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MONDAY, JULY 16,1972
Dog owners reminded . . .
Low requires rabies shots
Compliance by dog-owners
with Nebraska's vaccination
law .an help reduce the
incidence of rabies, according
to a University of
Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)
Extension veterinarian.
Dogs arc not the leading
rabies carrier, but rabies
controlled through them could
result in fewer rabies cases,
veterinarian Dr. Alex Hogg
A 1970 state law requires
vaccination of every dog four
months old or older and the
vaccination within 30 days of
such dogs moved into
During the past five years,
the greatest incidence of rabies
has- been found in skunks,
cattle, cats and dogs, in that
order. It even has been
detected in bats, Hogg said.
In the last 10 years, the
infectious disease has killed 23
Th Rol.h Muftllar Planetarium
at th Unlvurtity of Nabraika Stat
Mutaum taaturn "Tha lea Au
Atttonorrwr," Tha iky thowt ara
prantad at 245 p.m. Monday
through f rirtay and at 7 30 and
3 45 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and
holidayi. Groupt of 10 or mora
may maka arranumant for ftpac'al
Major library unttt includa Cow
Library, Law Library,
Undargraduata Library at Mabraika
Mil or Mary Kav Ouinlan
Mutuiuu ManairMary Uoranbach
published nina limaa during tha
tummer wi(in ime in the
lirrt arwion and fhrac In the
ccond. Information for
publication may b brought to
31V Nebra.ka Hall or
telephnnrd to 472 J377.
6J6 BEACON STREET (No. 605),
Rmaarch Malarial for Tarmpapan,
RaporU, Thatai, ate. Lowatt Pncat,
Sama Day Sarviea. For information,
writa or call (317) 636 9700.
worship in the quiet
10:30 am Sunday
For information and
rides call:
; ; ; v(
v . -
X ' . - t ?A :l
Director Herb Karloff holds one of more
than 12,000 animals the Eppley Institute
maintains for cancer research.
persons. Those exposed to
rabies must submit to a series
of 14 immunization
vaccinations, and every year,
about 30,000 persons undergo
the daily series.
But many must do so simly
because the animal bit them
escaped or was not available to
test for rabies.
A physician only can
assume that the animal was
rabid and must recommend
that immunization be carried
out, the veterinarian said.
Many other needless
vaccinations result when the
suspected animal is shot in the
head, destroying the brain,
which is needed for a
laboratory diagnosis of rabies,
he explained.
Hogg recommended these
to visit
Hall and tha C V. 1 hornpjon
LibrHr" on Eatt Camput Library
noun: 7:30 am. to 10 20 P m.
Monday through Thurtday; 7:30
a.m. to 4 bO P m Friday, 7 bO a m.
to 4 bO p m Saturday, 6 to 10 20
p m Sunday
Shalrion Marnorial Art Gallary
artd Sculptura Gardart, 1 if t h and R
Straati, aiihibili a pormanant
collaction artd pariodic vpacial
thowingt Summar gallary iiuurt:
10 I in. to fi p.m. Tuowlay through
Saturday, 2 to B p m. Sunday,
"loiad Monday and holidy
Tha Univarnty ot Nbraka
Stata Mutaum, 14th and U bual,
faaturat autlio tourt of aKtiitiitt,
Hall of Elaphanti, Hall of Nabraika
Wildlita, Hall of Man, Haalth
Scianca Qallariat Mutaum hourt: 8
a m. to S p m Monday tttrouuh
Saturday; 1 30 to 6 pm. Sunday
and holidayt
GUW and mkh&g j
set at
procedures in case of animal
- If at all possible, capture
the animal alive. If the animal
must be shot, avoid hitting it in
the head.
- A dog that has bitten a
person should be confined in a
pound for 10 days. If signs of
rabies have not developed by
then, it may be assumed that
the rabies virus could not have
been in the dog's saliva at the
time of the bite.
- Since incubation time of
the rabies varies widely in wild
animals, they should be taken
immediately to a laboratory
for diagnosis. Rubber gloves
should be worn when handling
-Animals suspected of
being rabid should he
submitted to the State Public
Health Laboratory in the
Capitol Building for the
Veterinary Diagnostic
Laboratory, UNL Last
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If I Had A Million 1932
The Great Chase
The Fatal Glass of Beer
Tuesday, July 11 7:00 pm NU Small Aud.
Adm. 75 i Sponsored by the IMebr. Union
Thousands of persons are
expected to attend the
University of Nebraska Field
Laboratory's 10th anniversary
commemoration Thursday at
The event is being observed
in conjunction with the 21st
annual Tractor Power and
Safety Day, so the entire field
laboratory will be open to
One of the newest additions
to the experiment station is the
Behlen Astronomy laboratory
with a 30-inch telescope. The
University physics department
officially will dedicate the
observatory next spring.
Visitors also will see the
horticulture and forestry
department's extensive
plantings of chrysanthemums
and wild flowers and 902
varieties of roses.
The Mead experiment
station also has research
facilities of the University's
, Medical College and the
Eugene C. Epley Institute for
Research in Cancer and Allied
Diseases. Eppley Institute
researchers, experiment on
rabbits, mice, rats and hamsters
to find a cure for cancer.
New agricultural
installations on the 9,500 acre
tract include a beef
confinement unit, in which
200 experimental animals have
been confined since the first
week of June for a study of the
effects of a modified
environment versus open let.
A new animal science feed
mill and a new seed processing
center also have been added.
Some of the program
underway at the Field
Laboratory include:
-Plant breeding and
improvement work on corn,
alfalfa, clover, sorghum,
perennial grasses, soybeans,
wheat and small grains.
-Pasture management.
-Dairy production,
nutrition and management.
-Beef cattle management,
nutrition and reproduction.
- Swine and sheep breeding,
nutrition and management.
- Irrigation research.
-Entomological studies of
the biology, life history,
ecology, economic damage and
control of insects affecting
-Veterinary science studies
of animal diseases and fly
leedlot waste
water pollution.
The Tractor Power and
Safety Day exhibits at Mead
will feature tractor design
improvements to save lives.
Demonstrations and
discussions presented by the
agricultural engineering
department will include fire
fighting methods and other
features for farmers and
:5 "hdvota ;;
new & uud ears
ulei & same
m ; I
Field Lab
Hundreds of varieties of roses are grown at the Field Lab.
Efforts are being made to develop a "Nebraska" rose, one
best suited to the state's changeable climate.
V; SsT
JrJ V r
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'U I' A A" : .
Milk production research ii
of animal science. The milk it
Photos by
Karen Steinbruegge
NU School of Journalism
feCTl ft 0PEN -
lUPfW frL I tun. tt 10
C 1
5545 "O"
Phone :
t 1 fts a
'Jack Lemmon is devastatingly
hilarious." -ARTHUR KNIGHT, Sat. Review
aA . Jh
' II
'I ' "Niroior
El-1 1 t
i '
conducted by the department
sold to local cooperatives.
All makes and styles Timex
repaired. Watch Bands
13th & R Campus Bookstore
"At The Yellow Back Door",
J - II i . I
on unaer i eacn
itarting at $1.49
(also itrving sandwichei)
m 1
- K: sir . iJ
Poli Sci
work in
Learning about government
and politics by working in the
statehouse or the state
headquarters of a political
party isn't quite the same as
learning about government and
politics in a political science
But in the past two years,
28 political science students
have had the opportunity to do
both through the political
science department's intern
Dr. Carroll McKibbin,
department chairman, said the
program was started to provide
"exposure to the practical sides
of government."
Both kinds of interns, those
assigned to state agencies and
those assigned to political
parties, receive three hours
independent study credit for
their practical experience and
additional readings and
research, McKibbin said.
But the internships also
provide part-time employment.
State government interns are
paid $600 for a semester of
half-time work. State party
interns work one-sixth time for
Assignments for the interns
have varied.
"One intern with the
Democratic Party did an
analysis of the impact that
lowering the voting age would
have on the chances of the
Democrats carrying the first
congressional district,"
McKibbin said. The study
showed that the high student
population in the first district
potentially could have
considerable effect, he said.
"The Republicans usually
have the interns keep a
scrapbook ... of the
Democrats," McKibbin said.
Other political party
headquarters interns have
written press releases, indexed
a book on Democratic Party
history, done routine research,
worked in various candidate
I - "I
I Come out and get acquainted j
Thursday nite 7:30 - 8:30 J
j 5C fop br i
' at the j
! i
w tt a rm
To prevent heart from melting, keep away from ring!
I Jl J'1
144 O
headquarters during elections,
attended fund-raising dinners
and county political meetings.
"With the presidential
election coming up this fall,
our two interns with the
political parties should be in
for some interesting activity,"
McKibbin said.
State, government interns
have worked in the budget
department, the Technical
Assistance Agency, the Office
of Economic Development,
personnel and the League of
McKibbin said the problem
with placing statehouse interns
is finding state agencies with
the money to pay them.
"Most of the kids we've
placed with state agencies are
highly competent and have
expressed an interest in a
career in state government,"
McKibbin said.
Most departments have
assigned interns to "single-shot
tasks" that would take time
out of the regular routine for
the other employees in the
department, he said.
Two interns in the Office of
Economic Development
compiled a book of
information on operations of
-various departments of state
But a number of students
have complained of being
bored, McKibbin said. "Still,
you can learn more than you
think just by being there to
absorb the operations of state
government," he said.
Only one former intern now
works for the state, but others
have turned down job offers to
attend graduate school or law
school, McKibbin said.
The political science
internships are part of a "trend
toward more involvement in
off-campus things, more kinds
of practical experiences,"
McKibbin said.
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