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Notional champion: tough act to follow
by Jim Johnston
Nebraska's football team
picked a totigh act to follow.
What do you do for an encore
following a national
The best answer, of course,
is to win another national title.
Not so easy, however.
At least Nebraska head
coach Bob Devaney didn't
think it was too easy.
"I'd call our chances of
winning another national
championship a shot in the
dark at this time," Devaney
said at the start of the season,
" a real shot in the dark."
It wasn't that Devaney was
pessimistic about the 1971
edition of the Cornhuskers. It
was just that he was realistic.
None of the past five
champions in the Associated
Press poll had repeated.
"We've got another fine
team," said Devaney, "but
we're not tooting our horn
until we prove ourself."
That was in August . . . five
months ago. There was a
12-game schedule facing the
Cornhuskers, including the
always rugged Big Eight
Nebraska, however, was still
favored by most pollsters to
retain its national title. The
Cornhuskers were rated No. 1
by United Press International
and No. 2, behind Notre Dame,
in the Associated Press poll.
The Cornhuskers have lived
up to their pre-season billing.
Nebraska owns a 12-0 mark
and is rated No. 1 by every
Orange Bowl history
'33-Miami (fla.) 7
Manhattan 0
'34- Duquesne 33
Miami (Ha.) 0
'35-tucKmell 26
Miami (Fla.) 0
'36-Catholic U 21
Mississippi 19
'37 Duquesne 13
Mississippi St. 12
'38-Auburn 6
Michigan St. 0
'39 Tennessee 1 7
Oklahoma 0
'40 Georgia Tech 21
Missouri 7
'41 Mississpi St. 14
Georgetown 7
'42 Gerogia 40
TCU 26
'43 Alabama 37
Boston College 21
'44-LSU 19
Texas A & M 14
'45-Tulsa 26
Georgia Tech 1 2
'46-Miami (Fla.) 13
Holy Cross 0
47-Rice 8
Tennessee 0
'48-Georgia Tech 20
Kansas 14
'49-Texas 41
Georgia 28
'50-Santa Clara 21
Kentucky 13
51 Clemson 1 5
Miami (Fla.) 14
'52-Georgia Tech 1 7
Baylor 14
'53 -Alabama 61
Syracuse 6
'54 Oklahoma 7
Maryland 0
'55-Ouke 34
Nebraska 7
'56-Oklahoma 20
Mayland 6
'57 Colorado 27
Clemson 21
'58-Oklahoma 48
Duke 21
'59-Oklahoma 21
Syracuse 6
'60-Georgia 14
Missouri 0
'61 -Missouri 21
Navy 14
'62-LSU 25
Colorado 7
'63 Alabama 1 7
Oklahoma 0
'64-Nebraska 13
Auburn 7
'65-Texas 21
Alabama 1 7
'66-Alabama 39
Nebraska 28
'67-Florida 27
Georgia Tech 1 2
'68-Oklahoma 26
Tennessee 24
'69 Penn State 15
Kansas 14 .
'70-Penn State 10
Missouri 3
'71 -Nebraska 17
LSU 12
Schedules go Wednesday
Schedules for second
semester classes will be sent
Wednesday to students who
pre-rcgistered. According to
the UNL administration office
it is hoped all students will
receive their schedules before
they leave for vacation. All
schedules will be mailed to the
students' Lincoln address.
January 7 will be the last
day to return signed and
verified registration forms.
The free drop and add
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12, and 14. After this time
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Second semester classes will
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factory trained
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Large selection of VW parts
also Dynamic wheel
balance with
snow tires purchased.
27th & Orchard
Get dad a tie (what else?)
at the Hltchin' Post.
He'll even like this one.
major national poll (except,
maybe, those computers in
But when you listen to
Devaney and the Nebraska
players, it sounds as if things
really haven't changed much
since the start of the season.
They no longer consider their
national championship chances
"a . shot in the dark," but
they're not tooting their horns
yet, either.
No. 2 rated Alabama, one of
the nation's biggest surprises
this year, is waiting for a shot
at Nebraska in the Orange
Bowl New Year's night.
Nebraska already owns the
UPI national championship for
1971, but the AP conducts its
final poll after the bowl games.
The Orange Bowl winner will
decide the AP national title.
And as far as the Cornhuskers
are concerned, the only true
national championship can be
won New Years night ... an
undisputed title.
What's been the success
story for Nebraska? What has
separated the Cornhuskers this
year from other pre-seasori
contenders Notre Dame, Texas,
Ohio State and Southern
California. Why did Nebraska
survive in 1971?
To point at the Nebraska
coaching staff and credit their
success in preparing the
Cornhuskers strategically is too
Football is more than a
physical game. It's more than
having strong physical athletes.
It's a mental struggle. You have
to be prepared mentally each
Saturday afternoon . . .
regardless of who you're
That's where Nebraska was
No. 1 in 7 1 . Husker fans were
talking about the
Nebraska-Oklahoma game since
the middle of October, but
that showdown of the Big
Eight powerhouses wasn't
mentioned by the Nebraska
players and coaches until it was
a reality.
Nebraska fans laughed each
weekend leading up to the
Husker-Sooner showdown
when Devaney said: "So and so
has a fine football team. We'll
have to be ready this weekend.
This is the best team we've
played yet this season."
But the Husker players
weren't laughing. Devaney had
the players believing him.
Listening to co-captains
Jerry Tagge and Jim Anderson
talk about next weekends game
was like listening to a recording
of Devaney. "So and so has a
fine football team."
It wasn't easy to think
about next week's game with
Oklahoma looming in the
future, but Nebraska did it.
And that, perhaps, is the
Cornhusker success story.
Now Nebraska faces another
psychological battle.
It's not often that a regular
season game receives as much
national publicity as did the
Nebraska-Oklahoma game this
year. The Huskers were rated
No. i and Oklahoma No. 2
going into the Thanksgiving
Day battle. It was called the
"Game of The Decade" for the
national championship.
Nebraska won, 35-31, and
claimed the UPI title. But that
didn't mark the end of the
season for the Huskers.
"It doesn't seem right," said
Husker quarterback Jerry
Tagge. "The Oklahoma game
should have been the end of
the season. It was like that
game meant the whole season
to us. It doesn't seem right that
we have to do it again."
But that's exactly the case.
The Huskers have to play their
second national championship
game within five weeks.
-Added to the problems of
preparing a team to perform
such a feat, Nebraska's
coaching staff has an additional
problem. A five-day vacation in
Hawaii (where Nebraska also
played a football game) makes
it even harder to come back to
Nebraska and practice football
in freezing temperatures.
How will the Huskers react?
"I don't know why they
should quit now," said
Devaney. "They've come this
far without having a mental
letdown. Every . game we've
played this season has b"en for
the national championship."
Except aspirin won't do much for a napalm burn.
Burned bv our naoalm. maimed bv our scrapnel. v
mortally diseased and born hideously deformed .
from the effects of our lavishly sprayed defoliants,
these victims of Nixon's war have virtually
nowhere to turn for help.
Consequently, several concerned medical, religious, . .
educational and professional organizations have
formed a Medical Aid Committee for Indochina. '
And this year, the U.S. National Student
Association is working with the Committee, trying '
to heal some of the wounds. ,
We need your help.
This holiday season, give a gift to the Indochinese
people in the form of a donation to the U.S.
Medical Aid Committee for Indochina. You can
have the gift placed in a friend or relative's name
and they will receive a holiday greeting card
explaining the specific medical project the
donation was utilized for.
Ail support received by the Committee will be used'
to supply direct medical aid to the myriad civilian
war casualties in North and South Vietnam,
Cambodia and Laos.
If you like, we can provide you with information
regarding our organization, its sponsors, policies
and purposes. Your donation, no matter what size,
can be earmarked for a specific country or project.
Or you can trust us to apply it where it will do the
most good.
Send your check, money order or request for
further information to the United States Medical
Aid Committee for Indochina, 2115 S. Street,
N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008. (202) 387-51 CO.
Medical Aid
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