Coard said the older players on the team have
helped him, in that "the coaches are on my back
right now, but the seniors told me they do that
because they're concerned."
Coard acknowledged he has taken some
criticism, but he is learning from it and it's
helping him.
Likes grade emphasis
He said the program here is what he expected,
and he likes the styie of play.
"There is ball control, but we'll run if we get the
chance to," Coard said.
Coard also said he likes the emphasis placed on
grades here.
"When I first came out they took me to the
academic counselor, who is really nice and has
helped me," Coard said. "They want us to
maintain at least a 2.7 grade average."
Even though Coard said he hasn't seen any of
the other basketball teams in the Big 8, he said
the Huskers could be a team that could play with
"We got the material to do it," he said.
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daily nebraskan
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friday, October 25, 1974