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    Bell soys stereotypers
insult only themselves
by Steve Kadel
Dr. Alan Bell called
homosexual stereotypes "an
insult to those who hold them"
Wednesday afternoon during a
speech in the Nebraska Union
as part of the Time-Out
Conference on Human
Speaking on Gay Sexuality
in Contemporary Society, to
an audience of 500, Bell said,
"I don't claim to be an expert
on homosexuality; no one is. I
don't believe anyone has an
inside track on what
homosexuality is all about."
He told the audience that
traditional stereotypes are very
damaging for the homosexual.
"He's quick to believe the
stereotype other people have
of him," Bell said. "He refuses
to believe he's anything more."
Bell listed the four most
common stereotypes as a belief
that the homosexual is sick,
that it is possible to tell a
homosexual from a
heterosexual by his effeminate
dress, that the homosexual
regrets not being heterosexual,
and that homosexuality is
nothing more than a
masochistic enterprise.
Bell said in contrast to the
heterosexual, most
homosexuals identified more
with their mother than their
father during childhood, most
homosexuals were very close
with their sisters, and that they
were differentiated from most
boys their age by a lack of
interest in sports.
He called homosexuals
loners, especially during the
grade school years.
Refuting perhaps the biggest
misconception of all. Bell said
in adulthood most
homosexuals have never acted
in a "swishy" way.
"Those living together don't
have a clear socio-sexual role,"
he said. "They don't establish
husband-wife relationships."
Bell said he was
d iscenchanted with such
sheldoN Art GaIIery
TuEsdAy. OcrobER 1 2
limiting explanations of human
behavior as right and wrong,
good and bad, and sick and
"I refuse to take part ut the
debate over whether or not
homosexuality is pathological a
physical disease because it only
leads down a blind alley," he
said. "No one knows if
homosexuals are pathological
or not."
Bell said that if we simply
believe they are pathological
and let it go at that, we'll never
learn any more about
psycho-sexual behavior.
Through research and study
Bell said he has determined
that the homosexual is more
likely to be a worrier than the
heterosexual. He also said the
homosexual is more likely to
have thought seriously about,
and even tried, suicide.
"Because the homosexual
becomes known to the
heterosexual at those times
when he's having psychic pain,
most people get the mistaken
impression that all
homosexuals are
psychologically troubled," Bell
He contrasted homosexual
relationships to modern
marriages, noting that the
growing norm in marriage
today is infidelity, and
suggested that those engaging
in homosexual relationships
may be less masochistic and
less troubled psychologically
than those in the so-called
"straight" society.
Again attacking the concept
of the effeminate homosexual.
Bell told the audience, "Most
homosexuals don't feel like
women in men's bodies. No
more than 20 percent of the
homosexuals are effeminate in
manner and dress."
Two more concepts learned
through studies he has
conducted are that the
homosexual keeps up his
political involvement the same
as the heterosexual and that
the homosexual is not affected
religiously by his sexual
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