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Wednesday, September 19, 1973
lincoln, nebraska vol. 97 no. 12
Computer goofs
on tuition bills
"I knew tuition was going to be higher, but tnis is
Tuition statements are $100 too ridiculous for about
1,800 resident students taking 13 hours this semester.
According to James Wickless, UNL bursar, a computer
mistake caused those students to be charged $385.50
instead of $285.50.
The computer program has been changed, so students
i should simply pay the correct amount and then records will
be clear, Wickless said.
Students who do not catch the error and pay the
incorrect amount will be refunded, Wickless said.
Unless a student can produce his or her cancelled check
for tuition, he or she will have to wait until the second
week in October for the refund, Wickless said. The refunds
can be picked up at the Bursar's office, Administration 204.
Harpo makes Marx; Virgil states (ae) neid
By Miry Voboril
11) ml: von for my service pin; I think
it 's t o.n'l 1,110
flunk you lor this party and this
''( ( .;)! rji) lino.
77;.;';, yo !o ilu: promise of a chilly
winter ahead,.
And thank you for decreasing air
t oi K lit iouit ig o vcrhcad.
Such symbols, to he sure, keep our
cot i anon goals in sight.
Si.!) symbols do remind us every
lime we turn a light
To nun it off. My, oh my!
Surh symools help induce us to
combat waste from within.
So should I scoff or cry
Laugh loud or try (in such trying
times) To guess the token symbol
of this party? This service pin7
Moral: Timeo Danaos, et dona
creates. (I tear the Greeks and
those hearing gifts) - Virgil.
A nun who billed himself Virgil,
lh ,H .-ideniic clown, but who dressed
in the in, inner of the late Haix) Marx,
di .tiiliuli'il this message to UNL
faculty ,ml stall milling about the
Neb!,1 i Umnn Monday night.
I he occasion: UNL. Cluineello.
J,iip"'. umheige's annual reception
1(H faculty and staff.
A: iy n.', ,i cokIiiii to an informed,,:, was the cost of the teception
it-..r I! of about 2,300 silver
i .i'iv.c- pin-. umbrige issued
in .1 ily to 1,11.1111 and administrative
.,ij employ. -d ,,i UNL. more than five
yi .ii -i.
i-if.t;, thi' v:rv; and Virgil's
appear H-i.e vv-n; intended to draw
intention to tin- apparent incongruity
of :,pi aiding morn.- lor the party and
service puc, while at the same time
building ten pe. ture-, .ire being altered
,,nd net sons ..r- being urged to swiicn
olt UNL
In- in if
haiHW '.nil
black 1 1 1 r I t . 1 1 gown lie lainxoncd
t,,. ..oivhi' pm idea by displaying
vice pne. "I ,iii,.)lh.'i sort his gown
w,r. Mud. led with i"w-, of military
,,!.. J. 1 1 live nl ' b wen.1 lor biavery,
,ind , t I ' t 1 1 ,i ' p 1 1 i , as icligious,
I'd : - .i,i: and I a i,", Male pins.
Th,- f una Pot's reception linn was
in t!v -itth erid id the Union main
lounge. Vrr-jii made his appearance
between 0 and ):30 p.m., after the
doen per ".mm-, in the reception line
had shaken h ind, and hobnobbed with
lesser ranking faculty and staff for
about two hours.
Zumberge did not appear amused
either by Virgil's surprise appearance
or the pointed verse, but admitted he
was offended by neithei .
"It was a r a ther clever
presentation," he said.
However, as an afterthought the
chancellor said he "was a little put off
by his anonymity." Because of the
incognito factor of the incident,
Zumbi:ige ,,rd he was "not going to
pay too much attention to it."
Another person not amused was
Miles Tomeraasen, UNL director of
business and finance.
"Some time when (Virgil) has two
or three hours, I'd like to explain the
vagaries of fund accounting to him,"
Tomeraasen said. The pins were paid
for by means of "outside
income"-nontax money such as gilts
and grants, he said. Money from one
of the discretionary funds at the
chancellor's disposal paid for the party
NU Regent Ed Schwartkopf
chuckled and said, "How about the.,
sports fans!" when Virgil first
bounded in front of him and
Zumberge in the reception line.
Schwarzkopf later said, "I don't
know who the young man expressing
himself is, but he is doing it in a
positive way and is not being an
Hie academic Virgil later flitted
about the daikened Centennial Room
and Union Ballroom, where food was
seived and a nine piece orchestia was
pi. lying, and passed out the remainder
of his message's, piinted on pink, blue
oi ve'low recipe cards.
Hi' made his identity known to the
Daily Nebraskan but requested his
name not be levealed.
,,i, iu help puncture
energy costs, the source
,i in-1 km i ejected I Lit po's
;M I ,t( i ol all unpiessed
a'luwijwiigwww"'"""1" 1111 11
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GJ & & m V
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C.J ,:
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""I-., t Vl- i " ,r "I fin "e --n ilS ft. V mrt li'tWffchfh UffffrH '
Photo by Rich Steirmuitz
Virg.Mho caclumic clown, with Regent Ed Schwartkopf and UNL ChuncHlor .tnd Mrs. James Zumberge.