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    Chinese dinner
set for Friday
The Chinese Student Assoc.
(CSA) will hold a Chinese New
Year dinner party from 7 to 1 1
p.m. Friday at the University
Lutheran Chapel.
Tickets are available from
2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the CSA
office in the Nebraska Union.
Japanese visitors examine
farm programs, techniques
doily nebroskon
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By Jane Hoge
Big farms. Complicated machinery. Those
are the ways American and Japanese agriculture
differ, according to Kusuichi Kida.
Kida, currently living at the Center for
Continuing Education on East Campus, is one
of 57 Japanese taking part in a special 12-week
course in animal science.
The UNL course, which began Jan. 6, is part
of a two-year work-study program that
introduces the Japanese to U.S. farming
The self-supporting program is sponsored by
the National 4-H Club Foundation and is set up
through the Japanese Agricultural Training
Kida's group arrived in the U.S. in June
The men, all high school graduates, first
took a one-month course in English at Big Bend
Community College in Moses Lake, Wash.
They next worked in orchards in
Washington, Oregon and Idaho, then returned
to Moses Lake for two more weeks of language
For the next year, Kida and other members
of his group worked with swine, beef, dairy or
poultry on farms or ranches in one of eight
agricultural states.
The men now have started the institutional
training part of the program. Classes are taught
at the Center for Continuing Education by.
UNL graduate students and professors, and by
county extension agents.
More than 100 other Japanese are in the
U.S. taking part in the program. They are
studying horticulture and citrus and vegetable
production, but not at UNL.
At the end of March, the trainees will return
to work on the farms on which they previously
worked. In mid-June, they will tour the U.S.
and then most will return to Japan.
Not all the trainees will return to Japan,
according to Clinton Hoover, Nebraska Center
As in the past, he said, some probably will
join the Japanese Peace Corps, continue their
education or become teachers or agricultural
"Several have come back and are studying at
UNL," Hoover said.
Kida said he and many others in his group
plan to farm with their fathers when they
return to Japan.
Kida said he joined the program "to learn
about American agriculture and society and to
see the situation of Japan from the outside."
Kida said some of the trainees would like to
talk to UNL students. Anyone interested
should i all Hoover at the Nebraska Center,
3:30 p. in. -Students'
International Meditation
4:30 p. m. Student Fees
Allocation Rourd-Union
5:30 p rn . - E n g i n e e r I n g
5:30 p.m. Mortar Board-Union
6 p.m. Mux ican-American
Sfudnni. As-.oc. -Union ' "' : s r
6; 30 p.m.-AS UN Senate
meeting Union
7 p.m. Student Volunteer
Services Union
7 p.m. Student Veterans
Assoc. -Union
7 p.m. Inter-Fraternity
Council- Union
7:30 p.m.-Wildlile Club-Union
7:30 p , in , - m a t h
counselor;, Union
7:30 p.m.- Bahai Assoc. -Union
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21st & 'O' St root
Wednesday, january 23, 1974
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