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by Ron Clingenpeel
Somf?wh(.?re in tin; collective mind of
City Campus then.1 is an image ol an
"East Campus Resident ."
Many think of cowboys in pointed
boots, fresh blue jeans, western shuts,
short hair and felt cowboy hats. Otheis
visualize sunburnt faces and duty work
shuts, lace boots and hand-tooled belts.
Or how about long skirts, anklets, no
first date kisses and girls who always are
asleep by nine o'clock-unless a class
forces them to stay up to the ripe old
hour of 10.
One might be surprised to find on East
Campus male students with beards or
mustaches, long hair, wire-r im glasses and
street shoes.
Not that many sunburnt faces or
rough hands are evident, and girls are out
on midnight dates (even on week nights).
Heaven forbid, they're even wearing hot
"We don't like being stereotyped,"
sti oils ai ound campus.
Often, students don't live on East
Campus just because they are enrolled
Shaion Johnson says she likes living on
East Campus because of the trees, plenty
of grass and open spaces.
"It's quiet," says Dale Ekart. "If you
want to get away from things, you're
away. If you want to get into activities
you can go down to City Campus."
But the campus means mote to
students than just a pretty area in the
"It's home," says Colglazer.
Some students feel that because there
are fewer people, one gets to know more
of them, and there is a higher degree of
trust and family life than on City
"Out here there can be harmony
between cowboys and long hairs," says
o more
Etna Colglazer says. "We're individuals."
East Campus students have their own
life style's.
They live in the alieady obsolete
dorms 01 join tin; stampede into new
apartment houses which dot tin;
tier; lined sheets to the southeast like a
rampant case of measles. Oi they move
west to find cheapci tents in tlx; Clinton
aiea. Others fill fast Campus hatei nities
and co ops.
Posleis on then walls lange horn Ukki
No. 1 in the buff to free Angela Davis to
the meat culling chait of a mrde gnl.
(Rump toast, hind quartets, etc.) 1 hi;y
have then tan shaie of fish nets hanging,
Given iheir diversity, it's not surprising
to tind that at least oik; thud of the
students enrolled at I asl Campus do not
conn; from larm or ranch backgrounds.
Many city guls enioll in home economics,
ami Iheie are students in almost every
aiea of aqiiculltne who come fiom uiban
ai eas.
5ut they all shaie Ihe unique
atmospheie of f asl Campus itself .
I he I .rst Union is not on! inually
overflowed. Ihe walk belwei'ii (lasses is
oltt'ii quiet and even sohlaiy. Ihe
tianquilily of wide (.pen .paces alrnosl
demands study on Ihe lawns and long
East Campus does have some special
pi oblems.
There an; lew businesses in the
immediate aiea and the East Union oilers
little for students. The Union has only a
I V lounge, snack bar, ping pong tables,
pool tables and basketball courts.
The new East Campus Union
hopefully will offer more for students.
Proposed facilities foi the new building
include a combination snack hat and
coffee house, grill and kitchen facilities,
foui bowling lanes, space fni recreational
facilities and office space for st:;ff and
Some students compl.iin that the
campus offers little foi them to do
outside of class.
liul Johnson says that all it takes for a
student to (jet what 1 1 n -y need and want is
the initiative! lo go oil campus. She says
Ihere an; always hiends with cais and
legular bus schedules if studi-nls can't
walk to when; they want to go.
Meanwhile, the ( ampus does have its
own atmospheie and maybe that special
atmosphere docs have something to do
with why people piefcr living mil then;.
Ihe le.ison for atnios!he, ni.jy
be haid to pin down, but as John'.' say:.,
" I her e mi e,l !e soi i i' ' ' .': i ii M ' i; or
people would I. i ly (',, ' ,
Turn insic $