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University of Nebraska
Performing Arts Series
Italic! West USA., Wednesday, September 26
Guitarist, Michael Lorimer rdoy. Ottober 20
Soprano, Evelyn Lear s.rdo,,No,.mt, 10
Pianist, Misha Dichter ofn6.d1 ffb,MI, r
Flautist, Jean-Pierre Rampal, .m.
Series tickets: students $7.50, regular J 13.50
I II Music Bldg., rm. Ill
aVaiiaOie: (Union South Desk or call 472-3375 or 472-250
All concerts in Kimball Recital Hall, 11th I R. All seals reserved.
Single tickets available beginning Sept. 24, students S2.50, regular $4 00
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Sex, drugs paint Joplin story
Buried A five by Myra Friedman.
For many, the death of Marilyn Monroe in
1962 marked the end of an era and the
beginning of a new one which saw the rise of
the Beatles and the Vietnam war,
The death of Janis Joplin on Oct. 4, 1970,
however, seemed to mark the end of that era.
The Beatles announced their break-up. The
aftermath of Kent State and Jackson State saw
public sentiment against the war and the end of
the massive student protests common in the
The aura which surrounds Joplin's oi
Monroe's reputation is not an easy one to
penetrate. In light of this, it's a tanty to fmd a
book that does an honest appraisal of either
women. However, Buried Alive by My fa
Friedman manages to do that with Joplin.
Friedman begins her story in Port Arthur,
Tpxas where Joplin was born on Jan. 19, 1943.
Meticulously tracing Joplin's childhood, one is
led to the conclusion that she was "just like
everybody else."
It was in high school that the rii ! fet em os
began. Joplin started to run around with the
wrong crowd." Friedman leads us throuijh
these formative years without psychologica1
Joplin's rebellion led her to the Univetsity of
Texas where her faded blue jeans, stringy hoe
and general indentif ication with Uie "hippie'
element led the conservative campus to vote her
"The Ugliest Man on Campus." Jop' n wis huit
by this incident and her personal apprwanu;
bothered her the rest of her life.
The major part of the book is spent on Jams'
career. From the beginning, drugs and sex
dominate Joplin's life and her attempts to com.;
to grips with them are a never ending
The book almost become diary like' m
recording Joplin's last year of life, which was a
succession of concerts and parties unt'l hei
Friedman's qualifications for writaui this
book aie impressive. In 1968 she went to work
in publicity for Albert Grossman, Joplin's
In this position Friedman carne to knew
Joplin both from a business standpoint and as a
friend. Joplin had asked Friedman to write Iter
biography before she died.
The book is filled with details without being
boring. There seems to be a constant effort on
the part of the author to be fair and to
incorporate as many viewpoints of Joplin's
friends as possible.
bruce nelson
If Friedman is attempting to prove ai
it is that Joplin's lifestyle was kill;
Fiiedman makes no attempt to covet
faults nor does she overemphasize hi
Joplin told Ftiedman before ore d.
she wanted the book "to be the- Inilh
about the diugs, about everything,
i eally the ti uth."
Fi iedman has done that.
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If a student walks into To.jin Electronics this
Wednesday night, . . . we won't sell you a
thing. But we will give you ;i beer. Because
it's Student Night at Team. And we just want
you to come see what we've got. Team
personnel will be on hand. But not to sell.
Just to show and answer your questions.
Student Night at Team Electronic.;,
, Wednesday night between 7:30-10:00
Come take a look . . . give a listen . . . and
have a beer.
LJ t ---S. ' V l m
student coupon for ONE
student coupon for ONE
with student I.D. Good only
Sept 19. Must be 19 or older.
with student I.D. Good only v
;.; Sept. 19. Must be 19 or older. ;:
I lie Nebraska Union now has key loekcis'
to rent (cheap) for the commuter and
anybody else (o leave books, materials ai.d
whatever so I hey don't have to cany them
! his is a service the Union Recreation Area
U providing for S2.00 a semester. C heek i! mi!
between N:00 ;inri 4:00 at the Games Desk ii
the Howling A'lley (North Basement).
, i r f r' l
I ' -4 ( J t . 3
i . J
:irj, f:nnpr; ni-r in n vt i i
! I i't Af'l Mf-M'f i
l ,;HA',KA UNION. f
Hi 0(1 A.M. 'J:U(J P.M.
'.O ff MBt H 1( ,.J( ,
Wednesday, sopttjinb. r ' i-j j
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