The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 14, 1974, Page page 8, Image 8

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Lesson 1: The tape medium possesses
many advantages over phonograph records. Tape
cassettes are at least as convenient to use and
store as records. And, unlike records, they don't
easily collect dust, get scratched, or otherwise
lose sound quality.
Lesson 2: With a cassette deck and relatively
inexpensive blank cassettes, it's easy to make
your own recordings. From FM broadcasts, from
your friends' records, even from live performances.
In a very short time, savings in record purchases
alone may permit you to recoup your initial invest
ment in cassette equipment
Lesson 3: With, cassettes, it is now possible to
obtain sound that has as wide a frequency range,
and is as low in tape hiss or other extraneous
noise as what you'd expect from an open reel
tape deck.
Lesson 4; The first cassetteeck-capable of
del ivering such performance is the Advent 20 1 .
Today the Advent 201 delivers sound that is
virtually indistinguishable from I've sources, FM
broadcasts, phonograph records, nr Irom the sound
delivered by far more expensive c&iette decks.
Lesson 5: The Advent 201 is the first cassette
deck to employ integrated Dolby B noise reduction
circuitry. But this is not ths only reason for its super
lative performance. The 201 also uses the new ultra
wide frequency chromium dioxide tapes developed
in conjunction with Advent by Dupont. And the
201 has been so thoughtfully designed that it is
virtually impossible to make bad recordings with it
Lesson 6: Some cassette decks now on the
market were intentionally made complicated
looking in the belief that such appearance would
increase their sales appeal. The Advent 201, on
the other hand, is devoid of needless gadgetry. It
not only lookSsimple to use, it's extremely simple
to use. Lesson 7 is a prime instance of this.
Lesson 7: The Advent 201 has a superior meter
ing system. Much easier to use than conventional
systems. It monitors both stereo channels at once
measures the higher of the two stereo inputs
so as to immediately detect an overload before it
can ruin what you're recording.
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transport mechanism.
Fast forward:
equally fast rewind
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Lesson 10: One of the problems with cassette
recording has been the jamming of cassettes. The
The Advent 201 features complete mechanical
disengagement in the event of a jammed cassette.
This prevents tape spillage that can turn an other
wise salvageable cassette into a hopeless mess.
Lesson 1 1 : One of our Sterec Studio audio ex
perts can teach you to make perfect recordings
on the Advent 201 in a matter of minutes.
Lesson 12: You can, of course, use your
Advent 201 to play the large existing library of
great recorded music .now on the market
. Your final exam is a single essay question. What
is the simplest, most ungadgety, most rugged and
most reliable, best sounding cassette tape recorder
on the market today?
CfingMufaftdris. Hern's your diploma. Bring It
"into either Sterea Studio location for'a practical
demonstration of everything you've learned.
Lesson 8 : There are now cassette decks on
the market costing as much as $1,000 and more.
Nonetheless, it is virtually impossible to detect
differences between the performance of the $280
Advent 201 and that of machines costing twice
or three times as much.
Lessen 9: Some cassette recorders are far more
rugged and dependable than others. The Advent
201, rnide entirely in the United States, is one of
the most dependable audio devices we know of. In
addition, since introducing it, Advent has consistently
made Volkswagen-type improvements in the 201.
to make it still more reliable and even easier and
more fun to use.
Graduate of the
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dally nebraskan
Xhurtdr, february 14, 1974