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Rodgers... rests on the hench.
IM rating changes minor
The second week of play in
the intramural flag football
season resulted in only minor
changes to the ratings in each
of the three class A divisions.
The dorm league saw the
biggest change, where both the
number one and two rated
teams of last week were upset.
Abel VI, number one a
week ago, suffered a 12-6 loss
to undefeated Abel V and now
occupies the number four slot.-
Last week's second-ranked
team, Schramm IV, fell to
Schramm VIII, 8-6, and sinks
to number five.
The other three teams in
last week's top five all moved
up two notches, with Pike now
holding the top spot followed
by Abel VIII and Harper III.
The fraternity A division
saw no change in the top five.
Although number two Phi
5:00V1, Theta Xi B vs. Abel
VI B; V2, Triangle B vs. Farmhouse
B; V3, Chi Phi B s. Alpha Tau
Omega S, V4, Beta Sigma Psi B vs.
Phi Kappa Psi B; W1, Kappa Sigma
B Vs. Sigma Nu B; Phi Gamma
W3, Pro Students vs. Student Vets.
o:ju-vi, Beta i neia ri a
Delta Upsilon B; V2, Avery
SeMeck; V3, Gus III vs. Gus II;
Harper ia vs. smitn nouse.
7:30-Harper X vs. Harper VIII;
vz. Harper vt vs. Harper iv;
Hampr w Harniir I I I
V2, Abel Xl'vs. Abel IX; V3, Abel
Al I VS. ADei V I f I .
5 00 -V1, Pike vs. Kennedy; V2,
Custer vs. Pershing; V3, Governors
vs. Patton; V4. Glenn vs. penn; W1,
Frost vs. Thoreau; W2, Carson vs.
Rogers; W3, Theta Chi A vs. Tau
Kappa Epsilon A
6:00-W1, Pioneer A vs. Sigma
Alpha Mu A; W2, Sigma Chi A vs.
Sigma Phi Epsilon A; W3 Triangle
A vs. Theta Xi A.
8:00--Delta Upsilon A vs.
Farmhouse A; V2, Ag Men vs. Beta
Sigma Psi A; Brown Palace A vs.
Delta Sigma Phi A.
9 00 -VI, Beta Theta Pi A vs.
Alpha Tau Omega A; V2, Phi
Gamma Delta vs. Kappa Sigma A;
V3. Phi Delta Theta A vs. Sigma
Alpha Epsilon A.
Gamma Delta suffered a 19-13
loss to top-ranked Phi Delta
In the independent division,
the Hawks continue to hold
the top spot, having pasted
hree opponents this season by
a combined s core of 116-24.
Fraternity League
1- Phi Delta Theta (2-0)
2- -Phi Gamma Delta (1-1)
3 - Ag Men (2-0)
4- Delta Upsilon (2-0)
5- Delta Tau Delta (2-0)
Dormitory A League
1- Pike (2-0)
2 - Abel VIII (2 0-
3- -Harper III (2 0)
4 Abel VI (2 1)
5 -Schramm (V (2-1)
v Independent A League
1 - Hawks (3 0)
2O0Oirty Dozen (3-0)
2 - Dirty Dozen (3-0)
3 - Pro Students (2 0)
400Stoned Cowboys (3 01
5- Apple Huskers (2 0)
5 O V
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Johnny R... never rests on the field.
Utah St. offers no excuses
by Jim Johnston
What ever happened to the
athlete who made up excuses?
When a team loses 42-6,
players on the losing side are
supposed to fill a sports
writer's notebook with quotes
like: "They were lucky."
"We'd like to play them again"
"So and so really isn't that
good." "The game was really
closer than what the final score
Those made spicy reading in
the paper. But if you're
looking fcr any of those quotes
to be attributed to Utah State
players you can forget it. The
Aggies offered no excuses
following their 42-6 loss to
Nebraska Saturday.
Wendell Brooks and Bob
Bloom, who saw the
Cornhuskers pass for 239
yards, didn't make any of
those "they were lucky"
Brooks and Bloom were
actually pleased with their
"I'm not disappointed with
my performance," said Brooks,
who had the job of covering
Husker flanker Johnny
Rodgers on several plays. "I
did what I could. I've just got a
helluva lot of respect for
Nebraska. I wouldn't want to
play them again. I know I
couldn't do any better."
Bloom, who spent an equal
amount of time covering
Rodgers, also praised the
Nebraska passing game.
"Nebraska is so balanced
that you just can't concentrate
on one receiver or one type of
pattern," said Bloom. "We gave
them the short pass so they
wouldn't beat us long, but if
we would have played them
tight I have no doubt that they
would have had as much
success with the long bomb."
THE AGGIES didn't plan
any special double coverage on
Rodgers, who caught five
passes for 105 yards and one
"We just stayed in our zone
and didn't feel we had to
double cover Rodgers," said
Brooks. "Films showed that he
is used for a decoy on several
patterns and Nebraska just has
too many talented receivers to
give special attention to
Neither Brooks or Bloom
were impressed with Rodgers'
speed, but his quickness caught
them by surprise.
"Rodgers was everything I
expected," continued Brooks,
"but he didn't really impress
me with his speed. But his
quickness is unreal. You have
to respect him both short and
long because of his quickness."
Brooks described how it
feels to cover Johnny R.
about the first 1 2 yards and try
to figure out what he's going to
do," explained Brooks. "You
don't dare gamble that he's
going to stay short, because
once he starts to move out he
really pushes you."
The Aggies played deep in
their defensive secondarv and
gave Nebraska the short
"We thought we could
stop them from getting the
long gain by giving them the
short passes," said Bloom.
"But they did a tremendous
job of flooding our zone and
when you complete a pass with
another receiver in the same
area it can go for big yardage."
Rodgers wasn't
disappointed that he didn't
impress anybody with his speed.
"I know I'm not that fast,"
said Rodgers who has been
clocked a 4.4 in the 40-yard
das "I don't plan on beating
many defenders with my
speed. That's not where it's at
in catching passes.
"I HAVE a friend who can
run a 9.3 in the 100, but he
can't move sideways. If all you
can do is just run fast, then
they can just play you for the
long one."
Rodgers compared himself
to other receivers in the Big
"I like to think I can beat
anyone," said Rodgers. "I
haven't been double teamed
yet, but if I am I hope to figure
out a way to beat 'em.
"I know I'm not as fast as
that guy from Colorado.
What's his nameTOh yea, Cliff
Branch. He's pretty good."
CLIFF BRANCH will be a
problem for the Nebraska
defenders to worry about. The
Cornhuskers' defensive
secondary will learn what it's
like to cover a guy like Johnny
B vs.
; V4,
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Wednesdays 5-9 prn
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