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Union Board
offers $7,400
to minorities
The Nebraska Union Board voted
unanimously Wednesday to allocate $7,400 to
two campus minority organizations for program
The board did so at the urging of the Union
Program Council (UPC), which recommended
the expenditure in a resolution to the board.
Carol EvansUPC chairman, asked the board
to give 33,400tothe-"Council of American
Indian Students and $3,000 to the Mexican
American Student Association.
The UPC also recommended that the board
study funding requests from other groups
which approach UPC.
Union Board chairman Dave Hoist said the
board's action will not set a precedent, and
developing other sources of funding for
minority student activities is one of the board's
Leroy Ramsey, UNL director of minority
affairs, told the board that as numbers of
minority students increase, the University must
accommodate more activities which interest
Union Director Al Bennett, initially
questioned UPC's request, as did most of the
"There is honestly an end to the funds. Our
cushion fund has been short for the past two,
three four years now. If a group is worthy of
funding, couldn't it come from somewhere else
than this board?"
Ramsey said that obtaininq funds from
outside the University would be possible, but
would take a great deal of initiative.
"At NYU we paid a grant specialist $40,000
a year to pull in $2 million in grants each year.
You have to be more professional in your
outlook," Ramsey said.
Board member Ray Metoyer said "minority
students keep trying to get on the University
budget, but this hasn't sensitized the
administration and they aren't handling their
share of the problems."
Metoyer said he didn't have much faith that
the four student fee Task Forces currently
being set up to study fee distribution would go
far in funding minority programming needs.
The board had been asked to appoint
representatives to serve on the Student
Programming Task Force, Student Facilities
Task Force.
Ramsey suggested some alternatives the
board could check for funding ethnic programs.
He said they could give a minimum aount of
funds to groups, while holding money in reserve
to be allocated later for deserving programs.
Another possibility would be giving
minorities per-student allocations. He also
suggested outside funding, possibly from
Other business at the meeting included a
decision to hold East Union Program Council
interviews at 5 p.m. on November 15th.
The Board also denied a request for
classroom space for a management class to be
held next spring and is currently considering a
request for space from the University Child
Care Project.
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n S"ebSy would reprint bo public and private
college students.
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