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by Adella Wacker
The girl is pregnant, and her parents are
pressuring her to go outstate for an abortion
Or a boyfriend wants somebody to talk his girl
out of getting an abortion. Or the girl just
thinks she's pregnant, is panicking and doesn t
know what to do.
Anyone involved with a problem pregnancy
can go to Birthright for a concerned listener, a
foster home-for anything but an abortion.
Beth Morgan, Birthright volunteer chairman,
said its philosophy is that Birthright can't
counsel against abortion without offering
alternatives to help girls during and after
The bond between the 44 Birthright
volunteers is believing every human fetus has a
right to live.
Most volunteers are married women witn
children. Many are Catholic, although
Birthright isn't a Catholic group.
"We're considered sort of Establishment on
the question," one volunteer admitted.
Birthright in Lincoln will be one year old
Wednesday. It was started by Mary Alice Pratt,
president, and three others, she said, in reaction
to liberalized New York abortion laws and
publicity about the stream of girls to New
no abortions
The Birthright idea is international. It
started in Canada and now has more than 60
groups in the United States now, Prattsaid.
In Lincoln, all Birthright services can be
provided free to women. Expenses are picked
up through donations. .
A person needing help can call the Birthright
phone number. An answering service will relay
the call to the volunteer on duty.
Pratt said there is someone to take calls I
hours a dav.
Pratt said most of the girls who call haven't
had pregnancy tests yet.
If the girl feeis she can't go to the family
doctor, a volunteer will go with her to one of
seven doctors who cooperate with Birthright.
When the girl comes out of the doctors
office and her face says she's pregnant, the
volunteers can help her make plans.
They stress continued medical care and offer
legal, social and psychiatric counseling, a place
to stay and hospitalization.
One girl was under tremendous pressure, said
Pratt because her parents wanted her to have
an abortion. Birthright sought legal aid to
protect the girl's rights.
However, Pratt said, "We realize we re not
social workers." Any serious counseling is done
by a professional, sne saiu.
Repair work begins
on East Campus
7ZoZcc a $200 bid to replace broken
wJdovT inTe dormttoriesP The heating system also , mg
rebuilt and individual thermostats installed in the rooms,
St meeting that because of money limitations
there may be little immediate action on other problems, but
promised requests would be considered in next year's budget.
' complaints included urinals in women's restroomj . cracking
plaster, broken windows, chairs that didnt fit desks,
insufficient heating, and no bathtubs in women i rest ooms.
A student committee will begin meeting w fh Strait soon to
iron out other grievances. The committee will be made up ot
representativesfrom E CS.ltonL (
At tne oepiemuci mf's , .
,ontinn to the East Campus dormitories on a .communication
. -i-. -a. U. nmmlttOI I
onH cnnrratea ine siuubihw""
V""" : y
. X
Faculty Senate .
Continued from pafje 1
grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation,
Zumberge said. The grant will go to the
University of Nebraska Press to encourage
; publication of more scholarly works, he
The Chancellor also announced that the
library has begun to standardize its book
classification system. The library currently
uses both the Dewey and Library of
Congress systems. Zumberge said the two
will be merged in about 18 months.
While giving a report from the University
convocations committee, Craig MacPhee,
assistant professor of economics and
committee chairman, said the administration
had abridged the First Amendment by not
dismissing classes for the keynote speech of
last year's World in Revolution Conference.
One all-university convocation usually is
held each year. Traditionally, classes have
been dismissed for the event. Heidi Clark,
women's rights activist, gave the address last
Vear- , t
MacPhee said the board also is guilty of
infringing on free speech. He said the
November, 1971, student fee freeze imposed
by the board caused Conference problems,
especially in getting speakers' contracts
signed and financing publicity.
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