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by Jim Johnston
HONOLULU-The highlight
of Nebiaska's five-day trip to
Hawaii wasn't the football
game. The Cornhuskers,
although scoring a 45-3 win
over the University of Hawaii,
didn't dominate the game as
There were rumors in
Honolulu last week the
Cornhuskers weren't even
going to bring their starting
unit to the islands. But as it
turned out, Nebraska Coach
Bob Devaney was forced to use
his starters most of the game.
disappointing part of the trip.
The Nebraska reserves had
planned on making this their
"We were talking about our
iThe female fan-.out of theCornhuskers stumble in
kitchen and into the fray fwo weekend bombumers
bv Malcolm MacPhersor
. and Vern E. Smith
Newweek Feature Service
Following that fine old
maxim of American
pragmatism, "If you can't lick
'em, join 'em," thousands of
women are becoming football
Cannily capitulating to the
power of a male institution,
the television football weekend
(a fall and winter ordeal that
begins Saturday afternoon and
ends after midnight on
Tuesday morning) the women
have come out of the linen
closet into the dim light of the
18-to-23 inch tube.
NO LONGER do they lurk
in the kitchen, sulk over the
ironing board or even, as a last
desperate resort, join their
husbands and watch with
sullen faces or perhaps girlish
bewilderment. Instead, they
are finding out what makes
football so fascinating, savoring
the violence, looking with cool
and learned detachment on the
intricacies of the zone, the
trap, the bump-and-run.
"Men don't really know all
that much about football,"
says Chicago Bears partisan
Doris Laurini. "If the truth be
known, there are thousands of
men-football watchers all of
them-who don't know Rule 1
about the game."
MRS. LAURINI is a sort of
living symbol of the feminine
takeover of one of the
country's last male redoubts.
Not content to read everything
available on the subject, to see
every possible game and even
to have her own machine for
taping games, she has actually
begun to teach football-and to
other women, at that!
A pretty mother of two,
Mrs. Laurini, 26, teaches a
non-credit extension course in
pro football for Triton College
in the Chicago suburb of
Hillside.. She lectures to her
class, analyzing plays on a
videotape TV set. by the end
of the 25-hour course, she had
led her charged-all women,
except for one sheepish
fundamentals and deeply into
the most arcane details of the
draw and wishbone-T.
football field does not in the
least faze the women pupils.
They get no vicarious thrills
trip brings surprises,
unit starting for the second
half and scoring three or four
touchdowns," said Husker
reserve center Doug Jamail.
"We ended up getting in only
about 10 plays. It was damned
Quarterback Jerry Tagge,
also disappointed in the
inability of the Huskers to
dominate the game in the first
half, admitted the surroundings
of Waikiki Beach and the other
circumstances surrounding the
game affected Nebraska's
"The Oklahoma game
should have been the end of
the season," said Tagge. "We
came over here with a relaxed
attitude and weren't as well
prepared as usual. It was
more like a vacation ana tougn
whatsoever out ot the brutality
they see.
"Most women have enough
outlets for brutality in being
wives and mothers," explains
Mrs. Laurini.
Detroit also has a school for
former football widows a clinic
that features lectures by Lions
linebacker Wayne Walker and
running back Steve Owens.
More than 100 women have
already "graduated" from this
course which begins with the
instructor holding a ball aloft
and announcing: "This is a
seem as uneasy with the new
feminine interest in football as
ordinary male fans. Some are
particularly nettled at the
scientific approach to the game
affected by distaff
"Football is like a woman,"
says Larry Merchant, sports
columnist for the New York
Post. "It's not to be
understood. It's to be loved.
Women who try to understnad
it lack a certain innocence."
Indeed, some of them do.
"Where else can you see a
bunch of good-looking men
wearing tight pants?" says one
lively lady liberationist.
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to think only about football.
THE HUSKERS staggered
before getting their offense
moving. Hawaii halted the first
Nebraska drive, forcing the
Huskers to settle for a 32-yard
field goal by Rich Sanger.
Nebraska scored again on a
25-yard pass interception by
Dave Mason and an 80-yard pass
from Tagge to tight end Jerry
List to take a 17-0 first quarter
lead. ,
But those were two cheap
touchdowns which didn't
require a sustained offensive
drive. .
Now the Huskers face their
toughest task of the season.
The win over Oklahoma should
have been "the end of the
season." .
The five-day trip to Waikiki
by Dave Mc Bride
The Nebraska locker room
at the Coliseum was a quiet
place Saturday night. There
was little talking and what was
said was spoken softly. The
players were slow to dress and
Coach Joe Cipriano moved
calmly among them, speaking
to several individuals.
There have been few times
during Cipriano's nine years at
Nebraska that the Huskers have
lost two straight games in the
friendly confines of the
Coliseum. The reason for the
Saturday night gloom was that
it had happened this weekend.
San Diego State nipped the
Huskers 63-61 Friday night on
a last second basket by reserve
guard Chris Marlowe. Wichita
State gained a 74-61 victory
THE HUSKER freshmen
salvaged something from the
weekend at the Coliseum by
opening their season with a
pair of wins. The frosh edged
Platte College, 78-76, Friday
night and bumped North Platte
Junior College, 78-62,
A poor showing at the free
throw line (9-18) was
Beach was a good way to
celebrate the win.
B UT NOW there's
number-two-rated Alabama
waiting for a shot at the
Huskers at the Orange Bowl.
Nebraska will be taking a
week's break before starting
preparations for the Crimson
It won't be easy to get
ready for a second "game of
the Decade" in five weeks.
Nebraska will probably be
named National College
Football Champions by United
Press International this week.
The UPI poll, which has had
Nebraska rated number one all
season, holds its final balloting
before the bowl games. The
last poll's results will be
announced Tuesday morning.
Nebraska's downfall Friday
night against the Aztecs and a
rash of second half turnovers
stymied Saturday night's
comeback effort.
Despite the margin of defeat
Saturday, the loss to the
Shockers left Cipriano more
pleased with his squad's play
than the one point defeat the
night before.
"I thought we played better
than we did last night," he said
Saturday night. "I was pleased
with our effort. We made some
mistakes late in the game, but
we probably didn't make as
many mistakes as we did last
"I THOUGHT the kids
really worked hard. Our
pressing team got the ball for
us, but we just couldn't
convert it," he added.
When the final statistics
charts were brought in to him,
Cipriano looked first down at
the turnovers After only
committing four errors in the
first half, the Huskers lost the
ball on a dozen occasions in
the last 20 minutes to finish
with one more turnover than
Cipriano also noted the
rebounding totals, which
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Tuesday and find out.
THE TEAM left Honolulu
at 10:30 p.m. Lincoln time
Sunday, and arrived in Lincoln
at 8:30 a.m. Monday. There,
was a one-hour layover in San
Temperatures were in the
80's every day of the Hawaii
trip. On Friday the
Cornhuskers toured Pearl
Harbor and were guests at an
eveing luau attended by about
4,000 Nebraska alumni.
The Huskers spent Sunday
morning lying around Waikiki
Beach for a few more hours
before returning to December
in Nebraska. The ban on
surfing-in effect throughout
the trip-was still being
enforced by a Nebraska
coaching staff already worried
about January in Miami.
showed Nebraska ahead for the
third time this season, and the
shooting percentages. The
Shockers outshot Nebraska 52
per cent to 44 per cent from
the field and the winner added
82 per cent of their free
Asked what he thought the
key to victory for the Huskers
was, Cipriano shook his head
slowly. "I wish I knew," he
said. "One thing is I'm still not
sure I've got the right starting
the Huskers both nights in
scoring and rebounding. The
6-10 center, regarded as a
possible All-American
candidate, scored 27 points
against San Diego and added
16 more Saturday to go along
with 13 rebounds both nights.
Senior guard Al Nissen was
the only other Husker to reach
double figures both nights with
10 and 13 point performances.
Nebraska, now 1-2, travels
to Pittsburg Monday night to
play Duqucsne in their first
road appearance of the season.
They return to the Coliseum
Satuday night to host Southern
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