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Student cost survey:
UNL near middle
UNL resident students pay higher than average tuition and
fees but lower room and board rates than other land-grant
institutions across the nation and in the Big 8, according to a
recently released survey.
According to a study of student charges at 98 land-grant
colleges and universities, the average resident student pays
$517.50 in tuition, the average non-resident $1,319.50 and the
average cost for room and board is $975.
Resident University students give up $534 annually in
tuition and fees, or 3.2 per cent more than the national
Seven Big Eight schools were included in the survey. The
University of Oklahoma was missing.
Average resident tuition among Big Eight schools is $528.
UNL's tuition ($534) is 1.5 per cent greater than at those
However, the non-resident tuition fee at UNL is less than
both Big Eight and national averages.
Average non-resident tuition and fees hovered at $1,319.50.
UNL's rate of $1,260 is 4.5 per cent lower than the national
average and 4.7 per cent less than the seven Big Eight
institutions' average.
Total resident charges (tuition, fees, room and board) for
UNL students amount to $1,474, or $7 more than the national
average. ,
Non-resident charges total $2,200, $128 (5.5 per cent) less
than the national average. Non-resident Big Eight charges
average $2,281, or 3,5 per cent more than Nebraska's average.
Tuition and Fees 1972-73 School Year
Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
Room and Board 1972-73 School Year
Iowa State
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
State funds will not .be used for constructing 40 new units
of married student f housing on East Campus. Due to a
typographical error in Monday's Daily Nebraskan, UNL
Chancellor James Zumberge erroneously was quoted as saying
money for the.on.its "vwU come from state funds." -
Oil I
Faye Zollicof fer will speak
on racism at the Social Work
Club at 7 tonight in the
Nebraska Union.
2117 '0' ST.
475-6691 after 5:30pm
Dick Day, from the
Committee to Re-Elect the
President, will be at Centennial
College for an open discussion
at 7:30 tonight.
H i 1 1 el Foundation is
sponsoring a weiner roast at 5
p.m. Sunday for UNL Jewish
students in the lounge of
Fairfield Hall in Selleck
Applications for ASUN
Senate vacancies now are being
Recital introduces artists
Review by Carolyn Hull
Saturday night marked the introduction
of artists-in-residence Zara Nelsova and
Grant Johannesen at an invited audience of
the UNL Community. Their Lincoln
performance was third in a series of four
dual recitals. Others will be given at
McCook, Omaha and Norfolk.
The husband-wife team were attracted to
Nebraska through the efforts of University
President D.B. Varner.
"I'm delighted by the caliber of their
artistry and even more so by their warm
human qualities and enthusiasm," Varner
said at a recent press conference.
Returning the compliment, they said the
motivating factor in deciding to come to
Nebraska had been "the persuasive abilities
of Woody Varner." ,
Two other reasons were cited for their
coming-to Nebraska.
; .k i i.nm.iJ
"In our work there is still a great deal of
pioneering to be done. Here we have the
challenge of bringing something we believe
to be very great to people who haven't had
ready access to our type of work,"
Johannesen said.
Both artists have many seasons of touring
to their credit, with hundreds of thousands
of miles on the road. Johannesen said at the
news conference that the audience might
break into tears if he told the story of his
'voyage' to Lincoln.
In announcing their guest residency,
Varner mentioned the possibility of making
their association with Nebraska more
premanent. From early response at both
UNL and other outstate areas they visited, it
appears Nebraska would welcome their
presence with open arms.
Nelsova and Johannesen said only that
the possibility had been discussed, but did
seem open to the idea.
"We have thought of trying to move into
the country, but New York still remains our
home base. For musicians, 57th Street New
York becomes the center of the Universe,"
Johannsesen said.
Johannesen will return to UNL in
November and Neisova in January to give
master lessons, lectures, symposia and solo
At her first masters lesson given recently
Nelsova enthralled an audience of 300
cellists, musicians, and others. Her warm,
interested and concerned manner captured
the audience.
"I find teaching exciting observing the
student absorbing what you're saying,"
Nelsova said.
Their warm human style, which Varner
had stressed, was evident throughout their
Saturday night performance at Kimball
Recital Hall.
The duo opened the recital with
Beethoven, "12 Variation in F" on a theme
from Mozart's "Magic Flute" and "Allegro
Masestoso," from "Sonata in G minor" by
Part II was done by Johannesen. He
played "Gaspard de la Nuit" by Ravel, done
in three parts: "Ondine (the water spirit), Le
Gibet (the gallows) and Scarbo (night spirit).
He brought to life the 'water' and 'night'
of the notes, striking the keys, at times, with
such intense deliberation that the audience
held its breath anticipating the next note's
"Sonata in A" by Franck concluded the
recital highlighting Nelsova's mastery of her
1726 Stardivarius, with Johannesen
complementing on the Steinway grand
Their encore, after three bows, was the
finale from "Sonata" by Robert Cadadesus.
The first public performance of the piece
written by Cadadesus, whom Johannesen
once studied under, was at the recent recital
in McCook.
If their reception in Lincoln is indicative
of a genuine interest by the community, one
would hope there will be other chances to
hear more selections from their repertoire.
Open to all, these would provide a chance
to hear the finest of the fine arts in the
Midwest. In turn this support would
encourage more events in fine arts to take a
chance with the Midwest.
Community groups interested in hearing
Johannesen oNelsova, or possibly both cafiViU
make .arrangements for co-sponsoring a ,
concert or a lecture demonstration by
contacting Vaughn Jaenike.
Jaenike, special assistant to the president
for the arts, and his assistant, Joann Kimball,
are headquartered in the UNL
Administration Building.
taken for Business
Administration and Graduate
and Professional Colleges.
Appointments also will be
made to the following: Council
on Student Health (3) and
advisory board to Scholarships
and Financial Aids (6).
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" , jEjl
Collegians, we have FLOWERS
at Kramer Greenhouse
Roses, Corsages, all your floral needs.
For free delivery anywhere in Lincoln
phone 435-6830 10th and Van Dorn
Open on Sundays
Amps, turntables, 8-track
players, tape decks, guitar
amps, or whatever.
Sound City will give you fast repair service.
TODAY AT 1:00, 3:10,
5:20. 7:30, 9:40
ovy iJco
A lei
Lincoln Army
& Western Store
138 N. llth
f (i o M
"4 I
n i
8:09 Htt
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rMil -Jl ill TV XX
r 1
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S TK fPlm sPecial Guest Stari '
(Tax Incl.)
Box Office
12 Noon
Till 6:00 & 8 00 p.m
line; Jluditoriuifi
Wednesday, October 11, 1972
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