The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 17, 1973, Page page 2, Image 2

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Cuitor in C'v.'f V(. h.iil (O.J.) Nelson. Managing Editor Mary
Vol.oril. No.-.s t ilitor Tim Andorson.
Si ! i-ii fit 'tor Km Mrk. Sports f ilitor . Bill Bennett. Photography
O ' f G.vl f-0M.1. -.,,)ht News Editor. Cheryl Wcstcott. Editorial
."ssi'tnnt t ori C.'ci.-i.i'r.
Cf , ,r,
Phut J
Ht ri
U.ii r
V Mf
, JI-!
I r . c h
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- riif.
J .it
rit'M'i: Pct'-r Anderson, Stove Arvanette, Vtnce Boucher, Lori
t Fullerto", Mark HoffTian, Dave Mjiisi-n, Tarn Mehuron,
:, A !) Pi;i:), Rebecca Ross, Susan ne Sclwifor, Nancy Stohs,
! r, R in. ) y WritJht. Entertainment Writers; Mark K jeldqaard,
I'- J.ise, Ore 'J Lukow, Bruce Nelson, Diane Wanck.
.. rv Rich Steinmet, Mike Thoiler. Sports Writers . Bob Hill,
N ; Assistant. Mary Holdt. Cowv Editors. Vickie
; i!n"i"!, Joh.i Russnogle, K. Steinbrueijqo, Dispatch:
ff Ar'.i-ts. To'v Ramirez, Mark Sward. Columnists. B'll
L.f:n.' )i:n, John Michael O'Shea, Hairy David Tr-omas
t.i It.
i 1.
riusi';".-. Co.irdin.itor: Jerri Haussler, Advertising Manager: Jeff
A li'ii. tJtronist: Kathy Cook. Advertising Representatives: Vicki
'1 i :inv ki, J i.k B rl.iwin, Mary Borowski, M.J. Callahan, Kris A.
Colli, ir., ii. i r i ) . j r j i;rfi!iio, Sharon Hanford, Jane Kid well. Ken Kirk,
Mitcn f.jrir.t-'i, l.iyne Novotnv, Steve Raglin, Michele Schmal, Kurt
Ww)l tV.jfr. A.iverti ing Artist: Katie Mellon. Subscriptions: Mary Kris
Ji-"i-.' -!. Cir.:,.. ;ti.)n Staff: Sue Br drier, Mark Lyon, Dave Packard.
i he Daily Nebraskan is written, edited .jnd managed by students at
t' L' ' s t y of Nebraska Lincoln. It is editorially independent o1 the
I1' i v r s ' r y '.'i-nliy, .i' I"1 inist'nt ion and student body
C-Jbvrtfjt-r "i'J 73 T tie Daily Nrbraskan. Matenal may be icprinted
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i r ,r 1 1 it ( ( i 1 1 ,. : er oiiy r ih t
,; . lass linc.i ) ca d '. Lincoln, Nebraska.
' r-e C'aily Mehraskan J4 Nebraska Union 1 4th fv ri
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Display rivalries revived
for homecoming festivities
fm dt lura mm
By Vince Boucher
Homecoming displays, once a victim of the
socially conscious 1960s, arc being revived on
the UNL campus this autumn, according to
Pam Dickey, president of Tassels, UNL
women's spirit group.
"Everyone is really excited atxut going
back to displays. The comments I've heard have
been really enthusiastic," she said.
Display competition is divided into four
categories: residence halls; sororities and Love
and Cornhusker Co-ops; fraternities and men's
co-ops; and an overall competition. Judging will
be at 4 p.m. Friday, before the homecoming
pep rally.
Dickey said the Alumni Assn. is providing a
$25 award for individual categories and $50 for
the overall competition.
"A lot of it is for the alums-it's
tradition," she said. "Alums con see where
some of their money is going and what their
living unit is doing now. "
Display competition was revived after
interest was expressed to Tassels by officers in
Panhellenic and Inter Fraternity Council,
Dickey said. Letters were also sent to residence
halls and co-ops, where the response was
favorable, she said.
"The Alumni Assn. said that if independents
were included, it would provide the money,"
she added,
Competition rules limit expenditures to $50
for each display. Displays must be completed
by Friday, and be "in good taste," according to
She said that the displays not only involve
competition, but ate a visible sign of
homecoming. In recent years, homecoming
events across the country have declined, she
said. Even so, the said, "II you tned to do away
with it completely, you's get a big upioar."
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daily nebrci'-.kan
vAi(Jri..'5duv, October 17, 1973