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By Susanne Schafer
Marilyn $ younger brother was killed in a car accident in
early September. By November, things were a little more
normal around the house, and she didn't have to go home
as much. But she found that she had trouble concentrating,
and her grade point average was in dangei of plummeting.
She wanted to go to medical school some day, but other
things seemed to need her attention, and she feit iike she
was caught in a bind.
It's a hypothetical situation, but students with similar
plights have come to the attention of one ASUN senator,
and he intends to do something about it.
Jim Macomber, a sophomore in Teachers College, said a
lot of students have spoken with him about problems they
have with drop and add and Ds and Fs that remain on their
records. -
A "semester backruptcy" system is one answer to some
of these problems, Macomber said, and he has formed an
ASUN Senate committee to report on the possibility of
initiating the system on the UN L campus.
"Semester bankruptcy entails wiping the academic slate
clean for a semester of grades. It can be used only once,"
Macomber said.
"If a student had a really crummy semester because of
personal or emotional problems, and if he is in a major
requiring good grades, like predentistry or pre-med, he
could get rid of the bad grades for that semester,"
Macomber said.
Presently, he said, the only alternative a student has is to
take the courses over again. Even if the student receives As,
the poorer grades remain on the transcript, though they are
' not counted in the students grade point average, he said.
No formal study is being made, Macomber said, H is
working with the Faculty Senate Grading Committee In
researching problems and possible solutions, he said.
On a smaller scale, Macomber said his committee is also
looking into "class bankruptcy," or the removal of
incomplete grades, Ds and Fs.
Supposedly, Macomber said, incomplte grades are to be
completed within two years, but he said his committee has
learned of cases where the time period has been extended.
"Again, it is the same problem. A student may take a
class over, and receive the highest grade, but the previous
low or failing grade remains on the transcript. It just
doesn't took good," he said.
If the drop-and-add period were extended to the last day
of classes, as on the UNO campus, students would have
more choice in accepting or rejecting their semester's
performance without it showing on their record, he said.
His committee is scheduled to report to the ASUN
, Senate by March 1, but "due to the extent of the subject" i
Macomber said he may have to continue his study into the
Errors on scholarships
cause tuition overcharge
About 170 UNL students have errors on their tuition
statements because the value of the students' scholarships has
been added to tuition charges instead of being deducted from
them, according to UNL Bursar James Wickless.
The Daily Nebraskan learned of the error when one student
reported a tuition bill of more than $600, although the University
should owe him money.
The value of the scholarship was added In the charge column
instead of the credit column.
Wickless said if a student has the amount of a scholarship
charged against htm, he should double the amount of the
scholarship and subtract that from the total tuition charge.
doily ncbrcs!cQfi
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