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by Jim Johnston
WEST POINT, N Y. -Bob Devancy didn't mean for it to
"Y o j 'icvt-r enjoy hurni! iating a team," he said. "b','t
y-'j (.ari'- os! the reserves not to try."
ind yOM cdn'T ask the coaches not to try either, Even with
Nebid'K) lading Airny 5C 0 late in the third quarter Saturday,
Devi'ioy couldn't resist a friendly shot at an official after a
contr ovursial call.
"What t hj hell is going on out there?" Devaney asked.
"You officials have to quit trying to be so damn patriotic."
One official broke out in lauohter and npmlv nit hit
- j " -
whi-itl" out of his mouth. It would have taken a lot more than
patriotic officials to help Army Saturday. They could have
'.vom, red, white and blue striped shirts and the final score
would s'il! have lead Nebraska 77, Army 7.
The Oji nhuskers had outclassed Army to such an extent
?hot it created a new probelm for the Nebraska staiters. How
do you keep entertained when you're not accustomed to
.'Mwiri on the bench for nearly the entire second h j If?
z.vU' r-r.'l Rob Revelle asked i? anybod had a deck of crdi.
D;vd HiH-p, r',ted on the yiound and signed autographs for
t -e f.m;, 'vivo mol;bed the Nebraska bench as early as the third
0'." 'A' i'i Hoi pei talked with a .cout from the New Yoi k
Jets. And Rich Glover, who always adds a little class to
everything he does, had a family reunion. , .right thereon the
"0 y.irij im.' -t Michie Stadium.
The ABC television crew must have been &s embarraised as
Army for selecting such a massacre to show to more than half
the In 9n effort to keep their audience entertained,
I HI NfW PAY" takes on oLi linw f-ivorite and odds a new timp twit W U
cnM r-r, MOCCASINOS. Sfykd hy Connu,, with hnvy rollod seam, KanH
'.Cur,-;! $16. Saddle mity driftwood or brown driftvood.
Wjb rfev VovJ wow CoNWiE M0CCASINO5)
" , -jr,:": A
they focused their cameras on the Nebraska bench during the
fourth quarter.
But Glover, who was the center of attention, didn't want to
cooperate. The Nebraska middle guard doesn't like to smile for
the cameras when he's not wearing his front false tooth.
"Come on, Frog, give the people a smile," Haipor ui;od.
"Let 'em see how mean you look without that tooth."
Glover finally cooperated. His smile was the highlight of the
fourth quarter, unless you think watching the second and thud
units score without any problem is more entertaining.
Things were so ridiculous in the fourth quarter that
Devaney instructed reserve quarterback Steve Runty to keep
the ball on the ground. There was no effort to intention. dly
humiliate the Army team.
It was almost embarrassing for the Cornhuskers to win by
such a margin. But the players weren't complaining. As
Johnny Rodgers obsei ved: "It sure beats losing."
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Duane Glovor . . . borrows brother Rich's iniior.
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