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    OSU's late scoring
insults Black Shirts
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by Jim Johnston
Stillwater, Okla.-This is a
story about 13 points. . . the
13 points Oklahoma State
scored in the final two minutes
in losing a 41-13 decision to
the Nebraska Cornhuskers
Some Nebraska players were
afraid those 13 points meant
there would still be practice
Sunday morning. (Coach Bob
Devaney had promised the
players there wouldn't be a
workout Sunday morning if
they played a good game
against Oklahoma State.)
insulted by those 13 points,
even though they were
watching the action from the
sidelines as the second team
defense yielded the first points
scored against Nebraska in Big
Eight competition this year.
But nobody in the Nebraska
dressing room-excluding
sports writers-talked about
those 13 points as hurting
Nebraska's No. 1 national
rating. The Nebraska
Cornhuskers refuse to play the
No. 1 game.
Oklahoma's 75-28 rout over
Kansas State could push the
Sooners into the No. 1 position
this week, but the Nebraska
players and coaches don't
really care.
I DONT SEE what's such
a big deal if we're No. 2 and
Oklahoma is No. 1," said
Nebraska flanker Johnny
Rodgers. "We get a chance to
play them and I know when we
leave Oklahoma we're going to
be No. 1."
Quarterback Jerry Tagge,
when asked about the national
ratings, voiced the same
"We don't care about
national ratings," said Tagge.
"We don't care if we drop to
No. 2 It's nice to be rated No.
I, but it doesn't help you beat
Devaney, although
disappointed in the play of his
reserves, was still satisfied with
the performance against
Oklahoma State. He stuck to
his promise and called off
Sunday morning's workout.
national ratings.
He knows Nebraska could
have held Oklahoma State
scoreless by leaving the first
Cross cou
scores thi
Nebraska's cross country
team scored its third straight
dual win with a 25-31 victory
over Drake at Pioneer I'ark
Sat uiujy.
Nebraska sophomore Bob
Unger, who has now taken first
place in three straight meets,
led the Huskers with a 20:11
timing over the four mile
team defense in the game. He
knows a third straight shutout
would have helped Nebraska's
No. 1 rating.
But he also knows that team
morale is important. Devaney
prefers to give everybody a
chance to play rather than get
involved with politics about
national ratings.
"This is the first time our
alternate units, both offense
and defense, didn't play well."
said Devaney. "but 1 think we
learned something out there.
Our alternate units are
important and we hope they
show improvement."
Devaney, however, was
satisfied with the overall
"I THINK WE played a
good game." said Devaney.
"but we played against a team
that came to play football.
Oklahoma State played us
The Cornhuskers now turn
their attention to Colorado.
And the Nebraska players
didn't need reminding about
that nationally televised date
with the Buffaloes at Lincoln
"That was one of the first
things the guys mentioned
after the game." said Husker
co-capiain Jim Anderson.
"We've been thinking about
Colorado. It's on TV and we
want a chance to show
everybody how good we are."
IF THERE WAS ever a time
for a let down or that looking
ahead feeling, it was at
Oklahoma State Saturday. But
the Cornhuskers survived a
There's no worry about a
letdown for the Colorado
Big Eight
Nebraska 3 0 0
Oklahoma 2 0 0
Colorado 3 1 0
Iowa State 2 1 0
Oklahoma St 1 1 0
Kansas 1 2 0
Missouri 0 3 0
Kansas St 0 4 0
Saturday' Results
Nebraska 41. Okihaoma State 13
Oklahoma 75, Kansas State 28
Colorado 27, Missouri 7
Iowa State 40. Kansas 24
This Weekend
Co'oratio at Nebraska
Oklahoma State at Kansas
Iowa State at Oklahoma
Kansas State at Missouri
ntry squad
rd dual win
l he results
1 Bori (jnqei . U. 20 1 1 . 2 . L yri
tee O, 20 23. 3. J." Hjahw, N,
20 32. 4 Lynn HM M 20 37, 5.
Ohu'.k Cl. O. 20 45, 6. Tim
La-:, O 20 7. 7 M Adjs O.
20 tJO. 8 John Tooie, U. 20 66
Mike Ferig hi. 20 57. 10 Dsn
Sie. N 21 00 il. S'?e Johnson,
O, 21 05. 12. Robert Hughe. D.
2106. 13. Dave Bosiey . N. 21 13.
14 John Per, N. 21 29, 15
Robert Perkins. O. 21 50. 16 Steve
Oarlock, O. 21 59
When you're out
Calvert-Beyer Dist. Co. 800 S Street Lincoln, Nebraska
limMM. il
Jeff Kinney, left, scored two touchdowns against Oklahoma State Saturday.
Tight end Jerry List scored his first touchdown of his college career on a 42-yard
pass from Jerry Tagge.
R& I football ends regular season
Phi Gamma Delta. Abel VIII
and the Hawks end regular
season play in intramural flag
football as the top-rated teams
in their divisions.
Based on the completion of
the regular season and
excluding competition in the
playoffs which began last
week, only two new teams
crack the ratings.
Delta Tau Delta, an
early-season member of the
fraternity top five, regains a
spot after a 34-18 win over
Sigma Nu. They replace Delta
Sigma Pi, who suffered their
first loss of the season last
week, a 32-12 setback to Alpha
Gamma Rho.
Fagowies take over the
number five spot in the
independent division after
Cage managers
Basketball managers
meeting will be at 6 p.m.
Wednesday in the University
High gymnasium. Any
organization wanting to enter a
basketball team must have a
Co 3 Iol
Phone 432-4497 8-5 MON SAT With I.D.
of Schlitz, you're out of beer. cssM
completing an undefeated
season with a 29-14 win over
French Quarters.
Only 12 of the 124
intramural teams, including B
teams, went through regular
season play undefeated.
Fourth-ranked Acacia was the
only fraternity A team to avoid
a loss.
The flag football season
ends Saturday with the 10 a.m.
all-university title game.
Fraternity A Division
1 -Phi Gamma Delta (4 1)
2 - Beta Theta Pi (4 1)
3- Phi Delta Theta (4 1)
4 - Acacia (40)
5 - Delta Tau Delta (4-1)
meet Wednesday
representative at this meeting.
A basketball officials
meeting will be Thursday at 6
p.m. in the University High
I.F. Goodrich IT: DH
600-13 I I I
645-14 $10.95 .43 $21.90
695-14 $11.95 .48 $23.90
735-1415 E $12.45 .55 $24.90
775-1415 F $13.45 .60 $26.95
825-1415 G $14.45 .65 $28.90 I
Rl i , !
- - 1
Dorm A Division
1- Abel VIII (5 0)
2- Abel V (5 0)
3- Harper III (4 0)
4- Abel VI (4 1)
5- Schramm IV (4 1)
Independent A Division
1 - Hawks (6 0)
2- Pro Students (6 0)
3- Dirty Dozen (6 0)
4- Kerngers (5 1)
5- Fagowies (6-0)
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addition of equipment required
for the change.
UNIVERSITY students now
registering for second semester
classes need not worry about
getting their schedules back
early, Smith added. "The
entire program takes only a
few hours to run, once we've
got it set up," he said. "We
ought to be able to squeeze it
in somewhere."
"The changeover is well
worth any inconvenience,"
Smith said. "The system will
be a lot more efficient in the
long run."
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