The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, September 26, 1973, Page page 5, Image 5

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Letters appear in the Dnily f-.' ::u-.kar
the editor's discretion. A hater ,.f.,
is judged on its imieliiii:- -a
coherence and interest. A!!
accompanied by lm vet n-i ,
may be submitted ioi pui;.
pen name or initials. 1.1
be determined by the i.;..
encouraged. All letters
condensation and edaanj .a
Editor, Daily Nebraska
Good laugh
Dear editor,
I had a good kmc!
Vihstadt's definition -
and socialist yovernmcn
seems to me that the
Chile's late presid
ende which 'Taboo
usion that it knew t
jple it ruled and
proach" rcsonb!
nocratic adrninis;.i al
inies, Vihstadt,
More obscenity pi ; -
Dear editor,
There is always
society clamoring fc-i mw -
from obscene literal uie.
speech. The demand !w
against such offensive om;
has now found its way l:
intramural fields, and h.v
unique form.
Last week dui ing u II.;-;
game I fought the i
familiar four let lea !.
member of the uthw
hollered instead lot hue ' ' w( ;
rock!" Pretty sal" ; uur:-&'i-.
Guess again.
I was ejected fiom li
I. ''JiJ -
i 4 '' ; '.
llcLrts I
f t i ; f I
(,, ;
1 1 v
1 H)
U) net the official to explain his
; Cecai ir,c of this, there are a
enys I would like to explain.
I apologize to the members of
lire team. Second, to geologists
orld over, whose profession I
eitenlly maligned by my
si, I would like to say I am
And finally, to the official who
as his duty to banish me to the
as. I uould like to say, "Eat a
w what!!"
John Schmidt
"the public's right to know mow?
important" (Daily Nebraska,
September 14: quoting out of context,
of course)? Surely the inconsidet ale
manner in which you tteated
Ombudsman James Suter's confidence
can apply to all interviewees. Ot ate
you finally learning?
C.K. Weltei
Newsprint shortage
Dear editor,
The newsprint shortage
future, if it becomes critical, will bring
!'' Daily Nebraskan staff to a policy
It seems you inevitably will have to
aunt less total pages either by limiting
your scope or by becoming more
t?tious about editing what you are
printing. In the Daily Nebraskan, fai
loo much column space is wasted on
r:oi, sense (i.e., the Militant Taxpayer
ad,) (Daily Nebraskan, Sept.
' 1), hi no way can expenditure of
student fees be justified in such a
Mark Versch
a i '
i '),'
last like to comment on
Miy Nebraskan September
f ot the liard workei s who
dorms this summer. We
unit an conditioning and
latlcr used only when
necessary. As for the
ate the bottom of the
We lost our food
which can go in the
we can pay $325.60 per
got this compensation in
,(. they are few and far
i the pins, most of the
vrtvt! a medal of valdor for
to live on the low pay
we ing the past years, with
. i tench ts. Seems 1o me that
i id wot let s and the students
! -t in used to fill a lot
a v pockets To pit: the
gainst the wolker and
.vwnld only take a second
!,, in rotiM lh name he
: ',,!dwwn, etc?
Concerned wot her
"You AH ff?usr Voog?, '.
laMijh Viigi! the clow
,;) (, naute not he revealed,"
Ktehf .idoitl, Gcpleiilltet 19). I
vou siajuld tell us his tine
,, it won't mallei if he is
t 'ii 1 1 km i asset I. After all, isn't
-re: TVw MAM HO IP- f
' 1 f 't: -V
"'. i f ' ? " ' J- - V
1 j.. it ... 'XsX.- . sr-HatwtfV
j V y , ' .
...,.e. v.
J1' .-'V,
(,n(it W vstt'in I: iiiinr'iiittts I'rrsi'tils
y-- i-:- -. y
1 Al
A; iJ m
' ft,
In a I illi)Hfv
w . . .
' A
'i A i
fiiorm hi
an ( ! ! s t w i I i o w 1 1 .
! I e, a sh : ' n i ) i)
(li Ihitaei
Special (hic
r upland
VVi'dno'iduy, 'a pt; n
l.idy ttobrywl' ;ni