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Searching for artistic freedom
Through the years a lot of rock groups
and performers have pulled the ol'
switcheroo, moving from one big daddy
record company to another. Often the move
is prompted by promises of the kind of
bread that puts steak on the table regularly.
But lately more groups are making a
n, a. iU&$3i&'tiMf f e rfcat- ma-tte u ) e r. They're
breaking" with big companfes to form their
own smaller labels in the interest of more
bort becker
bolls bUcrs
One thing immediately apparent about
the new labels is that they have better
names. Names such as Capitol, Warner Bros.,
and United Artists aren't bad. But they can't
step on the same floor with "Apple" and
Apple was effectively the first company
formed by rock artists for marketing
whatever material they wanted, how they
wanted and when they wanted. It was an
assured artistic success since the Beatles were
the company's main client.
Luckily, Apple Corp. pulled it off. In
addition to the Beatles, collectively and
individually, it introduced new talent. James
Taylor's passable first album was recorded
on that label.
Mary Hopkins, an Apple artist, was the
darling of. the pop world for r.vhila with
"Those Were the Days," and a few
moderately successful albums. And
Badfiner successfully reminded everybody
of the mid-60's when they popoed onto the
The label also has ventured into recording
and releasing mildly off-beat
groups-bagpipe bands and the like. But the
Beatles still remain the Apple aces.
From then to now there have been a few
other such arrangements. The Beach Boys'
stuff comes out on Brother Records. The
i Rolling -Stones record f or-Rolling Stories'"
Records. And latest entry is Grunt .
Grunt has a rooting' tootin' name and a
hotshot logo, besides. The company is the
Jefferson Airplane's brainchild. The group
had been suffering growing pains with RCA.
With Grunt they seem to be releasing
mostly albums by "The Jefferson Airplane
and Friends." Some are very top notch.
For instance, the Airplane's own Long
John Silver, while far from their best effort,
is still better than three-fourths of the music
But the company's success with a couple
of albums not including the JA personnel
has been minimal. Peter Kaukonen's Black
Kangaroo, despite a glut of advertising, is no
more than passable.
And an album by a group called One (or
1) is entirely inexplicable. It probably will
be of slight enjoyment to individuals who
need a degree of discomfort in their lives.
Although Grunt apparently still is having
troubles with its distributing company
(trying to clean up its language and politics),
it has done a good thing. It has provided a
handhold for other artists to bargain for or
demand artistic freedom from other
Yoga Offered
A yoga class will be offered
this semester by the recreation
department. Deadline for
registration is Jan. 31. The cost
is $1.25.
Availabla For Tal
Fathton thow, Nwi rtlThtr
uocumntry f llm, WMdtngt
1630 K St 477-2632
The Stockholm Junior Year
and the
International Graduate School
... at the University of Stockholm offer one-year
programs in liberal arts and social science respec
tively. For information write: The Institute for English-Speaking
Students, University of Stockholm,
Fiskartorpsvagen 160 E, S-104 05 STOCKHOLM 50,
Poseidon' script leaves
good deal to be desired
Review by Larry Kubert
The time is New Year's Eve. The place is on an ocean liner
somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. As the New Year rolls in, so
does a tidal wave. The ship does a complete flip and lands
upside-down in the water. That's one hell of a party.
It's also the beginning of another star-studded,
action-packed, purely entertainment thriller- The Poseidon
Adventure. As with most star-studded, action-packed purely
entertainment thrillers, it leaves a good deal to be desired.
The premise of the movie is that the luxury liner Poseidon
capsizes on its final voyage before going into mothballs.
Ensuing is a race against time as ten survivors try to reach
safety before the ship sinks. But, since the Poseidon is
upside-down, they must climb up into the ship's bowels to
hopefully escape through a propeller shaft tunnel.
The action sequences are handled well; especially the ship's
flip and a hair-raising underwater swim sequenced.
The biggest problem The Poseidon Adventure has is its
script. Better dialogue shows up on Dragnet. The inane lines
could explain why some of the acting is gratingly poor.
Academy Award winners, Gene Hackman and Ernest
Borgnine head the melodrama menagerie. As a rebel minister
who leads the survivors to safety, Hackman mumbles, and
bumbles his way through this role.
Borgnine has had a difficult time living up to his
Oscar-winning performance in Marty. As a tough police
detective in Poseidon, Borgnine is worse than usual.
It i the lesser characters, however, who rise above the
script aand rescue Poseidon. Shelley Winters delivers a
stunning performance as a rotund Jewish momma. Winters
might receive an Oscar nomination for her role and nothing
could be more justified.
An often-overlooked actor. Jack Albertson, is cast as
Winters' equally Jewish husband. He gives a fine performance.
ArthdIigh""often criticized "for not having an" afedndance of
acting talent, Carol Lynley is convincing as a hysterical,
immature rock singer. And relative newcomer Pamula Sue
Martin, as an 18-year-old nymphet, is surprisingly good.
Veteran performers Roddy MacDowall and Red Buttons
also do more than adequate jobs.
The Poseidon Adventure fits into the pure entertainment
genre, simply a movie to enjoy with no areat redeeming
message. It's nice escapism for the audience.
One can only hope that 20th Century Fox (which released
The Poseidon Adventure) has made a New Year's resolution to
evaluate its scripts a little more carefully in the future.
"The humor is everywhere" Chicago Tribune
"As frightening as it is funnyM-Defrot Free Press
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