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Reform ?
There aren't many UNL students who at one .time or 1
another haven't found themselves in a crowded
classroom listening to an uninspired professor drone on
and on about some subject deemed vital to a college
education by long-dead administrators who decided
decades ago to make it part of a group requirement.
Most students shruff off such situations. After all,
the financial benefits realized by obtaining a college
degree are worth a certain number of intellectual insults
and a few hours a week of shifting around in a creaking
wooden chair. The degredation only lasts about four
A few conscientious students at one extreme turn
their other cheek and try valiantly to find worth in
worthless courses, and a few conscientious students at
the other extreme get angry enough to either leave
school or try o change the educational system that
produced the worthless courses.
These activist students, outnumbered by their
apathetic fellow students and snubbed by many faculty
members and administrators, face seemingly
insurmountable barriers in fighting for educational
reform. u
But, surprisingly enough, dedicated students have
made an impact on the academic offerings of the
University. The increased student activism of the '60s
did not escape Nebraska. Centennial College was in large
part the child of ASUN's educational reform committee.
Increased passfail and independent study options are
the results of diligent work on the part of various
college advisory boards.
Today The Daily Nebraskan starts a four-part series
that takes a look at the numerous channels for
educational innovation that have opened to students at
UNL over the past few years.
Unfortunately, the series seems to reveal a lessening
of interest in educational reform among the students
who recently have so vigorously supported it. There is
even talk that Nebraska Free Univesity may fold for
lack of interest.
Throughout the country the decrease in radicalism
on college campuses has usually been interpreted as an
increase in responsibility on the part of students, a
stronger tendency to work through channels.
But at UNL the end of the age of radicalism could be
ushering in another age of stupor. If this is so, the
University may soon return to the stagnant status quo
which was so prevalent in educational institutions
before students challenged it.
Steve Strasser
Political power
Youth power. What role will it play in the .1972
Presidential election?
If last weekend's Emergency Conference for New
Voters in Chicago is any indication, youth can play an
important role in next year's elections. Students from
nearly every state met in Chicago to formulate a
National Youth Caucus.
In the coming months the non-partisan Youth
Caucus, with the help of local groups, will work on
registering young voters, reforming the political parties
and electing youth-oriented candidates to local and
national political conventions.
One of the reasons the caucus was formed was that it
appears the two major parties are not particularly
anxious to welcome the newly enfranchised voters as full
participants in the politics of 1972. The caucus will
ericourage youth-oriented candidates to seek delegate
positions to the national conventions so the Democrats
and the Republicans, will not simply fill their "youth
slots" on their delegations with young party hacks.
The potential of the youth vote is tremendous since
an estimated 25 million youth will be eligible to vote in
their first Presidential election in 1972. Many hope that
1972 will see the emergence of youth-oriented
campaigns like those of Robert Kennedy and Eugene
McCarthy in 1968.
The campaigns of Kennedy and McCarthy in 1968
showed that the structure of the old politics can buckle
under hard pressure when it is correctly applied.
Hopefully, the Youth Caucus in 1972 can have more
success in cracking the old politics.
Gary Seacrest
Win 9 s a
'How many times do I have to tell you? I AM NOT HERE! "
bob russoll
Ebenezer Scrooge's
guide to Christmas
Well, Christmas cheer is here
once again. Those delightful
Christmas television
commercials are on and we
have the opportunity to
partake of that pleasure of
Christmas shopping and giving
gifts to our loved ones and
relatives. Here I help you out
with some helpful handy tips I
have collected over the years.
How do you find out what
they want?
The most obvious way to
find out what someone wants
is to ask them. Howeverthis is
rather obvious and takes all the
deception out of gift giving.
The most successful method
I have found goes like this: if
you are a man and wish to find
out what your wife or some
other woman wants, go to the
' nearest phone booth, lift the
phone off the hook, put your
handkerchief over the receiver
and proceed to make an
obscene phone call. Dial her
number, and when she answers,
breath heavily (Aaaaagh,
Hmuunngh, Aaaarggh,
Hmnuuugh, Raaargh, Haargh).
Then ask her suddenly what
she wants for Christmas. She'll
be so shocked that she will tell
What are some good
guidelines on the amount to be
spent for gifts?
With this simple guide, you
can get a good idea of how
much to spend on particular
Group One ($20 and
above): political associates,
business friends and large
business customers.
Group Two ($10-$20):
people with whom you have an
illicit romantic relationship or
your fiance.
Group Three ($5.99-$9.99):
children, brothers, sisters,
parents and wife.
Group Four ($2.99 $5.99):
anyone in none of the above or
below groups.
Group Five (zero-$2.99):
in-laws and other outlaws.
First of all, you must decide
if the person really deserves a
gift. What did he or she give
you last year? How much did it
cost? With these things in
mind, you can easily eliminate
a few people you used to call
"friend." You know where
their hearts really are.
Another tip is 'to shop at
discount stores, remove the
brand label, and replace it with
the label of a well-known
brand. The sucker getting the
gift will never know the
difference, until the gift
collapses two weeks later.
What is the proper way to
wrap and present a gift?
Preferably, the gift should
be completely wrapped, so that
the person can't tell what the
gift is. But remember not to
wrap the gift with the same
paper in which they wrapped
your gift the year before.
Remember to leave the
price tag on the gift, so the
people know where your heart
is. If the price was not quite
high enough, blank price tags
can be bought at any office
supply store.
Who should one send
Christmas cards to?
Similar to gifts, you can
check your Christmas card list.
If they haven't sent you a card
lately. Golden Rule them and
don't sent them one.
Otherwise, make sure all of
your non-Christian friends
receive a card with a quote
from the New Testament on it.
Wh3t kind of Christmas tree
should one get?
Usually people get a tree of
the fir variety, although Dutch
Elms, Walnuts, etc. are
permissible. One particularly
"together" tree for you
members of the "now
generation" is one I saw in a
local discount store. It's a
plastic, artificial fir tree
sprayed with pink flourescent
artificial snow. Under a black
light, this jewel will make for a
particularly psychedelic