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ole-playing helps in
anning workshop
What are you doing with your
life? If this question puzzles you,
perhaps the Life-Planning Work
shop would be a good invest
ment of your time.
Janet Krause, coordinator of
the workshop program, said
workshops were begun two
years ago but are now under
going some improvements. Last
year sessions were held every
six weeks. With workshops held
so infrequently, participants
were "not responding in the way
they needed it," Krause said, so
this year they will be held
According to Krause, people
just "blow in" to earth and wait
for something to happen with
their lives. But things don't
always happen without advance
planning. Life-Planning Work
shops enable people to "get in
touch with yourself, with who
you are, what you like and what
you dislike about yourself,"
Krause said.
Exercises are introduced . to
help people learn about them
selves. Some groups take a
fantasy trip in which they
determine what they will be
doing five years from now,
whether they will be in the
United States or abroad and
what type of work they will be
doing, Krause said.
Goal-setting is the primary
objective of the workshops.
According to Krause, progress is
checked consistently. Many par
ticipants set goals concerning
vocations, while others may plan
a trip to Europe. .
Role-playing is a major part of
the workshops, Krause said.
People first determine roles they
are presently playing, then
decide how they feel about each
role. Some roles are uncontroll
able, but others may be changed
if so desired, in this way, people
may decide to retain certain
roles for many years and aban
don others.
Jane Erdenberger, senior, at
tended a life-planning workshop
and was then asked to serve as a
facilitator in other workshops.
The facilitator introduces the
exercises and encourages the
people to expand on what
they're . saying, Erdenberger
said. They also stress communi
cation with the entire group, not
just with the facilitator. An
average workshop group con
sists of four , or five group
members and one facilitator.
"It's just like a five-hour
session of re-evaluating what
you're doing with your life,"
Erdenberger said. "It's the only
time a lot of us do that."
According to Krause, an ed
ucational psychology course,
Leadership Training 499, is also
helpful in becoming a workshop
leader. The course deals with
nonverbal communications and
the responsibility of being a
Any student, faculty or staff
member is welcome "to attend
Life-Planning Workshops at no
cost. Anyone interested should
come to third floor of Seyton
Hall, Counseling Center rtnd fill
out a class schedule. The first
workshop is scheduled for Tues
day, Oct. 1 at 12:30 p.m. at the
Counseling Center.
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Janet Krause, coordinator of the Life-Planning Workshop.
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Wednesday, September 18, 1974
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