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ASUN Senate fell three senators short of the 24-member
quorum necessary to conduct business at the senate's
Wednesday meeting in the East Campus Union.
But a straw vote of the senators present indicated most
senators will make an effort to attend a short meeting next
Wednesday to "wrap up" business before school ends.
The senate accepted-but was unable to suspend the rules
for a vote on-two resolutions that their respective sponsors
said will be of little value next week.
The first, .introduced by Sen. Kathy Clinton, would
encourage faculty members to abstain from giving
examinations during dead week and encourage:
"Any student who has a final during dead week of May
1972, to report these exams to 472-2581. Also any student
who wishes to comment on the present scheduling of exams
may call the same number"
First Vice President Sam Brower said the purpose of the
project was to "compile" data on the number of times the
no-exam rule for dead week is broken.
He urged all students to call the number, despite the
nontreatment of the resolution.
The second would endorse a dance being held this Friday to
raise money for the Louis Cooper Defense Fund.'
Louis Cooper was the human relations coordinator for the
Lincoln Action Program who was arrested this winter on drug
President Bruce Beecher told the senate of, and received
their support for, two publications intended to help orient
in-coming UNL freshmen.
The first, Beecher said, will be sent to freshmen during the
, X x"
'JMMMMllllmrf?ai -
IMlVv ,
Dear Bujilc:
"Something strange has hap
pened. An unusual recording by
a relatively unknown arist has
made it big on Top 40 radio. I am
referring to "American Pic" by
Don Mclxan.
Now that's not really the
strange part. What is strange is
that many supposedly aware
people have condemned the
record as being top 40 shit!
I object!
I would ask these dilletantcs.
some of whom have indignantly
and pedantically complained to a
VVZMF morning jockey about his
playing the record, to listen with
awareness and sensitivity to the
whole recording.
Iet McLean speak of the day
"Music" died. The "Music" of
another age. An age when it was
so very good and easy not to have
to think too deeply. Yesterday,
when your troubles seemed far
away. Allow Mclean to outline
for you as no history teac her ever
has. the events that brought us
w here we are today. . . the demise
of I'his. the incredible influence
of the Beatles, the assasination of
President Kennedy, the Demo
cratic convention of 1968. the
passing of Janis Joplin and all
that n.eant. the inauguration of
President Nixon, and the moon
flights to mention just a few.
After that first big step. listen
to Mclean's "American Pic"
album! Mclxan shows himself to
be not only a wonderful musician
but an intensely beautiful poet.
One cut. "Vincent! says all
there is to know about the genius
that was Vincent Van Gogh. Mind
you. Don Mclean does not write
song lyrics but poetry. McLean's
story' of Van Gogh's struggle with
himself and with an 'audience'
which was not yet ready to even
tolerate him fills the listener with
rage and pity.
I find very, very little of any
real value in the wide world of
art. Don Mclcan is an exception.
In the midst of a thousand heroic
attempts. McLean has made it.
Not since Dylan have I been so
excited about a poet-musician.
Please listen to him!"
David P. Ziglin
Rl. . Box 375
Mukwanuyo. Wisconsin
VT''f r
IF I- ''Q
On United Artist. Records & Tapes
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summer. Called the "Student Organizations Handbook," it will
contain information on major UNL student groups, he said,
including descriptions of their major projects and information
on hew a student can become involved in the group.
The second, the "Freshman Record," will go to students
the first or second week of next year's fall term, Beecher said.
It is to include nine pages of information about ASUN and
pictures of all incoming freshmen and lists of their high school
The book, printed by Collegiate Press, will be done at no
expense to ASUN, Beecher said. He said freshmen will have
the option of buying it or not.
Ann Henry, chairman of a committee set up to study the
ASUN standing committees structure, said her committee
recommends that the executives combine the education
committee and the committee for educational reform, but
leave the human rights and legal rights committees separate.
Although committee structuring is an executive perogative,
Beecher readily agreed to follow the committee's
This leaves a new position, chairmanship of the human
rights committee, to be filled during chairmanship interviews,
which are continuing this week.
Another temporary committee studying ASUN salaries will
report to the senate next fall, according to its chairman. Vines
Sen. Bruce Cadwallader was appointed ASUN
representative on a committee studying the use of space in the
planned East Campus Union, according to the suggestions of
the student organizations' representatives.
The Art Lending Library
is checking in all art from
this semester today and
tomorrow from 2-5 p.m.
Please bring all pictures
to Room 237 in the Union.
President's Commission
Marijuana and Drug Abuse
TUESDAY, MAY 9, 1 972
3:30 p.m.
Nebraska Union Ballroom
ll:30 RAP
Schramm Lounge
ll 30 N. 14th St.
sponsored by Union Talks & Topics