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    Brevity in letters ii requested and the
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gqxp ssiMSivas
Dear editor,
I would like to object to the stupid smear campaign being
conducted abainst Bob Hope by the Coalition for Peace and
Justice. I noticed a sign over Burnet Hall Nov. 2 which said
"Don't support Bob Hope's war." Leaving the Nebraska Union
later I noticed a sign on the wall saying "Don't buy Bob
Hope's tickets" and another on the booth saying "Bob Hope is
as funny as a dead Vietnamese baby."
I went over to the booth and asked the young man running
it why the signs were there. He replied it was because Bob
Hope supported the Vietnam war. I tore up his sign and
wadded it up. He proceeded to tell me I was destroying private
property and was a nasty and vicious individual; the kind of
person who didn't accept other people as individuals with a
right to opinions differing from my own.
This type of thinking is typical of the Coalition for Peace
and Justice zealots. It doesn't occur to them that Bob Hope
has a right to his opinion.
Bob Hope's humanitarian activities and his generous
donation of his time to bring a touch of home to Gl's all over
the world are well known. I won't tear down any more of these
people's signs but I ask them to re-examine their actions. I
reacted emotionally not to their opinions but to their
unjustified attack on him for his opinions.
Personally I don't agree with Bob Hope's opinions, but I
would thank him any day of the week for his contributions to
humanity no matter what his opinions. I want to thank him
for making my Christmas Day a little brighter in 1969, at
Camp Eagle, South Vietnam.
Sanford D. Hutsell
Dear editor,
Being an African born in America I see life through a
different paradigm that most white folks (contrary to popular
belief). As an example George Washington, the "Father of this
country," is nothing more to me than a "Honky" who raped
African women, sold African men, and ripped off a lot of
money from the "people" (white folks) so he could live in
style (see "George Washington's Expense Account" Marvin
Kitman and "George Washington, Country Gentleman" by
Paul Leland Haworth).
American deserves all the creeps she's created (e.g. John
Wayne). I could go on forever, but I'll refer you to "No More
Lies" by Dick Gregory for he gives a true picture of American
history along with the myths.
Bob Hope. What an all American name, Bob "Hope." With
an all-American name he's probably an all-American.
Ail-American meaning all racist and all for war. An African
born in America needs a joke (probably racist) from Mr. Hope
like he needs what America has given him.
What has America given him? America hasn't given him his
human rights but has put him on the front line in Vietnam to
fight for the human rights of the Vietnamese people (racist
joke). Because the African born in America refuses to laugh at
the joke played on him, he gets a dishonorable discharge,
meaning he can't get a job, meaning he winds up in trouble,
meaning he ends up in prison.
To me, Bob Hope personifies this all-American joke that
America plays on minority peoples as well as the rest of the
Sanjulu Michael C. Randall
Dear editor,
Either Doug Voegler is more stupid than I give him credit
for or else he is playing games with the student fee issue in his
column last Friday, and working on his election campaign.
Apparently he cannot comprehend doing something because it
is right, as opposed to being politically expedient.
How dare he say that the objection to The Daily Nebraskan,
for example, is not the concept of student fee support but
rather a partisan dislike of its political philosophy? If we
objected on those grounds, we'd be out of an argument,
because this year it is especially well done (except for a couple
of regular columnists).
People who are opposed to student fees, he says, should be
organizing the campus. We have organized! Both the
Committee for Undisrupted Education and the Institute for
Political Analysis presented reports on student fees to the
Board of Regents, last November. Several people ran for
ASUN positions last year. Members of CUE have sought
appointments to Union committees and vacant ASUN Senate
The lawsuit, as Voegler knows perfectly well, is far from
the only activity of moderate groups. Every suggestion be
made for us, we have already done. So what's his gripe?
Close to three-fourths of his statements are flatly false. He
is as aware of this as I am, but he made them anyway. Will he
do the obvious and make his next article a retraction?
Mary Cannon
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arthur hoppe
Filling Agnew's shoes
For months now, my conservative friends and I have been
waging a lonely battle against those insidious forces who are
urging Mr. Nixon to dump Mr. Agnew from the ticket in 1972.
Dump Mr. Agnew! To my horrified conservative friends,
such a prospect would seem to doom the conservative wing of
the Grand Old Party. To a horrified me, such a prospect would
seem to doom, once and for all, American political humor.
Who, let us ask ourselves, has kept American political
humor alive these past threee otherwise grim and desolate
years? Who could ever fill Mr. Agnew's shoes?
Would Mr. Nixon go around needling the nattering nabobs
of negativism? Would Secretary of State Whathisname talk
happily of "polaks" and "fat Japs"? Can you imagine someone
telling you that Mickey Mouse wears a Secretary of Commerce
Maurice Stans wristwatch?
Dump Mr. Agnew! I'd rather see Martha Mitchell enter a
It hasn't been easy for Mr. Agnew. Who will ever forget the
historic day in 1968 in Miami Beach when Mr. Nixon chose
him as his running mate?
"I think we've found the perfect Vice Presidential
candidate, sir," said Mr. Nixon's close personal advisor, Herb
Klein, "His name is-and I've tripled checked this- Spiro T.
"Spiro T..." A triumphant smile spread over Mr. Nixon's
face. "By golly, he sounds like just the fellow we're looking
for. Send him in."
When Mr. Agnew entered, looking puzzled, Mr. Nixon laid
it on the line. "Look here, how'd you like to be Vice
President, Mr. Angew?"
"Agnew, sir. But I doubt I'm qualified..."
"I'll be the judge of that You've got the name for it and
you look the part. Now the question is, can you fire up the
"For you?"
"No, against you. The American public, Mr. Anewg,
demands someone in every Administration to laugh at,
someone to be the butt of their jokes. Traditionally, that's
where the Vice President comes in."
"Agnew, sir. But..."
"Johnson did it for Kennedy. Humphrey did it for
Johnson. And I want you to do it for me. If America didn't
have Vice Presidents to laugh at they'd laugh at their
Presidents. Then where would we be, Mr. Agwen?"
"Agnew, sir, but..."
"We'll make a great team. I'll be the brains of our
Administration and you'll be there..."
"Exactly, Mr. Anweg. I knew could count on you."
So for three long years, Mr. Agnew has gamely and gallantly
gone about the world issuing statements obviously designed to
get himself laughed at. Recently in Athens, for example, he
praised Greece, now ruled by a military junta which tolerates
no opposition, as being the very embodiment of "the spirit of
Think of the inner courage required of a man as sensitive as
Mr. Agnew to say a thing like that!
Dump Mr. Agnew? Is that the reward this loyal, intelligent
servant is to have for the heroic and brilliant manner in which
he has played his role? Fortunately, there's one thing these
ungrateful wretches haven't counted on:
Where are they going to find anyone who'd take a job like
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