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Recruiters from Peace Corps
and VISTA (Volunteers in
Service to America), will spend
two days at UN-L. July 22 and
The purpose of their spring
visit is to make graduating
seniors and grad students
aware of the opportunities in
overseas and domestic volun
teer service.
The Peace Corps currently
furnishes 8,000 volunteers to 69
overseas countries. VISTA last
year provided nearly 5,000
volunteers to 450 economic
development projects across 48
states. At their present rate of
expansion, they will exceed
that figure in 1974, Both Peace
Corps and VISTA are now part
of ACTION, the newest of the
federal agencies.
The ACTION recruiters, all
former volunteers, will be
located in the student union
placement office. They are
hoping to talk with anyone
desiring information about the
programs of ACTION, and are
seeking individuals from all
areas of study.
Anyone hoping to be placed
in Peace Corps or VISTA
before September should apply
during this visit.
1023 "O" St
Pa lifetime,
ily the best
nly the best
Downtown Gateway
Moa.-Sat 10-5:30 Man. Wd.Tb.Fri. 10-9
VThgTt. 10-9.00 Tue.Sat I0-530
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Peggy Lyman, a dancer from
for dressmaking shop. Full
or part-time. Call 489-0198.
Now appearing
In the Dragon's Den
max rush
no cover charge
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tlie Martha Graham School of Modern Dance, demonstrates her technique to All-State dance students.
oncer lives tor
By Peter Mason
The tall brunette folded her
napkin beside her plate and
gazed into her empty wineglass.
Peggy Lyman, 24, a featured
dancer with the Martha Graham
Dance Company, was taking
time off from her duties as
guest instructor at the All-State
' Dance Program at the Univer
sity -of NebraskaLincoln. She
sat at a table in a quiet corner
of a Lincoln restaurant.
"I simply can't conceive of
not dancing," she said.
Mrs. Lyman, who has been
dancing since the age of two,
added that dance presently is
her only reality.
Although Mrs. Lyman's
dance background was exten
sively in ballet, she said she
was drawn to modern dance by
its comparative freedom.
"Modern dance departs from
ballet just as jazz departs from
classical music; there is more
room for expression," she said.
Mrs. Lyman joined the
Martha Graham company in
1972 after spending two years
as a "face in the crowd" with
to work on VISTA projects
throughout the US. Midwest
positions for August 13
include: social workers,
youth counselor, and ele
mentary teacher. For these
positions and others see
ACTION recruiters July 22
& 23 in Placement Office.-
Need responsible service
station help. Full and part
time. Salary plus com
mission. Airport Standard
(i-l l h'i'i CbuLs I TyT l 1 pizza parlor t rt public house ! i' ill
m Z,'S f -iC r
Worth $1 .00 on Giant SiM EXXAKST'S PIZZA if
rVu . Jlot honored lor Uk. , EXPIRES 51574
the corps de ballet of the
Joffrey Ballet Company in New
York City.
"My audition was a catas
trophe," she said. "My legs felt
like they were made of wood."
Although she said she
thought she had danced badly,
someone else must have thought
otherwise. She-was accepted.
Since joining Martha Graham,
Mrs. Lyman has toured the
country extensively. In the fall
the company will tour South
east Asia, visiting the Philip
pines, Vietnam, Thailand and
"I'm looking forward to
everything but the inocula
tions," she said. "I hate
Mrs. Lyman said that she is
very impressed with the
All-State program.
"I've never heard of anything
quite like it before," she said.
"It's a marvelous opportunity
for young people to be exposed
to the arts."
The All-State Dance Pro
gram, which began June 10, is
designed to bring together
interested high school students
from ail over the state to
expose them to the many
aspects of ballet and modern
dance. This summer 37 students
participated in the program.
Fall deadline extended
In order to assure additional
students an opportunity to find
1 J- rt .. it
siatv4 Ail Imajca vi v.wtw,
the University of Nebraska
Lincoln is extending its deadline
for pre-iegistration for the fall
semester from Wednesday,
July 10 to Thursday, July 18.
Students who participate in
pre-registration also enjoy the
advantage of avoiding general
Mrs. Lyman has only one
regret. No boys showed up to
take classes. She said that in
this regard Nebraska is a little
behind the rest of the nation.
"Evidently dance is just not
considered a manly art here in
the Midwest," she said.
Mrs. Lyman said it's sad that
male dancers carry such a
"stigma." She said many are
just as masculine and athletic
as most football players.
"Edward Vilella, the star of
the New York City Ballet, was
a Golden Gloves contender,"
she added.
When Mrs. Lyman is not
performing with the Martha
Graham company in New York
she lives with her husband,
David D. Lyman, in Cincinnati,
where he is building a dinner
"It's a dream of his that U
finally coming true," she said.
The dinner theater will be a
simple restaurant with a large
stage where all forms of
entertainment will be featured.
"Dinner theaters are very
popular in New York City," she
added, "and we ara hoping we
can make them popular in
Cincinnati as well.
"If it doesn't work, we'll be
eating peanut butter sand
wiches for the next ten years."
registration procedures
classes begin.
A er1 i
deposit is required for pre
registration, in addition to a
completed worksheet. The class
reservation deposit will be
applied to the student's fall
tuition. Classes for the first
semester of the 1974-75 aca
demic year will begin Aug. 26.
summer nebraskan
tuesdayjuly 18, 1974