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daily nobraskan
Editor-in-Chief: Mary Voboril. Copy Desk Chief: Randy Beam.
News Editor: Jane Owens. Associate News Editor: Vinos Boucher.
Layout and Sports Editor: Dennis Onnen. Entertainment Editor:
Diane .Wane!;. Night News Editor: Cheryl Westcott. Chief
Photographer: Gail Folda. Nam Assistant: Lon C!eppr.
Reporters: Wes Albers. Bill Boyd. Lori Derno'Tjim Fulierton,
Ellyn Hess, Mark Hoffman, Jane Hoge, Tom Jensen, Michael (O.J.)
Nelson, Susanne Sqhafer, Mary Shackelton, Lynn Sihasek, Greg
Wees. ,
Entertainment Writers: Greg Lukow, Bruce Nelson, Meg Greene,
Val McPhersson.
Sports staff: Bob HilL Steve Taylor, Larry Stunkel.
Columnists: Mary Cannon, Keith Landgren, John O'Shea, Karen
Richardson, Ron Sindelar.
Artists and Photographers: Stewart Nelsen, Tony Ramirez, Mark
Copy Desk: Rebecca B.-ite, Dave Madsen, K. Steinbruegge, Nancy
Stohs, Pamela Dry. Dispatch: Larry Grill.
Circulation: Tom Lundahl, Sue Sruner, Mark Lyon.
Subscriptions: Mary K. Jensen.
Business Manager: Jerri Haussler. Advertising Manager: Jeff
Account representatives: Michele Schmal, Sharon Hanford, Jane
Kidwell, Peg Kreshel, Steve Raglin, Mitch Mohanna, Mary Borwski,
Barb Greene, Ken Kirk, Rod Heuck, Vicki Bagrowcki, M.J.
Callahan, Kris Col ins. Jack Baldwin, Kurt Wullschleger.
Receptionist: Kathy Cook.
The Daily Nebraskan is published by the Publications Committee
on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through the autumn
and spring semesters, except on holidays and during vacation.
Copyright 1974, the Daily Nebraskan. Material may be reprinted
without permission if attributed to the Daily Nebraskan, excepting
material covered by another copyright.
Second class postage paid at Lincoln, Nebraska.
Address: The Daily Nebraskan, Nebraska Union 34, 14th and R
Sts., Lincoln, Nebr. 6850a Telephone 402-472-25Sa
i i - 'lit
3:30 p.m. Foreign Film
4:15 p.m. Builders
4:30 p.m.-Builders-Red
5:30 p.m.-Phl Mu Alpha
6 p.m. Mexican-American
Student Asjoc-Unlon
7 p.m. Counseling Center
Planning workshop-Union
7 ? 3 0 p . m . Y
9 p.ra-ASUN Legislative Llaaon
Committee- Union
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.-!FC Lambda Chi
Alpha colonization. Union
o u n g
Apartment Lounge (Cornhusker HoteS)
j, w
Vocalist Musicians E.S.P. Go-Go Dsnccr
Comic Magicians Stripper etc.
Be a winner by performing for your audiance. NIGHTLY WINNERS Final weekly
winner to receive PAID engagement. Performance judged by audiance acceptance.
CALL THE DUTCHMAN Now for more information
Apartment Lounge Cornhusker Hotel
y2 price Cocktail
Nightly drawings for 12 price cocktails will take place. Register at the Apartment Lounge nightly-as many
nites as you wish, 1 registration per nite. Winner to be able to use this 12 price cocktail coupon for 1 month
-and may bring as many friends along as desired, at 12 price. Nightly winners will have the chance of winning
a SUPER "6" COURSE DINNER for "2". prepared especially for a winner.
REGISTER NIGHTLY Now till FEB., 16-1974
would aid
Minority students majoring
in health areas are forming
their own organization. Two
UNL minority students, Anita
Bordeaux and Marta
Hernandez, have' outlined . a
constitution for an
organization that would help
those minority students.
According to Hernandez, the
organization's three main goals
are: "-to encourage minorities
to go into fields related to
health, to acquaint these
students with health area
opportunities, -to give them
information on health
facilities, schools, resources
and financial aid.
The organization will meet
today at 7:30 p.m. in the
Mushroom of Selleck
4 WWvJ
"'ivy J
FauririKB airaafl ffeiPtMoi art
II y
TtM, la ISJT wamlaa a ima wtm.
A Him ctaMtc - mw WMWiaitoM nmif.
. flirt' ,
Tin fm mur, wnwrn mc on tmj nmci "
tflft VBMn IWufft WtKM t Crf.t'.tf iMf.
WJiat4iit.irhoJteg4anifig of a new era
in music the first annual international
songwriting competition for both
amateurs and professionals.
The Festival will be crowned with a
series of concerts to be held at the
prestigious Saratoga Performing Arts
Center, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., where
winning songs will be performed by
today's most popular entertainers.
TV coverage of the Festival finale is
planned. An album of the Festival's Best
Songs will be released internationally.
WHAT KIND OF SONGS? There are six
categories for both amateur and
professional: Rhythm and BluesSoul
Jazz; Rock; Country & Western; Popular;
Folk; and GospelReligious. A song may
be entered in more than one category.
Amateurs compete against amateurs.
Professionals against professionals.
(Songwriters currently members of
performing rights organizations: ASCAP,
BMI, SESAC or their foreign counter
parts will be considered professional.)
entered will be listened to by experts
from the music industry. Thirty -six
semi-finalists' songs will bo chosen (three
I'm II
an international songwriting competition
from each professional and amateur
category) . These then will be judged by
an international jury comprised of
eminent composers, publishers, artists
and other representatives of the
recording and broadcast industries.
ISJZLS; Total cash prizes of $128,000 will
be awarded. Each of the 36 semi-finalists
will receive $500 cash and be the guest of
the Festival fpr the August 30, through
September 2, 1974 finals.
Twelve finalists (a winner from each
category, each division) will receive an
additional f5,O00.
The composers of the Best Amateur and
Best Professional song will each win an
additional $25,000. The Laurel Award for
best song of the Festival will be a concert
grand piano in addition to cash prizes
of $30,500.
HOW TO ENTER,- Start now. Enter as
many song3 as you wish for an entry fee
of $10.85 per song. ($13.85 outside the
USA and Canada.) Send the application
below with $10.85 for each song to the
American Song Festival. Applications
must be postmarked no later than
April 15, 3374.
You will receive the Official Festival
Entry Kit, ASF Cassette by Capitol,
entry Form, and Songwriters' Handbook.
This valuable book includes important
information every songwriter should
know; copyright laws, publishing, selling
your songs, etc.
Pecord your song on the blanlt cassette
and return it.
Instrumental and lyrical songs are
accepted. You don't have to be able to
write music recording the cassette is
enough. Elaborate production is not
necessary. The song is what counts.
IMPORTANT PACTS: You do not relin
quish ownership of a song by entering
the Festival. All rights remain with the
The Festival is a competition, not a music
publishing organization. Prizes are not
tied to publishing contract. Songs
previously recorded and released com
,mer daily are not eligible for entry.
CIPSINO PAJES; Application for entry
must be postmarked no later than
April 15, 1874. The recorded cassette and
entry form must be returned postmarked
no later than June 3, 1974.
Enter now fill out and mail
the coupon below today.
Lincoln's Unique Twin Theatres
Upstairs in the Glass Mtrap-ie
Park Free After 6
At Ram park and Autopark
Call Theafr for Timei
1. Competition it open to any person but employet, relative, agents, independent
csntrsctsrs cf tfta American orig Festival, Inc. (ASF, inc.).
2. Each entry shall be wholly original and shall not, when used as contemplated
herein, constitute an infringement of copyright or an Invasion of the rights of
any third party. Each entrant shall, by this entry, Indemnify and hold the ASF,
Inc., Its agents, independent contractors, licensees and assigns harmless from
and against any claims inconsistent with the foregoing. v.
3. Musical compositions heretofore recorded and released for commercial sales
in mr nieuium may not Dt entered. , nl.y of $10.85 ($13.85 outside U.S. and Canada) shalt be submitted for
each entry kit desired (blank cassette, Songwriters' Handbeok, m official entry
form). After receipt, the entry form duly and accurately ccxnpitted shall be
returned with each recorded cassette. Any number of songs tnay be entered by
an Individual provided that a separate entry fee is paid for each son. . -
5. Th entrant must designate the category In which he wants bis tow judged, t
A song may be entered in more than one category by sentjltig w srfetfional fee""
of $3.25 for each additional category. -
6. The rights to all songs remain with the entrant or the cipyrl?! t Not
withstanding, 'M ASF, Inc., its licensees and assigns shil haw ihi t,M w
causa any song to be arranged, orchestrated and performed publicly In connee
tion with activities of ASF, Inc., at no cost to tne entrant Enuent if requested,!
will Issue or ccuse to be Issued to the ASF, Inc. end its licensees and strlgnsj 1
license iu mecnanitBiiy reprouue vim song on an originii auuno wacK aiuum
of the ASF In consideration of a payment calculated at the applicable rate set
forth in the U.S. copyright Act and will also issue or cause to be Issued license
permitting the song to be recorded and synchronized with a filmed or video
fan nrroimt f th fiw iia In nv mifliim fnr a 1.50. .".!! T..iT'.i',Z
submitted in . connection with entries' shall become the sofe property of ASF,
, inc. shall
Inc. and no materials shall be returned to the entrant. The ASF,
eercise reasonable care in the handling of materials but assumes no responii
bility of arr kind for loss or damage to such entry materials prior to or after
receipt by : ASF, Inc.
7. Each eftry shefl be judged on the basis of originality, quality of musical com
position mi lyrical content, if applicable. Elaborate instrumentation or record
's Ing it not s factor in judging. All decisions of the screening panels end Judges
snail bf final and bindinr ucon the ASF. Inc. end all entrants.
S. AppiJrdlisn tor entry musfbe postmarked no later than April 15, 1974. Recorded!
entni '..jut be postmarked by June 3, 1974. 24tf
EriTn IOsV ,
The American Song Fetfival, P.O. Sox 57, Hot! wood, CAVIl ' '
I Enclosed is my check money order entry faZ of.
j -. T .
4i ii
j ($10.85 each -outside VS. and Canada $13.85 each.) Pleas?
mftds pnyable'td the American Song Festival,
-d ..Lc6ftcial Entry Kit (s) to:
thursday, february 14, 1974
daily nebraskan