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By Lucy Lien
Most rapes are committed
by people who show no signs
of what is normally considered
mental illness, according to
two Kansas-based psychiatrists,
Dr. Karl Targownik, certified
psychiatrist and clinical
director of the Kansas
Reception and Diagnostic
Center, and Dr. Leslie Groh,
chief psychologist at the
Targownik noted that
although most rapists are not
diagnosed as mentally ill, they
do show low tolerance for
frustration and a poor impulse
There are two groups of
rapists, Groh said, and these
men are not psychotic.
The first group of rapists, he
explained, consists of those
men who are very dependant
on women. These people, he
said, cannot tolerate the anger
of someone they are fond of,
so they take their anger out on
someone else.
The second group of rapists
consists of "very careless
people who take whatever they
want and can get," said Groh.
These men have a character
disorder, although are not
formally considered to be ill.
Other groups
Targownik added that there
were two more groups of
The third group, he said,
consists of men who are
definitely psychotic. He noted
a case where a man raped and
killed an 80-year-old woman.",
"When psychotics rape it is
usually carried out under
bizarre circumstances, such as
by raping an 80-year-old
woman," he said.
"There is maybe a fourth
group," he continued, "who
feel themselves insecure. When
love and tendtrness are
expressed they are probably
This group of men, he
noted, become potent because
of the violence of the rape act.
The psychiatrists also added .
that sometimes a woman may
unconsciously expose herself
to rape because she desires it.
Although these are not the
Rape counsel
Fif ty percent of rapes occur
in women's homes, and 50
percent of all rapes are
committed by someone the
victim knows.
Sue Aitchcson of the
women's resource center at the
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, said that it's not a
girl's dress or behavior that
brings on a rape, "it's just
being in the wrong piace at the
wrong time."
In order to protect oneself
against rape, she said, the girl
should pretend to go along
with the rapist until she gets
close enough to him to hit him
realiy hard.
"There's no rule on what to
do," she said. "A woman can
only make a split-second
decision at the time."
She emphasized that it is
important that a girl plans
ahead. "If you know you'll be
walking in an area where there's
a possibility of rape, think out
beforehand what steps you
would take," she said.
A woman needs confidence
to fight back, she noted. The
woman needs to hit the man
with her full force, at; the right
time and in the right way.
"You c r't punch a guy and do
any feoou," she said.
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majority of the cases, they
said, some women do want to
be raped.
Groh noted that there are
cases of women who like to be
treated brutally. "It goes back
to our primitive cave heritage,"
he said.
Carelessness dangerous
However, most rape victims
have not brought on such
treatment, Groh said. However,
many women expose
themselves by carelessness to
He said that many women
put themselves into a rape
situation even though they do
not have the wish to be raped.
Many women are simply too
trusting, he said.
He cited a case of a woman
alone in the house with her
children. A man asked to make
a phone call because his car
had broken down, so she let
him in.
By letting him in, Groh said,
"she was exposing herself to all
sorts of dangers, such as
murder or robbery or rape."
Even though this woman
had no wish to be harmed, he
said, she was earless about her
Submission may be necessary
Targwonik said that many
times a woman can do nothing
but submit to the rapist. "If a
man is armed,'' he said, "I feel
very sad about this but my
advice is to cooperate with him
rather than to take a chance of
being hurt."
He noted a case where
woman picked up a hitchhiker.
In this case, he said, the girl
had thought she recognized the
hitchhiker as a friend of her
girl friend, so she jet him drive.
The man drove her to a
secluded place and raped her
repeatedly. He then tried to
run her over with her own car,
Targownik said.
"As a result of this
accident," he said, "this
woman is now very badly
crippled." She is receiving
counseling x from Targownik
and from the Mcnningcr Clinic.
He noted that they
interviewed the man in this
case, and he has no idea why
he raped this girl or why he ran
over her.
Targownik said, however,
that by intervie wing this man,
he and counselors- at the
Menninger Clinic discovered
that this man was traveling to
T.opeka afler his mother had
kicked him out of the house.
This man was driven to
rape, he said, because he had
been hurt by a woman he
needed, and so turned on
another woman.
Hum illation
Groh said that a woman
who has been raped feels
humiliated and may harbor
resentment against all men
because of what one man did
to her.
Targownik emphasized that
a woman should undergo
extensive psychological
therapy after rape.
"We both feel that a crime
of rape is more of a beast
action than even murder," he
said. "To intrude upon a
woman in this way, to force
oneself into a woman's body is
a very brutal act."
"Rape is not truly a sexual
act," Groh said. "It is an act
used to hurt, the act of sex is
used as a weapon against the
woman. It is an act of
contempt, like an excretion."
Imprisonment necessary
Men who have any kind of
tenderness toward women will
not rape, Targownik said.
Rapists all harbor a deep
hatred for women.
He noted that it is possible
that after" many years a rapist
could be cured, but said he was
not optimistic of the chances
for curing these people.
"It is, rather difficult to
reach these men," he said,
because they probably lack the
ingredients that make
psychotherapy possible.
Targownik said that because
psychological treatment is so
difficult for these men, they
must at least be kept from
society in prison.
"Even in prison society, he
said, a rapist is on a very low
step. Especially those men who
rape minors are looked on with
contempt by others in prison,"
he said.
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