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Fees finale
When Ken Bader, vice chancellor for
student affairs, released the Student Fees
Administration Task Force report nearly two
months ago he said that he wouldn't forward
the document to Chancellor Zumberge or to
the regents "until I have received reactions
from the students and other persons
concerned." Bader has received considerable
feedback from "ctudents and other persons
concerned" on the fees administration
ASUN has established a special committee
to review the report. The committee has not
made any final recommendations but the
recent ASUN election campaign made it clear
that the current ASUN administrators and
many senators disagree with some important
sections of the Student Fees Administration
Task Force Report.
Last week, two other campus governing
bodies made public their assessments of the
fees administration report. The Nebraska
Union Board, which oversees the operations
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Senators for SVO
Dear editor :
-4 As members of ASUN we deeply regret the recent
action taken by the senate. It involved the rejection
"for funds to be used by the Student Veterans'
Organization (SVO) for attendance at an upcoming
conference. In our estimation the action displayed a
lack of insight and sensitivity by the senate.
We recognize that SVO represents the largest
minority on campus, 1,500 students. And in view of
the potential benefits to be derived for our campus
from attendance at the conference, we feel that
ASUN made an unfortunate mistake. By denying the
request the University faces a possible loss of
$250,000 granted on behalf of SVO by the
government. These funds would be used in the
University for general funding purposes.
We hope that the denial of this request does not
discourage SVO and other organizations from further
interaction with ASUN or inhibit the continuance of
their services to the student body at large.
Concerned Senators
Concern for ASUN
Dear editor :
I read the Daily Nebraskan on April 5 and within
it I found inspiration. I saw myself called apathetic
and my shame knew no bounds. So, Sherry Cole and
Marcia Stewart, I will attempt to save myself from
this horrible fate.
Concern for a subject, if sincere, implies that the
subject merits concern. For ASUN to merit concern,
it would have to have some potential beyond infinite
impotence. ASUN is and always will be that "great
junior high in the sky," where adolescents play at
governing nothing.
Like it or not, Marcia and Sherry, ASUN, as is the
rest of the Univers'ty, is at the hands and whims of
the Legislature and the Board of Regents. Anything
that ASUN could propose worth caring about has
little chance of enactment.
The student body would do well to heed the
suggestions of "joke" parties (SLPP, dease and
Freedom, YIP) and abolish this childish toy.
Collegians now possess the right to vote in real live
elect'ons for real live things, just like mommy and
If one cares about the University, he would do
better to vote outside the University where it really
Richard Allen DeWitt
ASUN satire
Dear editor :
As is my custom with any newspaper, I opened the
Daily Nebraskan to the middle on April 5 and read
the funnies first. I must say, you folks really let a
farce, considering seriously our favorite fun loving
anagram: ASUN (arrange the letters as you see fit).
But Sherry Cole and Marcia Stewart get my vote
of the Nebraska Union (a major fees user)
recommended that the fees administration
report be invalidated. The Union Board, in a
letter to Bader, listed several reasons for its
total rejection of the task force proposals.
The task force members seemed to have "a
basic lack of knowledge of the present
student fees distribution," the Union Board
said. "Little or no background study into the
present system of student fees and their
allocation" was done by the task force, the
letter continued. The Union Board appears to
have focused on one of the major
shortcomings of the entire approach taken by
the administration task force, i.e., that there
is something inherently wrong with the
current fees system and that their job,
therefore, was to propose something new and
different and naturally better. In the eyes of
many student groups, the assumption that the
new system would be better is totally false.
The Council on Student Life (CSL) also
released its evaluation of the fees task force
reports which have thus far been made public.
CSL and the Union Board criticized many of
the same points in the fees administration
report Both qroups took issue with the
"zero-based budgeting" proposed by the task
force and with the appeals process outlined
in the report. CSL and the Union Board both
said that a majority of the voting mambers of
the fees allocations board proposed by the
task force should be students. CSL suggested
that guidelines should be established
concerning money generated by organizations
in addition to allocated student fees.
Vice Chancellor Bader has indicated that
he will ask the regents to consider the Student
Fees Administration Task Force report at
their meeting this Saturday, April 14.
Presumably, Bader will be formulating his
recommendations on the report in the next
few days. Based on the reactions from
students closely involved with the fees
allocation system, Bader should recommend
that the task force report be invalidated, and
that the student fees issue be studied further
by a body with fewer predispositons about
the adequacy of the current fees structure,
and in an open atmosphere more conducive to
knowledgeable student imput.
Tom Lansworth
for best satiric work of the year (don't be modest
girls, you deserve it). By their clever use of hyperbole,
they brilliantly state the case for the opposite of their
This letter is merely an attempt to interpret the
subtle intent of their words so that those apathetic to
great literary devices may be aware of their genius.
I quote: "Did you spend that absurd amount of
money on tuition just so that someday, at that
magical moment of graduation, you could become a
thinking, '' exp essing contributor to human
society?" (The quote is admittedly taken out of
context, but it is so brilliantly written that it can
stand alone.) Note how they point out their belief
that ASUN is a farce by purporting it to be something
real. What hyperbole!
Get this one: "Didn't you come here to get
involved in your own lives?" Everyone knows that
parties, sorority balls, fraternity balls and general
hijinx are the real reasons for attending college.
It is appalling that people read great literature such
as Sherry's and Marcia's only superficially. It is to "all
of you who, incidentally, probably aren't reading this
letter anyway because you just don't give a damn"
that this exposition is directed.
Steven J. Winston
Wild-eyed activism
Dear editor:
This letter is in response to Marcia Stew jrt. Sherry
Cole and the handful of wild-eyed activists who went
to the polls on ASUN election day.
To vote or not to vote -is that the question? Who
are GOYA and UP? They are serious, of course. They
are dedicated, perhaps. They are ineffectual, beyond
doubt. Beyond this, they are nothing, running for
nothing, in a nothing election. It makes no difference
who won or who lost, except, perhaps, to Ann
Henry's parents and dear friends and the
miscellaneous leeches who grovel for whatever limited
privileges and funds ASUN is capable of bestowing
upon them.
What difference whether 13 or 100 per cent of the
student population participated in the farce? The
substantive results are the same, no matter who wins
or loses, whether the election is unanimous or
anonymous. With GOYA or UP, there was not even
the dubious value of choosing between the lesser of
two evils. A vote for either was the same as a vote for
n ei 1 her -1 ia me I y zero .
But at least abstention from the polls has a tidbit
of value in demonstrating that most students will not
join in the charade of electing a pathetic excuse for a
governing body. It follows that the only meaningful
course on election day was to vote for SLPP or stay
on your apathy.
Ill - a m
vv. brian Miller.
p-jge 4
daily nebraskan
monday, april 9, 1973