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friday, december 8, 1 972
lincoln, nebraska vol. 96, no. 54
Fees task force
plans hearing
An open hearing has been scheduled for four task forces
studying the use and management of student fees.
Mark Theisen. chairman of the programming task force, said,
the 11 a.m. hearing is to seek student opinion of fee-funded
The programming task force is one of four appointed earlier
this semester by UNL Chancellor James Zumberge. All of the
task forces are to make recommendations to the Chancellor by
Feb. !. , , . a
Both representatives from organizations and individuals are
invited to speak at the hearing, Theisen said. The testimony
will be included in the report, he said, but will not necessarily
be part of the recommendations.
The other three task forces are studying fee administration,
student health funding and fee use for recreational facilities.
The administration task force is to mane recommenu-uun.
"regarding procedures by which the budget and program
requests will be considered by the Board of Regents. The
force also will recommend procedures by which subsequent
administration of approved programs can be achieved.
The facilities task force has not yet begun to formulate
recommendations, according to its chairman, Dan Stellar. He
said the force is interviewing persons interested in intramural
and fine arts facilities.
The task force is studying the need for additional facilities,
recreational opportunities, special programs and other
projects. , , , . ,
The student health task force is studying the financing of
UNL Health Certfer. The force's chairman, Dr. Frank
Wednesday. Virginia
Corgan, chairman of the administration task'force, also could
. i i
not oe reacnea. ,
Budget cuts
curtail faculty
by Michael (O.J.) Nelson
University faculty and staff members might
not be able to take free courses next semester
because of legislative budget cuts and a
projected $927,000 budget deficit at UNL.
According to Roy Loudon, director of the
UNL personnel office, individual University
departments must pay tuition for any employes
who take advantage of either the employe s
scholarship or the faculty fee remission
Both programs are partially funded by the
Legislature and pay for up to six credit hours a
semester for academic personnel and up to five
credit hours for nonacademic personnel who
take classes while working for the University.
Only three hours each session are allowed per
. person during the summer.
. The University was given $51,000 for the
programs this fiscal year, Loudon said. About
twice that amount was allotted last year. n
"We know it will be a painful process, he
said. "But if a department employe takes
courses, the department will have to pay for
He said all departments have been told
money for the programs must come out of their
operating budget.
He said he didn't know if the change in the
program would allow fewer people to use it.
According to UNL Bursar James Wickless,
455 UNL employes are using the program this
semester. That number, he s aid, is about the
same as last fall's. About 60 per cent of those
enrolled are academic employes, he said.
Academic employes includes all teaching and
research personnel.
Probably the hardest hit is the English
department. About 60 English department
academic employes are in the program,
according to John Robinson, department
chairman. This is the highest number of any
UNL department.
"I don't know what is going to happen
now," he said. "We have about half of our
teaching staff in the program and we just
haven't got the money."
He said the department's operating funds
were budgeted without money for the
remission program. The scholarship tunds, plus
recommended cost cuts to help avoid this year's
projected deficit, will strain the department's
operating budget, he said.
The chemistry department also will be
According to Robert C. Larson, department
vice chairman, the chemistry department is "in
a helluva strap." He said charging the tuition
remission funds to the department's operating
funds might cause the department to run out of
money in that account by Jan. 21.
"We're at the point," he said, "where you
throw up your hands and say Aieeeeeeeeeel"
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Photo by Call Fold
Victor Lewis . . .has been called one of the tixSl
Midwest. He's part of a growing artists' revolution against Lincoln s cultural
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Minority Affairs
seeks counselor
The Department of Minority Affairs is seeking a new Indian
counselor to replace former counselor John iwo Biros
Arbuckle, who resigned last week.
Arbuckle submitted his resignation to Al Grignon, director
of special services, "while Arbuckle was on personal business .
He aave no reason for resigning according to Leroy Ramsey,
director of minority affairs.
"We had had complaints from Indian students that he
(Arbuckle) was never available to counsel them'' Ramsey said
Wednesday. "Some Indian students met with Ken Bader
vice-chance or for stuaenx anair; a..u t.y ------
dministration in student affairs) and myself to d..cus, the
situation. They felt they weren't adequate
counseling," Ramsey said.
Ramsey said 12 of 21 Indian students at UNL were having
academic difficulties. They are now being counseled by
Ramsey personally until a new Indian counselor is hired.
Ramsey said some Indian students had considered
submitting a petition to UNL Chancellor James Zumborgo
requesting that Arbuckle be replaced, but that alternate was
unnecessary because Arbuckle resigned the next day.
Indian students drew up a document last week listing
qualities that should bo considered when a new Indian
counselor is hired, he said.
t i ,,ncinr' "main concern should be in the
I no new muicm wwi..w - ,u...
students on this campus," the document read, he should show
"leadership in academic ana cuiiur , -'immediately
available during school year.
d that a new counselor "should
not be ooliticallv involved, in that it is derogatory to his duties
"... n I
as a counselor.
Regents meeting
The Board of Regents is expected to take action on the
projected 1972-73 budget deficit Saturday at its monthly
meeting in Lincoln. The board also is scheduled to discuss the
1973-74 budget. The meeting will be at 2 p.m. at the
University of Nebraska System Building across from East