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Ticket crackdown cracks up
The Board of Regents earlier this month
ordered a clamp-down on pate-crashers and
b lack -market" ticket sales lor Nebraska
football games this year, but the crush Saturday
was more than the campus police could kindle.
"Despite some help from Lincoln police and
the sheriffs office we ran out of manpower,"
said Gail CJade, chief of campus security and
AT LEAST two campus policemen suffered
minor injuries trying to stem the flow offence
jumpers at the Nebraska-Minnesota game, but
hundreds of unauthorized spectators
nonetheless crowded into Memorial Stadium
along with the stadium record 6X.1H7 paying
"They are getting real desperale," (Jade said
of the gate-crashers.
As usual, most of the fence-jumpers were
younger children, but there were older
teenagers and probably tickct-1css freshmen
included in Saturday 's attackers.
SOME OF THE illegal spectators used
effective strategy to decoy harried policemen
and ROTC students assigned to stem the tide.
In plains warfare tradition the attackers
would send a small contingent of crashers over
the fence and swarm over en masse when the
law officers pursued the decoys.
Spectators in the south stadium enjoyed the
tactics and maneuvers outside the football field
more than the pre-game activities inside the
stadium as they cheered the gate-crashers on to
victory after victory over the badly
outnumbered security forces.
Meanwhile, in front of legitimate en 1 ranees lo
the stadium, more affluent fans could buy their
way illegally into the stadium with comfort and
dignity, as student and non-si udent hawkers
massed outside the east stadium with tickets
and ID cards held high in their bands.
SEC7I0US K 20-0S '
BOX St7sf
L JS - .iCj' 11m dfL
1 L T
? I '1 '
If Jj - -1
1 MmiK miii if ,.f
r tr W -70
V ' i 1 II Lll '&
a L j DL U L
will move
to change
debt rule
disco nl inue-d," 4 ':ii viilci s;iiil.
""So J will submit such a bill to
the nc vl 'session ami lei flu
1 e p. is l a I i re nn .i W its .own
del erinin.-ilirvri."
-arprnler iikkIc Ins iieiii.u ks
following receipt of letters
Irom the Piesidenls
J 1 n i e rsiU
Stale Sen. leny 'aipenlei
said i i iilay Nebraska's collegi-s
and universities should not
withhold .credit hours because
of incidental slmlenl debu."
The Seollsbliill legislator
said sludi'iils in ilebl lo
insl ilii I ions lor lees, library or
la bora lory charges, parking
lines and -so on shoulil be
"liealed like adulls."
In olher words, 4'urpcnlcr
said, pay men I should hv sough I
from tliem in 'the same way il
is sought from tion-sliideuls.
l think the Legislature 'lurs
a right to bave flits praliee
l the
.of X'ehi ivl i
Keaine' Slate t'oltece. il-
Slali- i '..ill,-.!.- 'I. ,.i,.. vi .i .
t'ollege and J'eni SlaleVllege.
j 1 li e le i I crs .out lined i lie
schools" policies .I'oikeriiiiig
wit liholiling its ipemling
set lie me nl nl such dchls.
'aienlei IkhI wiillen lo
Hie piesidenls lasl inoiilli in his
el I or I o d e I c i m me then
'l n lei ins of total numbers,
of si ii dents on the il'Nl.
campus, we are talking about a
very small peicenlage who fail
lo pay or arrange to pay tor
their legitimate-debts after
having been sent several
reminders to take care .of such
matlrrs, Nil J'lesidenl J). H.
Va rner w r le 1 i 'arre n I er.
suspending sludenls Iron
cl.isses are serious Measure to
enipkn .
-.llovvcei. su.e'h me.isiiu
arc taken -unless 1 lu
st udent lias failed to respond in
any way to notices thai 'he
owes a financial .obligation lo
the insl -it lit km."
Regents hold mini-meeting
Vainer added
our crv ire ncc
1 e a 1 i e ,f h a t
withholding credits and
"it has been
that once a
siuiie.ii .leaves ine t'ntwisiiA, u
beconu's an inipossifile and
impiaclkal mailer lo collect
monies which be owes the
1 imversily and the Stale of
Neb i a ska."
I'he "Wayne Slate and
keariu- Stale piesklenU both
1 - I d I h e S c .o I I s b 1 1, 11
l em oc i a I ic ll.S. Sena I e
i a ml i dale thai I lie stale
audiloi's icc called I lieu
attention to the stale
co n s 1 1 1 u I ion a I p i oh i b il ion
against exleiiding the credit of
the stale.
The riindron Stale
president said the praetk-e of
withholding credit because of
siu'h debts is common iin nust
i nst ii h t i o ns o f higher
J n a 'brief ineci mg S.n uid.w
i norning. the Board of Kegenis
ikiiium:! Ihc aiv'hileclural lunis
1o design the I niersii ,oi
e b raska-l iiu'oln I icIiIIuhkc.
II 1 1 e n a ii i e s w 1 1 1 b i
loi w .iiiled to the L-nicameral
0 in m :i t I e e o e i s e c i n g
const met ion of the I k-IJIuuise.
I 'I iv facility is being 'financed
Migration lottery
begins Monday
1 he lottery lor student
tkkels lo flic Oct. o Nebraska
football game against Missouri
at 'oluinbia opens Monday
a n d c o n t i n u e s t h ro u g h
AVediu-sdaA al the 1kkel .office
in I he 'oliscutn.
1 here are 0() tickets
reserved lor students. Sludenls
desiring tickets iniisl draw a
lot Icry number vil her Monday.
Tuesday or Wednesday. The
numbers receiving tickets will
be announced in i 'rid ay "s Daily
u ii Ii receipts : rout a nickel
boost in cigaiet le laves tast
J lie I ii ins a re D:n rs-i'lark ol'
1 j ncoln. eo Daly o.,
3 ) a ti a -1 a i so n - K o u b a I and
ss-oe ia-tcs. k irkhani-M ichael
a ii d s s .o c ii a t v s a n d
Ucnningson Durham and
Richardson, all ol'Omaha.
I he Kegenis started it heir
meeting al l a. in., beard the
miolion toy Kegenil kennil
Wagner .of Schuyler, passed it
unanimously and adjourned in
about a iiiinule.
ASUN will fill
four vacancies
SI udents have unl il Tuesday
to sign up for four ASUN
vavamrieii at the ASUN office.
Nebraska Union.
There is one Teachers
College vacancy and three
Gradual and Professional
Nebraska n.