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    thursday, October 24, 1S74
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Stereo Studio is not the midwest's largest discount stsreo chain. Or even the second largest. We say that
proudly. We don't even mention discounts, though our prices on comparable merchandise ara usually cs low -and
sometimes lower than those at other dealers franchised to carry the same brands, no matter what you
may bo led to expect by some advertising.
Stereo Studio sells, and services the finest stereo components available in their respective price ranges. Wa
know they're the finest, because our own service department bench-tests them for reliability and adherence to
published specifications. Then, we add our own warranty for five years on parts, three years on labor. Regard
less of the manufacturer's warranty on the equipment.
The lowest price on stereo components is not the price you pay to get them. It's the total price you pay to
keep them producing the quality of sound their specifications say they should during their useful lifetime.
Keep that in mind when you look at the pricetags of the systems in our stores, two of which are shown below,
and compare them to the services offered along with the "discounted" prices offered elsewhere.
List price $662.80
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Th control center is tht Sharwood S-7210
StereoDynaquid Receiver, which delivars 22 wtttt
watts pr channel RIVIS into 8 ohm at 20
20.003 Hz with THO and IM distortion at ls$
than 0.8. The sensitivity rating of tha 7210
tuner section (1.9 microvolts, IHF) is rare in a
receiver of this price range. Convenience fea
tures include front-panel switching for a 4-
channel decoder, front-pane! tape dubbing and
stereophone jacks, and built-in Dynaquad cir
cuit for deriving four signals from a two channel
source. ;
Turntable is the Garrard 82, with Synchro
Lab motor, slide-weight stylus force adjustment,
2 point record stack support (for gentle handl
ing), and walnut-grain base. We have selected
the Shu re M75EJ-T2 magretie esnrldja, ethich ,
is perfectly matched to tha tracking end waigM
ing capabilities of the Garrard 82.
Speakers are the full-sized Advents, wrt$e
sound has been critically reviewed by every
major stereo magazine and compared faversfefy
to systems costing many times as much.
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A t the top end of the medium price
itereo iyttems, you should expect enough
power to fill a large listening room with
clean, low-distortion sound and plenty of
bass, as well as advancing to convenience
feat u ret in both control center and record
playing equipment that are beyond mere
utility. The $peaker$ should be among the
finett available.
Our System 6 matches or surpasses these
critarl. The Yamaha CRCC0 AMFM Stereo Re
ceiver delivers 30 watts RMS per channel into 8
ohms at 20-20.000 He with less than 0.1 THO
and IM distortion. The FM tuner section contains
the very latest Dual -Gated MOS FET's, and
Yamaha's Auto-Touch tuning which automatic
ally shuts off the built-in Automatic Frequency
Control curcult when you touch the dial, and
restores it when you release the knob. Includes
Tuning and Signal Strength meters, provision
for two tape decks, high and low filters, and
separate microphone preamp and volume control.
List price $975,45
Turntable is the AH KB, a precisian manual
turnuhle that is guaranteed to meet Natlwal .
Association of Broadcasters specifications on
wow, flutter, rumble and speed accuracy, tt
comes complete with the state-of-the-art Oiu?l
VIS-Type III magnetic cartrids.
To reproduce the superior electronic signal ef
System 6, we have selected the unique ESS am
5 speaker, with the Heil sir-motion transformer,
which finally allows for absolute purity end
exciting transient resolution in "bookshelf" sis
3? 3 'S
AR-7 (pair)
AR-8 (each)
TL-3 $40
UfilPRO $50
S41 .35
The ISest Huys On Quality Components
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414 0.11th & GATEWAY LINCOLN
daily nebraskan
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