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The Lincoln
Crr ' Health Club
will offer a 6 vvk. course in
practical self-defense.
Get individualized instructions
n small co-ed classes.
Leam the basics you need
x to know to defend yourself.
Committee stimulates interest
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Lincoln Health
838 No. 48fh
Mon. &Wed.
5:30 p.m. -6:30 p.m.
Tue. & Thurs.
:,Thuris. Sun.
With interest in parapsychology and
psychic phenomena apparently increas
ing, Sue Tidball said she saw a need for
a group to supplement and stimulate
further interest in these topics.
Last year she organized the Human
Potentials Committee as a cooperative
venture of the University and the
Lincoln community.
The Eastern religions have had an
influence on our society, said l idbaii,
resource coordinator at UMHE-Com-monplace.
She has organized a Human
Potentials Films Series to expose and
share topics such as meditation.
Tidball said the films are designed
"to help people grow and find some
thing which will make their lives more
Following these films, Tidball later
hopes to provide more resources on
sjmilar subjects, including speakers and
The series begins Sunday Jn( the
Sheldon Film Theater with Empnas.s on
Alan Watts. The program consists of six
short films on meditation, Buddhism,
Nature and the mood of Zen as
perceived by Aian Watts. Showings will
be given at 3 and 7 p.m.
Sri Chinmoy, to be shown September
22. is about the experience of meditation
in the lite ot'an Indian Master.
The final portion of the series,
scheduled for Sept. 29, is a group of four
separate films dealing with the new
science in the West, psychic saints and
scientists and related topics.
Tickets may be purchasedd individu
ally for $2 ($1.50 for students) or $5 for
the entire series ($3.50 for students).
,They are available at the Union boutn
Desk and at Commonplace, 333 North
14th Street, or at the door.
Septj12 15
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'r lw?" aooanum tank, NUW i.ijc.
it3tt 20 gallon &m to
tSYhxtrVxiVn tank' MOW J 1 .lO
lOSontank ,jv AC yt; 20 gaflon 'tanKVj- '
$13.35 f
full iine offcrarrt'suppf 3V x '"r .
Goiidosi Irish Farm
5 p.m. 9 p.m. weekdays
1 Noon 7 p.m. Sat. & Sun.
19th and M 435-4745
The Admiralettes will meet on Sept. 16, 17 and
18 at the Military and Naval Ruildino at 7
p.m. All girls interested in helping sponsor
NROTC and having the opportunity to meet some
midshipmen are welcome. .
The first meeting of the Food Science Club will
be at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the C. Y.. Thompson
Library. Any student who has a food science or
food and nutrition major is invited to attend.
The Sierra Club is sponsoring a hike to begin at
the parking lot at 1st and Van Dorn Streets at 1:30
p.m. every Sunday afternoon beginning Septem
ber 1 5 through November 24.
The Joyce Johnson A,ngel Flight is hosting an
orientation tea at 2 p.m: Sunday in the Nebraska
Union. The Joyce Johnson Angel Flight is a coed
auxiliary to the Arnold Air Society, an honorary for
the Air Force ROTC cadets.
Ceramics by John Kudlacek and prints by
Michael Nushawg will be shown at the Sheldon
Memorial Art Gallery Sept. 15-21 .
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Don'tjust lay around on
Friday the 1 3th,.
to the Daisy for
unsuperstitious threads.
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Dy Orango Blossom.
A burst of light from
a band of 1 0K gold.
Young, beautiful, and worm
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page 6
da:ly ncbraskan
friday, September 13, 1974
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