The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, January 14, 1974, Page page 14, Image 14

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Weather chilis Daiias;
qame pleases oiayers
Damkrojjer, quietly walked in.
"Torn, are you resdv? I've uot a car
wivinr'," Da..rocjor said from the
By Beir-ctr
' L. AS - In j hJ'v.ey at thfj
A,,i,Aft Vioor "v'otc! af .'er Nebraska's
' icto: v over i'evj'. jr, the Cotton
rWt or N .-." Y's Day. Head Coach
c , ' "i' asked senior coioertKvk
f: ;.rt "Ho.v's everything
A: -.j ,',.,'r ":vi .'..t'dly walked down
! -,i . two uisos of x-er in his
1 j ? i joKfiti at O 5 horn- and said,
"c v.'iy'bi'". s ucing j'jst or eat, coach."
V r .. t i ;,5t une of mjny incidents
t'vt occtured in Dali.;? during the
. of Dev. 2C Jan. as the
'orrif''Ts wftff pn.p3' hg for Texas
'nf' Pa!i.ts was ;j'Lpiirin;t fcr about
fj-.;n i i.-.ifcaskii followers.
' "Or. ik:, ?ong W'tii ii'. ;iy of rs
A'o, t A-'u h 0,,: -. r :. ?PK
t ieoyyO jL t'i(; Wee, the t( -nT i
S".i!fViO corc'sied of practices,
r. cd , e:i:o and ivinc,.i.-ts.
Ay." ,-.: r-vitis i . i c I Oil J rj a! fto-Jino
''' Or. by (.'... isur. Show at the
:."''of f; tf:i, AAfinn iJiirJe rv.rcn,
,' ' i . 1 :i o.rnnjr pljyni nee a'A
r. ::,!.; :ne Stan Acreds Luncheon
: (.:.' otdd: rin' M; ; (:-.,. 30.
'i 1 ; frv n t(Mj.;ivi-d Cot 1 on LA. A
w,-i:h :,
"ti ' Miami's ,..-' hei wen? here,
;o. . A; ouuld have been hotter than
list ye;'-':, " .'i.n Whitney,
'':oMr;-'r, student inuiniqer. f or i!o
bpo 0 : , ;.i the irif , V -v A., ten.-if-ir.iw
dir..; ivfKicd t'O 7C degrees,
i'ot Are A ivjht .'( d' onoed to dW,i
"-' ':,:(':... 'A ne. : ; n; e irv ,eh w-..ii ,0
i-'.'i ''-'''' "!;' fit.flfi o! ifso trip.
'': "V rr-c-iitej -in i.Kid--M.
I:-. ' Ih fft.i tivii vxrt.rr'.v t.
'. .-;! r-, ., t,- o..f.-: '.o
C-i' O r tcninq
'.;.t ' I . o1 si,,-i' .it' Wai nu-ki.ty
' SVnio tuh'lurt, lVia'j-v
L io. if 1 on tf - b.'ilr.jny
it.': P:.,d j it , t 'r-0.f..r' S fOOTI
h 1 ; O : h a r n o , u n k i 1 , i n t o
l? fe ; ItHiIiS'-'I it -'
ImIH1 h'm'"''' r!' t'vl'iit'r 1 ;"" j-" i '
"Whore rc we- going Maury,"
Osborne fro.ii rhe back of the
1 00m.
For his unsuccessful getaway,
Damkrouer did sornr grass drills during
Saturday's practice.
The Hunkers polished off the
Longburns in fi ,e style.
Senior quarterback Steve Runty
started the snronei naif and completed
two of four passes for 1C ds, ran
once fo! 16 yards, and p, d the
Cornhoskeri froo-! a 3 3 h3ftiae tie to
a vicuoi y.
"I sore wasn't expecting to istart the
second half. Tj you the truth, I
was wondering if I'd otn to play. When
the coached announced right before
half that I'd .,tart, I was anxious to go
out und ;jiHh the tnll down Texas'
Junior winyuack H;tch Hahe, who
rushed :,cvo 1 tipn.-s h.'r ?h yards,
''"")h ivo pa:,' v : for 3b yuij, ,-;od
scored o;ifj tcu'".f.di '.,:.
"1 his uce- it .v. 1 ' .:'ly in cat. , w
though ihi'y Mo,.; t.J us tr:m! fourth
flown-, on their oiv:-yaid line :,t the
half, I ; iii tiiooebt were the !)etter
team. 'I Ins .jame will make us o;atly
tor nexr yevi",'"
Defensive c-otde.'O'ji ronto Kiffin
i- a le ot.ition thit.H.cibout
coli-nr foopMi' r! I...i,-,tj a di Vnsive
" f h.: vms Mir f'sf dpfnsiv'o "(fort
SHH.c liCLiA," ii'i'f- "Mo;iody
1 yytTvw....aftJiif. ,ajwVte8l
B. L.
'iW- . . . -.--.1
r a r
tarn? 1 ti ijf.tfT.4,li
Huskers head for the dressing room after a grjrifyi-! C
I. A..
v "iy '." did today,
POt T; t:f C..!.ho..l;!. it j,;;.t. ;i !ll-Ut?r
ij (hro'ir,.. .- Hh xA f' :.r.ri
hini.14 people."
ot io or d'1 A. 1' " 1 Vi' end rl(.'ve;d: ro;ov,'."' for-iiar ,!;-uj
-;"'f'- 'i o y:;;ds n., :,et up
IMebi-,;:,kaA pv. I on u ).;t peid noai.
"Somebody blasted in with his
helmet and knocked the bail from
Leaks' hands. It then hit his leg,
bounced up in the air and I grabbed it
and was !ony gone."
Defensive tackle John Dutton was
ci edited with four tackles and said this
game perhaps meant more to him than
it did to most players.
"It was very important for rnc to
look good, Not so much for the pro
draft or for myself, but to go out 3
winner and prove that I play mostly
for my teammates. I had to prove that
I'm not a btq quy who just plays or
About an hour after the game,
when :i!l the excitement had died
down, senior middle guard John Bell
talked about the game and what it
meant to him.
"I was going againsr the country's
best (Bill Wyman, Longhom center),
and I wanted to have my best game,"
Bell said "I .A.A'i f-o
wanted to, Lot A'yi
enough to mjv.
Beli, who war-
and recoveied ? r.i t .',A
Nebraska touAAcvv i ;:
quarter, said :.A t ;,!;
been n ost uAee 1
"I stop;r (i J'i-'i i ,,
linebacker;, v.-I- '
oefore," ;,e ,,' '-. .
SUlf - he ('.'
Bell s;.;d !,:; ; ,
the air. ' .
evorytnlriu fsoe; i.k'm
tO hl'jh School ,r,..
In any c;.y fU:i.
its fifth r;r,.;:;A
Ncbra5 Ai's 1 .j'i : (, .: t,
Orey-'in on Svot. it is o
P.- M'i.
...... -v. !6
VI r t .
Tit '-vl r
, a3? 'J
; , . o , f. p . I ' ' til.
1 -. . iz . I
s ' 7 , -7i, O'i 'V; -rrA ..'' ,srcrv'.iAy t-va t
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