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Unethical practice
Daily Nebraskan editorial policy is the
product of an editorial board consisting of
Editor-in-chief Jim Gray, Managing Editor
Tom Lansworth and News Editor Randy
Beam. Individual editorials represent the
views of the writer but not necessarily those
of all editorial board members.
Some readers of the state's daily
newspapers were probably surprised to find,
when they opened their papers this weekend,
an aritcle taken directly from the Daily
Unfortunately, so were we.
The article, a column by John Vihstadt,
was reprinted exactly as it appeared in the
Daily Nebraskan Oct. 18 in a political
advertisement paid for by 15 Nebraska college
and university students. The advertisement
clearly identified the article, which lambasted
Senatorial candidate Terry Carpenter, as
having appeared in the Daily Nebraskan.
The most unfortunate part of the article's
reprinting is that those involved presented a
rather one-side'd picture of the Daily
Nebraskan's view of a multi-faceted race. In
the form it was printed, the advertisement
indicated the attitude expressed in the article
was that of the Daily Nebraskan and, by
implication, the entire student body.
This is not the case. Vihstadt's column, as
all other editorial columns, appears only to
offer readers a many-sided view of issues. The
views expressed in these columns have no
direct connection with the editorial policy of
this newspaper, expressed in the editorial
which appears in this space daily. The
columnists express only their own viewpoints,
while editorials represent the views of the
Most often, Vihstadt's views are exact
opposites of the editorial opinion of this
newspaper. By presenting Vihstadt's article as "
the Apparent opinion of the paper, those
paying for the ad have perpetrated a gross
injustice on the Daily Nebraskan as well as on
the citizens of this state.
The legality of the advertising is
questionable. While the people sponsoring the
ad did obtain Vihstadt's permission for use,
they failed to obtain permission to use the
paper's name. This is, most likely, an illegal
appropriation of the Nebraskan's name.
Not questionable at all, however, is the fact
that such usage is totally unethical as a
campaign practice. Those who placed the
article had no interest in presenting a true
idea of the Daily Nebraskan's editorial policy,
but only in maliciously slanting the picture
and misrepresenting the facts. (In actuality,
the Daily Nebraskan has stated editorially
that Carpenter's opponent Sen. Carl Curtis is
equally obnoxious, and that neither deserves a
single vote.)
Even with legal and ethical considerations
aside, some questions still remain, however.
One can't help but wonder why the students
involved didn't solicit the Daily Nebraskan's
approval (perhaps they knew they wouldn't
receive it).
One also can't help but wonder where 15
college students obtained enough money to
place a large advertisement in virtually every
daily paper in the state.
And if it wasn't their own money, why
were the 15 presented as publishers? What
connection, if any, does Sen. Curtis'
re-election organization have with the ad's
These questions need answers, and soon. If
no answers are provided, one can only assume
the worst that the ad's publication was even
more illicit than was originally believed. And
there are remedies for unfair and illegal
campaign practices.
The advertisement was clearly one of the
most obnoxious breaches of ethics in recent
months. One would hope that University
students would be more conscious of their
responsibilities in this area. Evidently some
The only hope in this instance is that
people of the state are wise enough not to
believe that John Vihstadt's column
represents the view of the newspaper and the
student body. And that's a slim hope.
Jim Gray
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25th District
voters have
clear choices
Today Different Drummer completes its endorsements of
candidates and issues for the Nov. 7 general election. '
Beginning with the State Legislature, 26 of the 49
Unicameral districts are up this year-all 25 odd-numbered
districts, plus one even-numbered seat for an unexpired term.
Right here in Lancaster County the voters are fortunate
enough to have excellent candidates representing clear-cut
In the rural Lancaster County 25th District (also including
the western fringes of Cass and Otoe and the southern edge of
Saunders), State Senator Jerome Warner of Waverly deserves
re-election. Serving on the City-County Planning Commission
and a member of the Legislature's strategic revenue
committee, Warner has been a consistent friend of his alma
mater, the University of Nebraska.
The 27th District, covering west and southwest Lincoln,
pits Steve Fowler against incumbent William F. Swanson
Swanson s experience, moderate approach to the issues and
steadfast support of the University make him the better
Southeast Lincoln voters are faced with a very difficult
choice in filling their 29th District seat. The capable and
qualified incumbent Fern Orme is being challenged by the
equally able Shirley Marsh, a social caseworker and member of
the Nebraska Welfare Association.
Marsh is a strong champion of environmental and
conservation safeguards and perceives the necessity for penal
and tax reform, plus an overhaul of the current welfare
structure to, in her words, "more adequately meet citizen
needs." For these reasons, plus the fact that the advanced
incumbent is nearing 70 years of age, we must give the edge to
Shirley Marsh.
Turning towards other races of concern to Lincoln and
Lancaster County voters, probably the most significant race is
that of Lancaster County Commissioner. I strongly endorse
Jan Gauger without qualification.
The chore of picking the best candidates for Lancaster
County Judge is more difficult, what with 10 attorneys
running for only two positions. Four men seem to stand above
the remainder of the pack, however, and voters can feel
confident by voting for any two of them: incumbent judge
Ralph Slocum, Lincoln City Council president Dick Hartsock
and young lawyers John Stevens Berry and Jeffre Cheuvront.
While only Omaha voters will be able to vote in the 2nd
District Regents race, the need for the re-election of Kermit
Hansen cannot be overemphasized. His selection is imnerative
if the University system is to strive for uniform excellence and
if the tax-paying citizens of this state desire their true money's
worth from a great institution of higher education.
Getting back to legislative races outside our immediate
environs, 1st Legislative District voters in Nemaha, Pawnee,
and Richardson Counties are urged to re-elect Falls City
farmer Iving Wiltse, but 3rd District voters of Sarpy county
must replace the ineffective Orval Keyes with Raymond
Lemke of Papillion.
Likewise, Omaha attorney James C. Hart is the man to
supplant the obnoxious Ernest Chambers of the 11th District.
13th District voters might as well re-elect State Senator George
Syas, but in the other Omaha districts-the 5th, 7th, and 9th,
there doesn't seem to be a decent candidate running. For the
vacant 16th District seat up in Thurston, Burt, and Washington
counties, Ray Brown of Blair deserves the nod, as does John
Murphy of South Sioux City in the 17th District of Dixon,
Dakota, and Wayne counties.
I see no candidates worthy of support in the 15th, 21st and
23rd Districts, but Ms. Lamp of Valley is the logical csndidsts
in the 31st District, comprising rural Douglas county. Ralph
Kelley is recommended over incumbent Don Elrod for 35th
District voters out in Grand Island, and Kearney, Franklin, and
Webster county voters are urged to mark their ballots for Gary
Anderson of Axtell in the 37th District race.
Herbert Duis of Gothenburg is deserving of re-election in
the 39th, representing Dawson and Phelps counties, and 41st
District voters (Loup, Garfield, Wheeler, Valley, Greely,
Sherman, and Howard counties) should choose rancher Dennis
Sandhills people of the vast 43rd have a superior candidate
in incumbent Otho Kime of Valentine. 45th District voters of
the new Bellevue seat will find educator Frank Lewis in tune
to their needs, and south Panhandle citizens are requested to
send back incumbent Robert Clark of Sidney. State Senator
Leslie Stull of Alliance merits return by Sioux, Daves, Box
Butte, Sheridan, and Grant county voters in the 49th District.
Constitutional Amendments may be unglamorous, but the
16 we will vote on next week deserve our scrutiny. A yes vote
on Amendments 2 through 16 is recommended, but a no vote
to Amendment 1, raising the age requirements for state
senators, must be cast. For those registered in Lancaster
County, we endorse the City Charter Amendment to increase
compensation for City Council members.
Now get out and votel
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daily nebraskan
Wednesday, november 1, 1972