The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, November 28, 1973, Page page 15, Image 15

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CO, Smith Realty uffeis new
homos for sale. 18 miles S.E. of
Lincoln. 100";. home loans are
available with interest rates
Pot ween 1 and & 12. For
information call: 47Q-S354
4 7b 203 7.
ARH:VE.D!! txon Biography oi a
Governor. At bookstores or
direct from Foundation fiooks,
P O. Box 29220, Lincoln
68lv.'9, $2.95 paper, $5.90
v;lot'i, add 3o cents hnndiinij and
ptiv,il! S...I'.' new s't of wudUtily
iiH',. Diamond and woddinq
band. Call 434 0392, evenings.
finer" i-'.A. sy:tem with all
.11.'. "ftsories. Priced way below
v. h n i ' a ! c . C a ! I for (r ial,
177 SO 73.
C i h ', n n t. ii- 2 !)isi () u i ta r.
Hollow body with suntiuist
Unish. Priced to iimv:, Call for
trial 47,' t.073.
M .1 t i.-il Gansu 5000 receiver ()
writ! s net channel r.rrt.s,
Ci i'jiinii y :!,5d'-t, soil f oi 3250 or
h ((hest c'f ; r. -107 2 70 I .
IV! i'i a n' coln orient slcteo
,v-b rn 50 vwitf.. Fxcolioul
: i.'nit t,oi i, 472 2515, ask for
!i :.a'' dy ,
Pioneer 'J. X 990 ,tereo AM FM
icci'SM-r, Pioneer CS 500
:,pe., sound, ur.O'.l. still on
wai t -m t y E F. S T O I FtH.
-133 1 3 7 7. ;(l ter u i m.
l'j.'2 VW -n,.w interior aru.l snow
iii i r. iPh:;ri..l, 28,000 miles.
S..,'.K;:! Call 7S1 if2 33 alter f,
p i i.
1 VW el" ei, novi tires, b'.lkes.
m.hii'i (. yl ii ider. Good mile,'ijo,
1 'J'3 Pord Galax ie 500 V 8. suck
shill, power steeriiuy and tjr ikes,
an. few ladials, me banienhy
o'lferl, body 'lood, 58,000
iii.l.."., !.".,! of h;r 4 75 I '3P, eve
't)4 IjOiineviile. 4 door. I'nw'l brake
Si ;, li ii ir-i fifiow dies. Air.
$ ion 400 0335.
A','. f.j Mil I'l-iii'i Hupr::si'i itat ive
(r Wnk- tt)l I2n'ij0inrtnt. If
I 5 I'd I I I ill.
I n't jinw 3een bay, year iiouikI,
1 2 1 5 b t '. vj k , St.
M .ilk' a o ri t 0 e C a m p u s .
4 3.' 2 ' "r 1
Art livi .ij.ii. Mel ..raska 3 bile
II i s t i r i c
S o r: i e i y . N o
t.v pi rii'i.f i iei a '.'. n v. 2(1 hrs wk,
,r I I," i, Apply at i rum 20'),
I ' d'l IV '.I.
', V ant" 'J I ) r i ir- m c r f or well
t ,P Irl I'd pi ii r o,i. (II pup.
1 reh r .'oi ii ability also, bn vvii
o n -, i I ' r r v r I y e' i'i.1 Call
12,3 '.!.!
UV I.' I era '.G )(':; Australia
i. in , ;,: Ai.',iTte., A! i ica.
;-, 1 ijden I', all pi ole r.ioii'i and
ii, rnmlliOii'.. '500 '.C $3000
1 1 1 o t h ! y I. xpi'l ',l'. p H i d,
, IV e I i mi' s :ihtM i'II'm, I III,'
inb.i, hi VVi ite' I i,Mi World
ill",i',lll il tlep! fl2. J'.O. lid'
C, i 5, (.' it t. Madera, C A U4925.
Mr'f.n ri ovi dim, v iilffts.'"!. I'arl
time i t I pi bine help. Short
In. ,r ,. 'iipi m p.'i'.ii'i. K.noll'.,
Ih ',, in-ml, 2201 Old Cheney
ll,l or tab 432 2H4.1
1 1 f 1 1 1 j ' mt'iiieiij, a'teinoon and
mul t i.mj ,boy positions open.
I' .ii I, t.i or lull 1 in'"'. I iex idle
lii'.luli' Apply ,iiiyt;nii', J f5,'s
p b !,-:Oy .,' 7tl, i Vine
I 5 lll.f.
, I t i. ' :i o n 'I h o 1 1 1; s s iO'.,illiin
.i.i.nial I Noun to b p m. Apply
2 1 ,'. J H.'s liiij V. y, .''!' i
V i mi?, 4 ' j t 1 I 7.
Day vi i, 1 1 1'' ' 5 1 .40 hr. Gin id
pp.,, C.liuii e inomhiii liouts.
C i 'i 1 1. a I n i, a eitier J, H ' s H i' Hoy,
2 tli ,S, Vl-.e 4 '! 4112
o hi pai I I Imf ( a I -' 1 1 ' r 1 1 1 hell'
, pply in pi rson. Gieii a h's
C.,li I "ii a, I 302 Sh.'i P Hid' i
Mil! I V I Ml N, I b 40
I ii P I H''WI' I K, ll2 4424
Neid IvjOo nt 1 inn' peo lie i o win k
f i 1 1 1 1 1 .1 p m, 7 p. in, Call
4 .!'1 023"
ii t t.i in-) ; 'i I I ( lie b ollered
r 1. 1 . e ii ' i , r I l.'rre I I, mi.. If. de
Me y Yoil . Call 4t!H (11)70,
( y p i i i n i ml typist r easonable
IM, i s I '"iee jn ( .erinan and
i om.G; y 1 d. 432 054 1
i , . , j n y ou I own v'I'.rislma 1
t .,, ,K take (In in ACCI N I
I'll I ij I I N ( , wln'i" cm ellenl
printing costs loss. 432 7263
220 S 16th.
D re ssmakini. lo.'iri.ils, wed dine,
dresses, day time ciothos at
CLIFFORD, 5604 S. 48th,
489 0198
Prcijnant? Birthright care., about
your and your unborn child
4 77 8021
FUROPE; Summer 74 MGS1
ECONOMICAL way' Writ.-.
Box 1 339 Collerin of St.
T nomas St. St. Paul, Mireiesma
Want to teach overseas-' Come ask
us how. O V I. R S t A 3
205 Nebraska Union,
Wedding :nv i tat- i cmnoh. n: ih.e
M low as 50 for $8.20. 1 xtra
1-0 ?fi discount wi e i voe ha o
this ad. Call Je'ry at 400 2f..':t !.l
to 5 or 4 34 50 3 after fj
Moving to .!ec.:kson' i'i. , !.!';
Dec. 26, Neeii so, ,-" one t .) si ..i
rlriviikt arid rj-rr,;,",, f :t n. .'.
iilformatiOti cab 4 77 'j.i''o a iei
5 p.m.
Jo and Linda -we're oir-i) to eel
Need good home ha' a veiy fc'.veet
kitten, ((i iii'i. old yejlo.v
tr i-nale), Call Ka.hy, 4 72 .".'KB
which means scwinas for students at
breakfast, lunch, and dinner
! Butter milk Pancakes
(Ri! you can eat)
Viva La French Toast
(French toast, two .".trips
of bacon and ov- 9o)
I fistful
Inkrnalional House
y it j j
WE GOOf-tLlMl Wo need your
help!!1 We didn't ,ac enouijh
copies oi the October 24 or
November 9 Daily Nebraskan. If
you have either of those issues,
do u:. n favor, and drop it Dy our
off ire or into Camp,,.; Mail
Daily Nebr-wknn office, room
34, Nebraska U nion.
ran r ent
Room for rent, 33? N. I8rh.
$60, mo, 5 (i.m. 10 p.m. 3t..-iie
kitchen & balb.
Apt. for rent. Semifurreshert,
Walkinrj tiist.-)'i ;u n ' hiiversity .
$ 80, ii; o , n I ;;, lies included.
423 6H53.
Spacious I bdrm furnished apt.
Utilities paid. S'iStj.ino pint,
deposit. Neai f :r;t Cei puv.
434-084 7, 435 A I :- ,
1 iitti Ki C. Near r.. ..-,' I nd.'m
furrphed ant. '.'Va;.rer. .jryi:r,
434 0239, 434 2021?..
T LJ i j L NT;-; I am", mmr.;., i z
icdr nom Jut I, ., 2314 3 1 ?.h.
A m .. I e t a i k i -. ' f Jo '
A wiiL-n.!..' Her I ii. 4 ,'3 I'.'U
f.o-d vn ir.';o:n ,.i O.M.-.i,, C'.K.r .
r ,i!y fu'tii th-'it. Kiv' 7 'ii'Ji 'i
st-r,-. r;-'t;, or,.j 3.".i,
C A H P K t A N A P'! f, , 12 1 5
V I ,3 p i h i'-: S wii i , i'i, mi - ' I, 1 V, CI ,!:!( re., C;iy Ku.
',. iv i r e 1 ' 7 I hn k si -o.:.! y r i'f
Li-i u.'r, 2 i .-- if o;.m 5 ! C 7 -,., I
i,(,Jr::nsm S 'I .3 pi.'i. C no.
lea i M mi, 2 13 4 "' 23 7 0
2 ui im' i .: "in ; . n,i ti",, 4 I.m.ui .G'n
hoes' . ;!'? I) i'.!!"y. Prime
I r 1 1 I'ien .',i,'"l i :t. i :.'.' rent.
15 O '7 0,
f ointile i ' mini na !u, I lei I u.V !
rr.'iri, .5i) 4 5 0-153.
f fpihf fin
start soon.
. -. it Si
A' .'l',l,."Cia..
H LI ' , '.IWl
JSf IK l i-'i-.i't
' j-?) Ijfy"i .'s.'V
AA,, ft :Afr'
if. 'V ; f
ot Paiicaks lva j j
2 roommates deeded by Januaiy '
to snore farm house slightly
!io rh of I inc. cln. Male or
female. $'30 plus utilities. If
interested and sincere!, call
10 7 Ibl?1' evening, Ask (or
'Want-. v. Paii usJ. 30 cm - !3
cm skis. Call after .5 o.m
1 73 ftVt'j 1!, ask (oi Mitr'",
Warned 2 ,ii ii'is fur 'A-. i ii ii i is. Call
IV e,vn M:mte!. 47? .".701.
I I. V A I I. O Wf ST R A I E S.
Christmas will n.iy Upi.orslty
t iy'i'i;) Glob Membership. Call
4 3h', t. r If ) J 88 3.
Till'! deadline to,' joining the
necmbc" 1st. You uinnnl wait
... tH Jaiti.i 'e , cause, it wiil
ofvt't (jet ;. t -i r i c ! without
:.i.v" M.pi.ort A phone call
rests ICIbin') ... 4i2 6 J 72
1- RLE.11! -l his Friday a! the
tteihany Mc.lii; ij Cro'er ;.t (f'jth
-"v Huldi ( ,('. T hero ill LtJ c'i
f fU- I i;;t'V fcr V e-; rid quests.
RJpha Lambda Delta pledges:
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 28, 1973
7:00 P.M.
Rooir1. number will le posted,
refreshments served after iniation.
. . a
riUF specials
Veal Parmesan fflelt
Denver Omelet Banquet
(OrnekS with riked ham.
j.)fet?n peppers and onions)
Ground Sirloin Banquet
(Ground si'bin steak,
nwih -fles. salad, roll & butter)
L i ! 1m-J1 f x y
b r e. j?f rn v pw our
manager, approach and
low-oriced specials.
PlSK members Save an
Sunday-Thursday 7 a.m.-12 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 7 a.m.-2 a.m.
1435 Q St.eet
Agronomy Club
to hear journalist
The Agronomy Clut
meeting ot 7 p.m. Thursday ir
Keim Hal! will feature Bol
Bishop from the Nebrask;
Farmei Magazine. Bishop is tc
speak about Careeis ir
agricultural journalism.
Accounting club
to meet in Union
The UNL Accounting
Association is holding a
meeting Thursday at 3:30 p.m.
in the Nebraska Union.
IHOP . . . .
e of
TEN Per Cent
Phone 435-7444
y.' :(ii,t,,-.(i iv, novcmlwr ;?8, 1 13 73
i jdiiy iiflit.isk.m