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Daily Nebraskan, 34 Nebraska Union.
Charge of youth
Deai editor,
You charge your elders with making a mess of the
wo i Id. But now that you are adults, able to vote, hold
office and buy beer, what are you doing to reform
the world? Campus riots, rock festivals, "taking a
tup," and letting dad rescue you is not the answer. If
you are the super generation, prove it.
Fust, delve into the past and discover why we
failed and when we began to slip. Do you know how
to do research, discriminate between true and slanted
history and reporting, how to understand the news
media today? You hear over and over of the
Watergate scandal. Just what is it all about? Here's an
example; a daily reporter, reputedly very
conservative, once quoted the late President Harry
Human when asked if his campaigners ever bugged as
saying: "If they didn't, I'd fire 'em." And no doubt
give 'em hell.
Daily, agricultural news cries aloud for the poor
farmers who the administration has disserviced, but in
the next breath shouts that they never had such
bumper crops, with prices for them the highest in 30
Dig into the archives and learn why Franklin
Roosevelt sacrificed our boys at Pearl Harbor to give
hi en an alibi to declare war. Also, why he is the one of
Yalta who put Europe's free nations behind the Iron
Cuitain. While you are at it, learn why Truman
pushed out two million peace-loving Arabs to settle
Jews m Palestine. That may bring on World War III,
winch will make this last war look like a dog fight.
Why is i he news media out to get President Nixon?
(-'numerate the astounding achievements of our fine
President in ending a war that he never started, and
oiher (it eat feats. Who did? Why have 99 per cent of
ail U.S. wars been started by his opponents, but his
suppoiters always blamed and left to clean up the
mess? Who only have been our great statesmen and
what happened to them? Learn to read between the
Imes- I he fine print.
Maybe 10 years ago, many early teenagers were
murdered right and left walking on the streets of
Circa jo. I watched and finally a small account on a
bac k page of our fine city daily told who. Why hadn't
it been given front page headlines? Who controls the
re -w, media? A now prominent state judge tipped me
off some 15 years ago and I began to watch to find
During the Little RoH fray about the nine poor
students who had no school to attend pathetic
pictures and great headlines. I wanted to find out the
truth !t was all propaganda Roosevelt had made
sure the blacks had the finest school buildings in the
city. Why should a Lincoln daily play up falsehood as
well as other news media? Seek truth, not opinions.
Youth, no generation has been given such training
,n id knowledge -use it wisely. It will help to read I
Try to leairt why no one dares be on the streets
unguarded even in daylight in our U.S. capital. You
,vill find these more than challenging and you'll
forget put and trips.
For any help, telephone 488-3319. Free! Sunday
through Thursday 3 to 5 p.m.
Josephine Evorette
Believe it or not
1 .11
i r i
at editor,
I ji'i ,j dyed in -the -woo I Big Red fan from, believe
f;i not, Hutchinson, Kan. I want you and your
M.r 1'ioiball learn to know why a guy born and
,ed in Kansas, is such a avid Cornhusker fan.
,r, i - illy does have football programs at its
a schools, in case you're wondering.) Here are
it le.isons:
i i -s Nebtdska has more class than any college
,:i I've evei seen. The Big Red is in a league of its
I he team has a professional attitude that no
have You can't explain it, but you feel it
't's jus! an air the Big Red carries.
, i nf hot dogging-Nebraska has never been a
.eh school wilh a big mouth coach, like the
Notre Dame, Southern California, Michigan or Ohio
State. Nebraska doesn't need that kind of Mickey
Mouse to win.
Quality and attitude of coaches I never once
saw Bob Devaney get out of hand and rush onto a
playing field or rip up a side line marker. His teams
won anyway. They didn't need those antics. This
control was reflected in his players. It is gratifying to
see that Tom Osborne is cut from the same mold as
-Tradition-Who has a greater one than the Big
Red of Nebraska? No, Southern California doesn't
and neither does Notre Dame.
-Lack of fair share of publicity-l am as vehement
a critic of Sports Illustrated and other Catholic
football magazines as Tony Davis. Nebraska may be
No. 1 on the playing field by four touchdowns, but
must take a . back seat to Eastern teams and West
Coast squads in print. The massacre of UCLA was a
splendid example. I think that sportscasters, with a
few exceptions, seem to loath giving the Big Red any
Discipline and poise Nebraska has, as it proved
again against UCLA, the most disciplined team in
college football. It has poise unmatched anywhere.
Example: 1972 Orange Bowl before the game.
Alabama was making what turned out to be an excuse
for a challenge to Nebraska's No. 1 tanking. Alabama
players jumped up and down on the field like
popping popcorn, beating each other and knocking
each other around.
What did the Big Red do? Well, the team huddled
around its great coach, each member shaking one
finger in the air, and I knew then that it was over
before it started. And it was. Also-how many times
have you seen the offensive team pommel a receiver,
or see a player back into the end zone after he has
scored? Think about it. Alabama loves that trick and
so does Texas, LSU, and Southern California.
What does Big Red do? The team members slap
some skin and line up for the extra point. They're not
that surprised about scoring. This may seem like trivia
to some of you, but these are the things that have
made Big Red the power it is. It contributes to the
over all poise and excellence of the Cornhuskers.
Remember that the next time the Big Red plays.
Some people love all the jack-in-the-box jumping
around, the clutching, the pushing and turmoil some
teams create after touchdowns and before games.
They believe it adds color and excitement. It does.
But it does not add up to being a winner. The fans
should go bananas after touchdowns and before and
after games. Not the team and its coaches.
-Lack of emotion and high strung game plans on
the Husker squads-I've really been talking about this
all along. The Huskers tely on a disciplined offense
that it, to some people, boiingly methodical at times.
However, one must lemember that while Aubutn,
Florida State and Aikansas show much moie exciting
offensive displays, Nebiaska methodically wins and
these teams methodically lose. Nebraska's game plans
and teams rely on a balance between tunning and
passing. This is the key to a great team and not just a
good one. Example: Big Red brought the UCLA
wishbone to a grinding halt. What happened? UCLA
became lunchmeat on the Nebraska table.
John M. Bishop
The candidate
Dear editor,
Enclosed you will find an article that I hope will
be of interest to your student body.
I'm strictly limited this year in the number of
letters I may wiite lo editois.
Saturday I said to myself: "I'll write the winner of
the Nebraska UCLA game." Your team was
John J. Desmond Jr.
(next president of the United States)
Editor's note The following appeal was enclosed with
the letter:
Calling All GnIsM'
The U.S. Board of Paiole willing, in Apiil I shall
begin a world wide campaign to get myself elected as
the next president of the United States o!
From April, 1974, until Match, 1975,
campaign in 200 American communities. F;
will be no problem for me, but it is imposs
my successful campaign without the female
What type of girl is needed? Every typ
lemale in this elaborate and exciting dn
financial compensation? Yes.
Who is the joker dreaming this dn .
sinciln 6 ft. 1 in.. 180 lbs., witty, r
distinguished looking. I respect the female'
Recently, I conducted a survey to si
respectable to you. The result was overwh
my favor.
One graduate student at the Univeisitv
wrote, "Your candidacy would be a hie ,
air." I agree.
April, 1974, is coming up fast. 1housn
female will be needed. The student,
housewife is urged to contact me now. I v."
your correspondence. I will attempt to an
job for you during the campaign, a pnsite .
add to your happiness.
Calling all Gitls!"
v-' H.
t ! !
ft, ir: '
Illlilllllinis'"-' :!el
- v t m m si
rnnnv mjtw eu
DA '
Jay, September 19, 1973
daily nebraskan