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The lingering summer has
ended. And in this time of
brown fields and grey skies,
which heralds the coming of
winter's desolation, John G.
Neihardt has died. It somehow
seems fitting that winter delay
its arrival until his passing, and
the snow flurries be nature's
last service to her aged poet.
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Tuesdays, November 6, 13, 20
7:00 p.m.
Centennial College
The subject will be covered on three consecutive Tuesday
nights. We will have two speakers, November 6th and 13th
and a film November 20th. After each of these formal meetings
there will be small discussion groups. The discussions
will deal with the emotions, theories and thoughts we have
on the topic.
Death and Dying directly involves all of us. A tentative
goal of this workshop could be to achieve a better awareness
of life through a better understanding of death.
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Kirk Orr
Tuesday, November 6
8:00 p.m.
Union (room will be on the Daily Events Calendar)
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Poet leaves memories, hope
John Neihardt was one of
those few human beings whose
life spanned one time to
another, and who had the
depth of feeling and the power
to transmit this wondrous
experience to his fellow men.
john michael
It was through his shining
eyes, which refused to dull
from age, that the past was
quality of
stereo riii)incnl
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made less distant. And his
memories of the triumphs,
horrors and courage, became
our memories as well. In an age
devoid of both gods and
heroes, it was he that reminded
us of the great kindness,
endurance and nobility of
Mankind, the "stuff" of the
human spirit.
I will miss the white haired
little man with his gleaming
eyes and lyrical voice. But
unlike many who leave,
Neihardt left much of himself
behind, both in his writings
and in each individual's
memory, and it is through
these memories we need not
teel quite so alone.
In a poem written long ago
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titled "Let Me Live Out My
Years", Neihardt referred to
death as "the grisly thing", but
I recall him saying several years
ago that his feelings, had
changed. "I have a kinder way
of looking at death, much
kinder. I think it will be a very
beautiful experience:
'"All the living things, with
roots and leaves, with fins or
legs or wings, were bowed
beholding; and a sudden
change came over them, for all
that had been strange between
them had vanished. Nothing
was alone, but each one knew
the other and was known, and
saw the same; for it had come
to pass the wolf and deer, the
bison and the grass, the birds
and the trees, the fishes in the
streams, and horse and man
had lost their little dreams and
wakened all together. '
("Song of the Messiah",
from A Cycle of the West)
"And that was heaven, they
lost their little dreams and
wakened all together. That is
what w(. tire striving for today
and we never quite make it.
But when at the moment of
love, when two people lose
their little dreams, and waken
together, that's it. And that's
what we're striving for in
society and we're not making
it, and having trouble, lots of
trouble. Maybe someday we'll
do it. We'll lose our little
dreams, and waken all
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pago 5
monday, novemher 5, 1973