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    juhj 17, 1973
no. 0
By Ken Kirk
School of Journalism
Budget guidelines for 1974-75
and a policy concerning religion on
campus were adopted by the
Board of Regents during their
July meeting Saturday in Clay
D.B. Varner, University
president, suggested the
University ask the 1974
Legislature for a budget increase
The ASUN budget, except the
Legal Aid to Students Office
(LASO) funding, was approved by
the Board of Regents Saturday.
LASO, which would provide a
lawyer for students, was held over
for Board action at their August
On advice from corporation
counsel,' Flavel Wright, the Board
will wait for further legal
clarification from the Nebraska
Supreme Court.
Wright said he would write the
judical council of the Court to
determine whether the Court has
approved the new legal code of
ethics, which allows an attorney
to represent a group of individuals
ASUN has received an opinion
from the State Bar Association
which stated that a lawyer as
outlined by the LAOS program
would be within the ethical code
of an attorney
Not all students
Wright said, however, the
opinion was based on an attorney
serving the ASUN senate, not the
entire student body which
comprises ASUN, the Associated
Students of the University of
However, one of Wright's
colleaques seemed less cautious.
Alan Peterson of Clime, Williams,
Wright, Johnson and Oldfather,
wrote in a letter to the Board,
"The Regents must analyze the
proposal (LASO) as to whether it
is in line with the purpose of the
of 13 to 14 per cent, which would
increase the University budget by
more than $11.5 million
Varner told the Regents that
the increase could be justified to
the Legislature and was felt to be
inadequate by the chancellors of
the three campuses.
Varner presented the Regents
with guidelines for two alternative
budget requests. Plan A would
increase the budget 13 to 14 per
cent, while plan B would
University of Nebraska, make a
reasoned decision in either
direction, and I think that it is
extremely likely that the court
would uphold their decision either
permitting or disallowing a
student lawyer.
"The Bar Association would
have to amend its advisory
opinion a little bit, and they
probably would do so upon
request in order to eliminate the
confusion about who could be
served by such a student lawyer.
The budget approved by the
Regents was different from the
Office Expenses
Salary Expenses
Electoral Commission
Senate Expenses
Center for Educational Change
Communications Committee
Environmental Task Force
Free University
Human Rights Committee
Legal Rights Committee
Legislative Liasion 625.00
Student Services Committee
1974-75 Administration
Legal Aid for Students Office
Record Store
Total Recurring Expenses
Cultural Affairs
Student Organizations
and Activities
Total Nonrecurring Expenses
recommend an 11 to 12 per cent
The Regents adopted Plan A,
but asked Varner to develop
alternatives to a $4.5 million
increase for general improvement
of on-going programs.
8.2 increase
The Legislature authorized a
University budget of $91.5
million for the current fiscal year,
which was an 8.2 per cent increase
over the previous year.
budget request approved by the
ASUN senate on July 7. After
reviewing the budget, Ken Bader,
vice chancellor for student affairs,
ordered the budget cut more than
$2,000 for records
He also said $2,000 a year
would have to go towards paying
off the ASUN record store debt.
The record store closed several
weeks ago with a debt of more
than $7,500.
The budget was cut $3,000 by
Miss Overing with $2,500 coming
from a contigency fund of $3,000
okers- liberal, open
non-smoEcers less aniious planners
Do you smoke cigarettes?
If the answer to that
question is yes, then you
probably are an extrovert,
liberal, open to experiences,
spontaneous, anxious and
prone to experience distress.
If the answer is no, you
probably are more of an
introvert, rather well adjusted,
a planner and less anxious.
These generalizations were
mack; by Richard W. Coan, a
psychologist at the University
of Arizona, after he
administered a six-hour battery
of tests to 301 smoker and
According to Coan, the
results showed that several
major dimensions of
personality appear to
distinguish smokers from
non-smokers. "The typical
smoker tends to seek varied
stimulation and experience . . .
he is more likely than the
non-smoker to experience
anxiety and distress," Coan
said. "Each of these
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The Regents will receive
specific budget requests at their
August meeting. The approved
budget request must be submitted
to the governor by September 15.
To recognize the importance of
agriculture to Nebraska, Varner
suggested spending an additional
$1 million to strengthen the
University's agricultural programs.
The budget guidelines call for a
six per cent salary increase for
faculty and some staff, an one per
cent increase in the University's
contribution to the retirement
plan, a three per cent allowance
for inflation, and $300,000 for
extraordinary price increases for
utilities and fuel oil, library
materials, postage and state travel
Special improvements
Nearly $2 million additional
funds would go for special
improvements such as
emphasizing the teaching and
learning process, strengthening
graduate-research programs and
developing a communications
network to join the three
Another $4.5 million was
recommended for general
improvements for on-going
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contrasting life styles has
obvious merits. The
non-smoker is likely to be
better adjusted or more free of
disturbance, but the smoker's
life is likely to be somewlmt
Female more anxious
Coan said he found th;it
female smokers tended to be
the most anxious and male
non-smokers the least anxious.
Male smokers tended to be the
most extroverted, whereas the
female non-smoker was
generally the most inti ovet led,
he said.
Coan also broke the
smokers into subgroups or
clusters and found some
differences which he said were
not as distinctive as between
smokers and non-smokers.
Coan said there are two
general clusters of smokers.
One group he said he saw as
negative, tense or maladjusted
smokers. This group included
those who tended to be
programs with UNL scheduled to
receive $1.5 million and the
agriculture program $1 million.
Religion policy
The policy on religion adopted
by the Regents contained five
points. The study of religion in a
secular, philosophical, historical
or cultural context is appropriate.
Brief and non-sectarian
invocations, benedictions or
moments of silent meditation
may be permitted at University
University facilities will not be
available for any activity where
one of its essential features is
religious worship or testimony in
any form.
The University can in no way
discriminate on the basis of
religion in its personnel policies.
Personal religious activities
within private quarters of those
residing in University facilities
shall suffer no interference.
In other action the Regents
approved a new governing
organization for the system-wide
Graduate College. They also
approved the merger of the
department of home economics at
UNO into the College of Home
Economics at UNL.
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habitual smokers, those who
smoke to reduce tension and
those who achieve sensory
pleasure from smoking.
Positive smokers
The second group of
smoke is Coan said he saw as
wsitive, relaxation or adjustive
Smoking, for the first
group, Coan said he felt,
tended to produce and
accompany arousal or
displeasure and is viewed by
the smoker as behavior twyond
his control. Smoking for the
second group was seen as
enhancing living and serving
mainly as a source of relief, he
Coan said his findings may
have implications for
educational strategies designed
to reduce smoking. For
instance, he said that the
maladjusted smoker could be
taught self control while the
adjusted smoker could be
cm our aged to find an
alternative satisfaction.